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    War Duration to Date: December 2011 - May 2012, 7 months

    Belligerents: Northmen of the West (Apex, Fury), Gabarian Empire (AQ, thursar of Cave Camp), Meduli (KoTO and allied clans) vs. Defiance Coalition (Rome, Fear, Praetorian, allied clans)

    In the wake of the Crusade against Anquer Quare, the lands south of the Talus and Gual Kor mountains lay ravaged by war. By the signing of the Gabarian Accords, AQ was the dominant power north of Amaruk Nuur and boasted the largest land claim since the days of Talusia and Prometheus. Many of the clans that declared neutrality early on in the Crusade or aided the Gabarian forces came to hold power in the south. The northernmost kingdoms that stood against them, whether due to the tremendous loss of life or the depletion of coin, began to disband.

    The seeds for a new war was sown three months after the signing of the Accords. As the first frosts of the year fell on the north, Anquer Quare and their allies looked west and south for new lands to conquer. In early December, Sinturions, an old clan whose forefathers fought in the Great Northern War, was uprooted from their home and fled south. Dog Company’s strong hold near Faburnum was attacked shortly thereafter. Within the month, the Gabarian Empire turned south, declaring lordship over the cities of Morin Khur and Toxai.

    FEAR, a confederation of bandit clans that aided the Gabarians in the crusade, held considerable territory in the plainlands directly south of the two cities. Viewing this as a threat, they launched an immediate raids on the area to halt the expansion of the northern armies. The major clan of Toxai, the Outsiders, declared neutrality and vows not to oppose Gabarian expansion. Envy, a major rival of AQ, attempted to wrest control of Kranesh and the surrounding foothills.

    During this period, south of Tindrem, the Keepers of the Oath began to expand their power in Meduli. With the expulsion of Dog Company from their northern border, they expanded north to Fabernum. On their southern and southeastern borders, Fury and KoTO’s sister clan Elysium warred, resulting in the destruction of the Elysian stronghold. Though attempts were made to reform their clan structure, Elysium did not recover, and their assets passed on to KoTO. With the fall of Dog Company and Elysium the Meduli coast, Meduli plains, and the upper regions of the Western Steppe came under the control of the Keepers.

    The spark of the war began with the Battle of the Weeping Swords. A Tindremic caravan lead by Lieutenant Grulleod in the name of Prince Rosenante, set out to transport a powerful weapon from Meduli to Faburnum. A large host of southern clans were hired in the defence of the the Lieutenant and the imperial Seer. Anquer Quare, believing that the weapon was stolen from them, set out to reclaim it. The caravan, weakened and distracted by fighting powerful demons trying to reclaim the weapon, were waylaid by a Gabarian raiding party and KoTO raiders. The sudden appearance of the the raiders threw the caravan into disarray and many were slaughtered the the fighting the followed. Shortly thereafter Anquer Quare sent ravens to the major houses of Myrland, and to the Emperor of Tindrem, declaring that any effort to reclaim the Sword of Tears would result in their immediate destruction.

    Alarmed that two such powerful clans had entered into an alliance, and outraged at their actions the south set out to destroy Gabarian Empire, the Keepers, and the clans that pledged allegiance to them. Unlike the independent armies and war parties of the Crusade, the people of Rome, FEAR, Praetorian, and lesser clans and tribes, fell under the generalship of Retox. The new banner of this movement would come to be known as the Defiance Coalition.

    The first of the northmen to fall to the southern armies was Fury. Shortly thereafter a multi pronged assault was launched from the western and southern plains on the Meduli region. After days of fierce fighting Oasis and Redstone Keep was taken by the Southern Coalition with widespread destruction of villages and villas.

    With the way north cleared, Defiance launched direct assault across the Gual Kor region, bypassing the western forts of Umbra’s Reach and Umbra’s Gaze. The skilled Gabarian warriors, used to fighting disorganized southern raiders, were unable to stand against the new organized coalition. By the third week of fighting Defiance surrounded strongholds in Gual Kor and were moved on Anquer Quare’s capital.

    The fighting that ensued saw the most prolonged and intense urban combat recorded post conflux. Defiance held high morale and numerical superiority over Anquer Quare, yet the fanatical Thursar hillmen continued to fight. Gabarian and Coalition forces waxed and waned within Gual Kor, with groups of soldiers controlling streets and buildings at different times during the day. With the disruption of their supply lines out of the city and mines during the siege, AQ was unable to properly defend their keep.

    The exact events that unfolded as the Coalition armies marched on Gual Kor Keep is unclear, but according to reports of foot soldiers present at the finale battle forbidden magics were being invoked by Gabarian wizards in hopes of turning the tide of battle. Whether it was the price for momentarily gaining power, the wrath of Umbra descending down on his people, or something else - several powerful warriors manning the keep walls were struck down. Many scattered to the hills, believing that the favor of Umbra had abandoned them, the most dedicated of the Priesthood of Umbra did not yield.

    The memory of the horrors their ancestors suffered at the hands of the Gabarains during the Crusade was revisited in the closing hours of the battle. Those who did not escape to Herabalter fell to the mercy of the southern soldiers. Houses that held smithing forges were burnt and their occupants put to the sword. Fighting men that surrendered were cast into the sea with anvils to their necks, those lucky enough to survive had their hands removed so that they would never wield a sword or forge metal from tephra.

    The surviving noblemen gathered the remaining hill tribes still loyal to the land and their god, and reformed under Chin and fought the southerners at every turn. Though Fury reorganized under the banner “The Frozen”, they did not seek out battle with the southern clans. For a time, there was a lull in fighting.

    The Defiance Coalition marched its restless armies back south and disbanded. Despite the intensity of the war, the occupation of the northern lands were only temporary. Because of its wealth and prominence Meduli was left in the hands of Rome, one of the major political forces in the alliance.

    Less than a month after the fall of Gual Kor KoTO, whose army had been in hiding among the Meduli populace, rebelled against Roman rule. With the help of the northmen and mercenaries they launched a quick and brutal campaign against their enemies. By the end of the month Sinturion’s Den, Oasis Keep and the surrounding area fell to KoTO and two counter attacks by Rome on Electrum and the Frozen Keep were thwarted. The Keepers regained lost territory and currently continue to push north towards Faburum and south against the remaining Roman clans despite numerous attacks.

    With no clan controlling Gaul Kor, Envy extended into the area and claimed it as their own. The remnants of Anquer Quare are currently staging attacks on their properties with Envy retaliating in kind; to date there is no victor. In the south, a summit was held between the leaders of the Keepers, Rome, and the rebuilding Dog company - effectively ending major hostilities in the West.

    Results thus far: Unchanged boarders in Meduli, AQ’s hold over north broken with no clan claiming land east of the Talus Mountains


    Winter Campaign (General Summary by Bobzer77 )

    In early December: clan Anquer Quare of Gual Kor forces Dog Company out of it’s stronghold near Faburnum ; AQ and Envy fight over control of Kranesh; Fury attacks and destroys Elysium (Oasis) Keep ; Chaos leaves the north and pledges allegiance to Clan Odin ; Elysium officially disbands - The Keepers of the Oath become the defacto rulers of Meduli ; Gabarian Empire vows further expansion and claims the Morin Khur area sparking a territorial dispute with FEAR
    January: Redemption and KoTO break their alliance - KoTO claims DC’s Keep; Oasis Keep is sold to Clan Sin ; Outsiders surrender to AQ and KoTO forces ; Following the Sword of Tears (summary by Alfie )ambush it is revealed that KoTO and AQ are allied; AQ issues a statement to the Emperor of Tindrem ; Sometime during the month a southern coalition forms made up of Rome (Sin, Odin, Rus, ES), Fear, Praetorion, and several other clans under the generalship of Retox of FEAR
    February : Rome attacks Fury and destroy’s their stronghold; Official declaration of war by Rome and Fear (the Defiance Coalition) on the North and KoTO; Southern Coalition launches coordinated attack on the Meduli plains region, securing the city and destroying all KoTO strongholds ( asiaboy summary, video of Meduli outskirts destruction ) ; shortly after, all Gabarian assets east of the Gaul Kor region is attacked in a broad push - Coalition forces surround Gaul Kor region in fighting that lasts for multiple days, Feburary 19th Gual Kor falls after a week of fighting (Iron Fisted 5 )
    March: Fury rebuilds under the name the Frozen ; KoTO continues resistance guerrilla in Meduli ; Gabarian soldiers reorganizes under the banner Chin in order to continue resistance in the north; Major lull in fighting (end of war summary battle video)

    Spring Campaign (Causes for the second part of the war )

    April: KoTO rebels against Roman rule - resulting in the First and Second Battle of Sintourion’s Den; Rome and ES attempt to retaliate resulting in the battle of the Frozen Keep; Rome’s forward keep is attacked and destroyed by KoTO and her allies; Rome attempts a siege on Electrum ; Envy claims Gual Kor
    May: KoTO officially annexes the Meduli region; Envy - ICE and AQ engage in war over the region between Kranesh and Gaul Kor (more fighting); major fighting around the Meduli region still occuring (ES, Envy launches full scale attack on Meduli during a festival); On May 6th A Summit is held between the resurrected Dog Company, KoTO, and Rome ending the War
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    The way you put this all together, I swear it sounds like a script from a TV series. (someone should make!) Thank you for the time and hard effort you put into making this. I hope you continue to support MO and the community in this way! Thanks again!
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    nice writing!
  4. LuciusHanno

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    Maybe one day someone will make a machinima with this.
  5. Aezreal

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    I can't believe you actually talked and linked the thread where we said we crashed ppl. But then you leave out why we crashed people and SV's apology to us.

    What was done to us was bad and as a response we did something bad too. Either put both there or leave both out.
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  6. Sebastian Persson

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    Very nice read make me so happy to see people putting this much heart into our tiny game.
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    Please link to the apology, the explanation and other relevant information and I'll fix it ASAP. I don't mean to present incomplete or incorrect information.
  8. Aezreal

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    Well here's hoping this post doesn't get deleted.

    When we were defending the keep at GK with a very outnumbered force, 2 of our rezzing mages and a person that got rezzed all got banned out of nowhere.
    GMs accused AQ of using ghosts to transport goods from outside the keep to inside the keep (didn't even know that was possible).
    This was all a mistake because GMs had a tool that showed when somebody was carrying something, but missed the fact that that tool showed true even if the materials were in the corpse of said person.

    So 3 of our most respected members (if anyone says warchild is a hacker and an exploiter I'll jsut laught at them) got banned for no reason, setting us in an enraged state.

    Thread where SV apologises:

    "The Support Team were using a tool that was developed to tell us where loot/kit is on a character. After considerable testing we have found a significant flaw in this tool that is giving false positives on a certain type of query. This means that the decisions made during the GK siege were also flawed and resulted in bans based on false evidence.

    Because of this SV is in the position of having to offer two apologies.

    Firstly can I apologise to the members of AQ that were banned on the evidence given to us by a tool that has turned out to have a built in flaw. We understand that this has caused considerable distress to the individuals involved, I am sorry that it has taken us so long to get to this point, but the tool itself is complex and we have had to divert development resource in order to understand this at the coding level. We understand why this gave us false information and this has now been fixed. Thankfully we rarely use this in the investigation of exploits so we are certain that this flaw has not impacted any other investigations."
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  9. grasthard

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    well in honesty i don't think the reason is very important for the history of nave.
    the archivist reports the big happenings during the history of nave, being them political or war reports.
    the fight at GK keep was a huge happening for the history of nave, and so it has to be reported as it was. the crashing happened and the crashing must be reported in order to make a complete battle report. the reasons behind the crashing itself may be opinable.
  10. Aezreal

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    so a guild crashing ppl in 1 fight is a big happening, but why and how it happened isn't worth explaining.

    Sounds like someone is trying to change history so only one side of it is heard.
    "That guy is a murderer and a thief!"
    "But he killed a tyrant that caused everyone harm"
    "Doesn't matter who he killed or why, let's just make him look like scum!"

    If this is what the archivist has become (just another way of releasing propaganda), then I won't bother reading future posts.
  11. Aezreal

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    Since when am I derailing it. I said either put both wrongs there, or put none.

    Just noticed it's retox, nvm he would love the propaganda.
  12. grasthard

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    no, i'm not saying is a big happening. just one of the many, and thus worth of being reported.
    also the reasons behind it (at least the official ones from AQ) are already present in the Alfie post linked by the archivist

    from the post:
    "we instructed one of our members to begin crashing our fellow enemies during the siege, after our vicious outrage where some of our members were wrongfully accused and banned with evidence which at the time confirmed the accusation"

    so overall i don't think is necessary to add more sources or references about it, otherwise it looks like it was the main happening of the war, rather than just a small thing at the end of it.
  13. LuciusHanno

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    Thank you. Correction done. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  14. LuciusHanno

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    Thank you for making this game. It easily falls within the top five I've ever played.
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    Very nice read!
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    you sir, should write a book.
    Started reading the first few lines with no intention of reading even half off it, well... now ive read it two times :D
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    “ Prae shortly went inactive and we plan to rise again very shortly and take on the northern forces again.”

  18. LuciusHanno

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    Thanks for the correction
  19. princereaper

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    Friendly PVP but i wrote it this way to make it sound cooler!
  20. grasthard

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    "With no clan controlling Gual Kor,"

    is it Gual Kor or Gaul Kor, i always tought the second o_O

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