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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by maveriq, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. maveriq

    maveriq Member

    Why not doing something like Path of Exile's indie developer, Grinding Gear Games?

    They let people donate $15, $25, $50, $100, $250 and $1000.
    Depending on the amount you donate, you get a higher "supporter" grade, which includes a shiny forum title and cosmetic items ingame, like pets, etc.

    The idea can be seen here: https://www.pathofexile.com/purchase

    I'm sure there's people out there willing to support MO out of sheer love for the game (not me, but hey) so why not implement something like this?
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  2. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    What does the community think of this idea please?
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  3. narsor

    narsor Junior Member

    Hmm, interesting. I am not sure if I would take part in it, but you never know, there is a good possibility that it may be beneficial for MO. As long as all the benefits are cosmetic, why not...

    On the other hand, if it will take precious developer time and divert the limited resources from bug fixing, well I think it is not the correct time to do it, as I am still running into some serious bugs. There are workarounds for most of the bugs, but don't forget that the game needs to be in such a state that a newcomer will not be turned away because of the bugs. SV cannot rely on vets, as they'll get bored and will move away by time if things will continue to be buggy.

    Also let me re-emphasize Diphrael's patchnote wishlist, implement them correctly, ans sit back and enjoy the boost in population for sure.
  4. narsor

    narsor Junior Member

    Also what do you think of kickstart project site? Represent your game in there, and you can get really surprised on what you can get from there. You never know, and I can not foresee any harm that this path may bring on...
  5. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    If anything I'd rather see a Kickstarter type crowd-funding drive which is sort of what OP is suggesting but gives more detail for what people are investing in. The devs would put a video speaking to the donors talking about what the game is about, how it currently is and what the vision of the future would be. Then perhaps you could tease us with some behind the scenes information and video that nobody has seen before to whet our appetites for future development. Then based on level of donation, provide rewards accordingly which is already part of the Kickstarter format.

    Here are some examples. The Embers of Caerus guys were/are MO players.
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  6. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Trouble with Kickstarter is that it's for a business that hasn't yet launched. SV has. However - if we do this ALL of the money will go direct to development. So if we hit a certain target - new continent and shipping (as an example) - a lot more games and companies are doing this - so for me, I think we should at least explore this.
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  7. Saladino

    Saladino Senior Member

    I would be up for it but alas having multiple accounts i think is enough juice for you to squeeze.
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  8. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    As long as there is NO pay to win, or any form of advantage in the slightest in-game, it's a great idea.
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  9. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    Mortal Online will NEVER, EVER go Pay to win.

    Play MO with your wits not your wallet.
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  10. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

  11. Shlaggy

    Shlaggy Junior Member

    Go for it!
  12. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but I have been dissapointed by patches claiming to fix bugs and systems too many times to ever believe that money donated would be spent doing these things.

    I begrudgingly pay my sub on 1, sometimes both of my accounts, and that is all I will ever pay until SV can actually prove they are able to fix what is wrong with this game.
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  13. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    Been a supporter with my 5 accounts since release! First i want my damn veteran awards that we where promised 1 year ago. Than i wouldnt mind such a model. Im all for it to look or be a little bit more special than others. These model will give sv more money for sure. Sv is not really loosing anything here its extra cash they get! And once the system is in place you really dont have to put that much effort in it anymore.

    However this is never ganna happen! Why? Well if they cant even give us veteran rewards like they promised, how in the hell is this ganna work?

    Also if they ever put this system in place but wont give us veteran rewards, ill be so fucking pissed and cheated. With my 5 accounts iv been doing my share in supporting them its time we receive someting back!
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  14. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Do you think giving SV free money will make them fix the game?

    I don't
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  15. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    You and those fucking veteran rewards. They know god damnit. Give it up already before I start thinking you are really 5 years old and your mommy & daddy won't buy you the toy you want.
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  16. Morfildor

    Morfildor Member

    I would if I could, honestly Im so poor I can barely afford the 2 accounts I have currently subbed. Sad truth.
  17. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    How about an agreeable goal line before any donations start coming in to help put the hesitant ones at ease, give the more casuals something to show you're hardcore serious, etc.

    Fix one MAJOR issue, then open it up. That way those like Khaotic and myself(and many others I'm sure) who want to support MO but are dramatically dissapointed with some hardcore bugs still being in game after so long...

    Maybe fix the speed issues to a good not-so-buggy point in which it actually works for people, not makes everyone rage.

    Maybe fix prediction (whether a double whammy from speed being brought down a little to ease it up as it already seems to of a bit)

    Maybe fix AI completely to its promised state, not just "not buggy"

    Maybe fix weapons so that heads aren't just "viable" but at a disadvantage, but so that most the weaponheads (at minimal 2-3 from each category) are actually equal strengths (in their own ways) to the current proposed "balanced" start point where GB's are at.

    If one of the above (or maybe a community vote on which to hardcore fix) are fixed, THEN alot of the more skepticals may be more inclined to say "You know what, let's give it another go."

    My two cents on the idea
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  18. Cuneglas

    Cuneglas Member

    Erhmargerd, I have an Idea to make a game. Anyone want to send me lots of cash to hear about it?

    Too many projects on kick starter, not that its all bad. But it is in a way.

    The gaming industry went from Buy the game at release>Pre-Order>Pre-Order Collectors Edition for Beta> Pre-Order For beta> Closed Betas as marketing> Everyone just uses open betas>Everyone pre-Orders for Alpha> Everyone uses Kick Starter.

    The only part of the chain missing now is going to be all the people that end up being scammed hardcore for money they spent on something they thought they would get.

    I will never give money to a company unless they provide me with a product in desirable condition(Excluding the Dark days here in MO)
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  19. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    Haha you mad? You will love my thread than i just posted!
  20. ltankhsd

    ltankhsd Senior Member

    Annoyed would be more precise since the majority of your posts are crying over veteran rewards or taming. Anyway I'll not derail this thread further.

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