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Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Viscount, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Viscount

    Viscount Junior Member

    Where is the taming 2 book?

    It is not in the jungle camp.
    Nor is it in Bakti, Vada, Morin Khur, Fabernum.

    I assume it's in Tindremic city, but I couldn't find it when I checked myself ( but I'll admit, I was in a bit of a hurry to be out of that crowded, nasty place)

    ...it must be right under my nose


    Edit: Purchased with delivery for 25g
  2. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    Hm pretty sure it is sold at the "Rare collector" in tindrem. You have to trade stuff found in chests for it.
  3. Viscount

    Viscount Junior Member

    Thanks a lot eldrath!

    That would mean I need to aquire the lockpicking skill or trade with other players for it?
    I will post a wtb; I'll buy one for 15g or best offer (seems that was the last going price)
  4. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    Well if you want to wait till next week I can get you the book for 15 gold. ;)
  5. Viscount

    Viscount Junior Member

    You'll be my man if no one pm's me with an offer before then. I'll let you know if they do.
  6. EvilSOB

    EvilSOB Trial Member

    As a side note, what sort of things will the Rare Collector buy from you,
    OTHER than chest loot? For instance Tiaras, because he does buy them,
    but Im after other items, cause they are hard to get hold of with my
    mostly non-combat characters.

  7. Devillusion911

    Devillusion911 Trial Member

    Hey Man I need that book too, I'll pay 15 Gold, PM me, In game name is Saiyan.

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