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  1. Master_Ninja

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    this is a list of TC buildings cost/upkeep/skill needed
    though not complete it is a start

    Name/BP cost/Daily gold upkeep/pp upkeep/skill req

    Basic buildings

    Starting point 1000g/21s 12c/24pp/67 adv

    TC Bank 200g/24s/0pp/50 basic

    TC bank upgrade 100g/24s/0pp/60 adv

    armor station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    bows station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    Butchery station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    Potion station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    Shields station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    weapon station 100g/6s 72c/0pp/25 adv

    Herbologium 50g/6s 72c0pp55 basic

    Press 50g/6s 72c/0pp/55 basic

    Economist house 100g/ 8s 40c/0pp/30 basic

    Breeding grounds 150g/ 24s/0pp/35 basic

    TC Stable 110g/ 15s 60c/0pp/40 basic

    Farm 55g/24s/0pp/10 basic

    Farm upgrade 10g/ 24s/0pp/30 basic

    inn 340g/ 10s 80c/0pp/40 adv

    inn upgrade 150g /10s 80c/0pp/65 adv

    Broker house 50g/24s/0pp/25 basic

    Library 200g /18s 72c/0pp/45 adv

    Market Stand 10g/ 12s/0pp/5 adv

    Military house and guard buildings

    Military house 300g/15s 36c/0pp/40 adv

    Military house upgrade 100g/15s 36c/0pp/60 adv

    Alert Tower 100g/18s 72c/0pp/60 basic

    Guard Post 80g/15s 36c/0pp/10 basic

    Mercenary Post 50g/15s 36c/0pp/60 adv

    Patrol Post 200g/16s 32c/0pp/20 basic

    Soldier Post 50g/15s 36c/0pp/50 adv

    Watch Tower 200g/23s 28c/0pp/70 adv

    wood walls

    Wood gate 70g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall 50g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall ramp 50g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood long wall 100g/4s 80c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood gate upgrade 70g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall upgrade 20g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall ramp upgrade 50g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood long wall upgrade 20g/4s 80c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall to Wood gate 20g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood gate to stone gate 100g/2s 40c/0pp/50 adv

    Wood ramp to stone ramp upgrade 50g/2s 40c/0pp/50 basic

    Wood wall to stone wall upgrade 100g/2s 40c/0pp/70 adv

    wood long wall to stone long wall 300g/4s 80c/0pp/75 adv

    Stone walls

    Stone Wall 150g/4s 80c/0pp/70 adv

    Stone wall ramp 150g/4s 80c/0pp/70 adv

    Stone long wall/mirror 300g/9s 60c/0pp/75 adv

    Stone wall upgrade 50g/4s 80c/0pp/70 adv

    Stone wall ramp upgrade 50g/4s 80c/0pp/70 adv

    Stone long wall upgrade 100g/9s 60c/0pp/70 adv

    Stone long wall mirror upgrade 100g/9s 60c/0pp/75 adv

    Stone Gate Upgrade 100g /4s 80c/0pp/50 adv

    Stone wall to gate 50g/4s 80c/ 0pp/70 adv

    Stone gate to stone gatehouse 100g/4s 80c/ 0pp/50 adv

    Stone Gate to metal gate 100g/4s 80c/ 0pp/80 adv

    Stone wall to metal wall 150g/4s 80c/0pp/80 adv

    Stone long wall to metal long wall/mirror 300g/9s 60c/0pp/75 adv

    Metal walls

    Metal wall 300g/7s 20c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal wall ramp 300g/7s 20c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal long wall/mirror 600g/14s 40c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal gate upgrde 100g/7s 20c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal wall ramp upgrade 100g/ 7s 20c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal wall upgrade 100g/7s 20c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal long wall upgrade 200g/ 14s 40c/0pp/80 adv

    Metal long wall mirror upgrade 200g/14s 40c/0pp/80 adv
    the upkeep values where taken from the deeds in game
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  2. Halafox

    Halafox Junior Member

    Thanks so much for posting this! I remember seeing an earlier post with something similar (screenshot of architecture vender guy´s goods), but for some reason I could not find it.

    This really makes planning helpful as I know we have a lot of items that we want to place.

    one question though- I have seen some walled villages that have some sort of tower you can go on at the corner of the walls. Does that happen to be the Watch Tower for 200 gp or something else?

    thanks again for this information.
  3. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member

    I think that is teir 3 walls but not sure
  4. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    What skills does an engineer need to talk with the second Architect?
  5. Dhan

    Dhan Exalted Member

    I think it's 89 advanced engi.
  6. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    I see how it is...that bastard thinks I'm stupid. :mad:
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  7. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    HI all

    Does anyone know the cost of the 2 architects and contractor vendors in the architect building , because i seem to be paying 30 gold every 3 days for upkeep , when i only have architect building and 2 gold worth of walls a day and a bow crafting station that`s all, so i`m guessing those vendors are costing me the 28 gold upkeep unless this is a bug.

    Has anyone else experienced this.
  8. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member

    so no mines or guards? only what you listed yes? what type of walls do you have? are they high then tier one?
  9. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    i have 4 stone walls at level 3 and stone gate and 5 woodwalls at level 2 , no mines
  10. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    I bought this stone wall ramp blueprint and can`t seem to attach it to my stonewall, is this the same as a stonewall blueprint but with a ramp, so i need to deconstruct my stonewall and replace it with stone wall ramp blueprint.
  11. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member

    it doesn't make any sence that it takes that much in 3 days should only be about 2-3g a day, did you set any verders taxes down to a -% e.g. -20%? other then that or a bug only thing i can think of is someone in your guild with the required rank pulled some out of the tax guy.
  12. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    I did put taxes down to -20 %, im the only one near the guildstone.
  13. Rankor

    Rankor Senior Member

    You should have bought the Stone Wall to Stone Wall Ramp Upgrade.
  14. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member

    and did you buy something after setting it to -20% ?
  15. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    I bought one of them as well , just can`t place it.
  16. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    Yes i bought blueprints.
  17. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    I will put the tax back to normal and see if the 30 gold goes again.
  18. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member

    That is probably where it went i believe setting it to a -% will take the difference out of the treasury so if you bought an item that is normally worth 100g it would take out of the treasury the % difference and discount you at the vender which in the case of 100g and -20% it would be 20g
  19. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    Thx for your help.
  20. Master_Ninja

    Master_Ninja Member


    updated some info in the OP, if anyone wants to help expand the list i'll add it to the op with credits ;)

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