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  1. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    i just asked the architect in the arch house and he said im going to cost you 170 gold, 78 s, 6c today, you were right dont put the taxes at -20%​
  2. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    So if i put tax to 5% then in adds to treasury.
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  3. kenvic1

    kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    This one is wrong below.

    Wood long wall to stone long wall upgrade is 200 gold, not 300 gold.:).
  4. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Member

    Is this info still valid?
  5. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    only breeding grounds costs more i guess.
    can someone say how much upkeep a breeding ground costs now?
  6. Sparrowhawk

    Sparrowhawk Senior Member

    Do anyone use breeding grounds anymore.
  7. CronusCut

    CronusCut Trial Member

    From what I have heard with the increased upkeep they(breeding grounds) are not really worth it anymore unless your guild is very actively farming them
  8. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    and they only worth if youre also near at a spawn of the creatures youre breeding because breeded cant get rebreed and high upkeep. Breeding ground is so useless you cant believe it.
    But i tohught maybe i should breed rabbits in just for fun :)

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