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    Greetings Community, I know when we think free placement that means "hey I should be able to place anywhere" this is not the case, however, I am just going to list a few things to consider when placing TC and the consequences of such.

    1. First of any TC placed too low or too high can cause the NPCs to fall through and not spawn. keep that in mind as Support will not help you will have to decon and replace it at your expense.

    2. Keep in mind static structures such as trees, rocks they have collision and can also interfere with the NPC spawning, support will try to help get the NPC if we can, if not you would have to decon and it replace it.

    3. Also, walls have what's called a connection when placing the walls you want to make sure they connect, you should get a message when placed that says connected to wall 1,2 etc.

    4. Also the placement of TC inside TC , is not intended if the NPCs breaks due to this Support will not assist you will have to replace the TC in order to resolve it.

    * The list will be updated if we run into something we forgot or a new case, that might cause you problems, the only reason we are posting this is to try and alleviate TC placement issues that can cost you time and money.
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    Time for a bump!

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