The 1500 gold Heist!

Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by LGrayFoxL, Jan 12, 2018 at 8:44 AM.

  1. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    One of the Thieves Guild members named Lashaniqua inflitrate's the main walls of [Shop] keep passing all the guards that where all over the walls and robs one of the most guarded house's inside the keep for 1000 gold and some other items u will see in the video. Then i come into play as a fellow Master at my craft and i help Master thief Lashaniqua to get the loot out of the verry guarded player town.

    Here is a one picture to give u a sneak peak.
    bandicam 2018-01-11 08-42-59-392.jpg
    bandicam 2018-01-11 08-39-42-412.jpg

    This was a stealth play so there is not much killing in this video. Video is being eddited

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  2. Serverus

    Serverus New Member

    Well played. That was my gold and gems and my precious battleram designs. Not the Sculpturing lore book! You thieves have no idea how hard it is to mine a stack of Stonewood lol.
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  3. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    Touche, finding a way in has taken you sometime...
  4. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    was not me it was Lashaniqua who robd the house, i just came to pick up to loot
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  5. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    I was using the royal you, i.e. referring the thieves guild in general :p

    Of course, now I'm intrigued as to how it was done hehe.
  6. aguimaraes

    aguimaraes Member

    if you need help to take the loot , call me ... dont be shy.
  7. shuffel

    shuffel Member

  8. Nefan

    Nefan Well-Known Member

    WTB video
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  9. thepjcaxe

    thepjcaxe Member

    that now the is master back up plan ha !
  10. art vandaleigh

    art vandaleigh Senior Member

    If Reaver only made good stam food things like this wouldn’t happen!
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  11. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Yeah that Stan food, over priced and is shit
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  12. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

    o_O I'm open to suggestions
  13. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    Its all beccouse of the food :D
  14. xBoohx

    xBoohx Junior Member

    hey ! where is our video ?!
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  15. LGrayFoxL

    LGrayFoxL Well-Known Member

    hey, its takeing a bit of time im not sure when the edditing will finish

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