The guild 2017 has been defeated.

Discussion in 'Guild & Player Politics and Discussion' started by sudoxe, May 16, 2018.

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    Mumma says, Your Welcome.
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    Sir, please restrain yourself or i will need to sit you with the other children!
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    I am really at a loss for what to say in this letter other than to convey my shock. Let me begin by citing a range of examples from the public sphere. For starters, there isn't so much as a molecule of evidence that fascism is the torch that is lighting our path to a peaceful, prosperous future. The only reason that RPK claims otherwise is that it isn't shy about its plan to pander to our worst fears. Are we just going to stand around and let it get away with that? I, for one, say we shouldn't. I say that RPK needs to realize that it's not special. It's not a beautiful or unique snowflake. It's just another hostile, clumsy election-year also-ran who wants to eliminate the plebiscitary mechanisms that ensure a free and democratic society.

    Thus far, I've been holding back on overwhelming the reader with the abundant data I have demonstrating RPK's intention to perpetrate acts of the most disgraceful character. Still, there are some easy figures the simplest must understand and the astutest cannot wriggle out of. In particular, everyone ought to realize that RPK often tries to prove its points by quoting “authorities” who are in fact nothing more than garrulous roisterers. Think about it, and I'm sure you'll agree with me. RPK's underbosses believe that big emotions come from big words. It should not be surprising that they believe this, however. As we all know, minds that have been so maimed that they believe that RPK does the things it does “for the children” can believe anything, especially if it's false. There is one final irony to my story. RPK's principles have indisputably been demonstrated to be coterminous with those of unforgiving, brown-nosing looters.
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  5. sudoxe

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    Do you know how many times i am going to have to copy and paste words in to google to find out what they mean?!? Appreciate the reply tho, if i understood half of what you were saying then i may have a chance to agree.

    Good Day Sir!
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  6. VaddaPriest

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    It will indeed surprise some people to hear me say this, but Hayasa has been a bad apple for as long as I can remember. The bulk of this letter is a critique of Hayasa's bumptious undertakings. The reason I refer to them as “bumptious” is that mass anxiety is the equivalent of steroids for Hayasa. If we feel helpless, Hayasa is energized and ramps up his efforts to bring widespread death and degradation to millions of human beings across the face of the Earth. He's not your average politically incorrect, clumsy rascal. He's the deluxe model. As such, he's unequivocally poised to exert more and more control over other individuals one day. Although no matter how imperfect our efforts, no matter how expedient ignoring our values may seem, we must oppose evil wherever it rears its pugnacious head, we are here to gain our voice in this world, and whether or not Hayasa approves, we will continue to be heard.
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    I could write a very angry letter right now about RPK, but I decided instead merely to express some constructive criticism. Just so you know, I plan to spend a good deal of this letter discussing RPK and its harebrained bons mots. I also plan to say a bit about how RPK is a very foolhardy little organization, but I'll save that part for the end. RPK's communications are continually evolving into more and more confrontational incarnations. Here, I'm not just talking about evolution in a simply Darwinist sense; I'm also talking about how it may not be easy to listen, find compassion, and collaborate, but it can be done. And it needs to be done. And we must always remember that RPK is the embodiment of everything petty in our lives. Every grievance, every envy, every bilious ideology finds expression in RPK.

    What so many people find difficult to grasp is that if you looked up “biggety” in the dictionary, you'd probably see RPK's logo. Naturally, in public, RPK promises that it'd never create a beachhead for organized poststructuralism. In private, however, it secretly tells its winged monkeys that it'll do exactly that. I think we've seen this movie before: It's called Business as Usual for RPK. To use some computer terminology, RPK's coalition has an “installed base” of hundreds of blasphemous ragabashes (especially the nefarious type). The implication is that RPK always demands instant gratification. That's all that is of concern to it. Nothing else matters—except maybe to play the blame game. I tell you this because by imploding the cultural narratives that undermine our goal we will finally be able to convert retreat into advance. The significance of that is that I receive a great deal of correspondence from people all over the world. One of the things that impresses me about all of it is the massive number of people who realize that lying and cheating is second nature to RPK. No joke. As this letter draws to a close, I should state that I regret not having been able to say more about how RPK's hate sheets are a textbook example of distortion and deceit. However, I hope I've told you enough to spur you on to find out more for yourself.
  8. sudoxe

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    Delete this post, there is zero chance in hell you wrote this. Thank you @Iconoclasm for trying to help but no one would ever believe Aelyyn penned this.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Iconoclasm

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    Sudoxe seems to be forgetting that his rants are empty-headed, saturnine, politically incorrect, and ghastly. Alas, listing all of our nation's woes that are directly caused by him would take up far too much of this letter: the spread of parasitism; a newfound interest by polyloquent dingbats in causing self-indulgent subversion to gather momentum on college campuses; the increasing number of people who believe that Sudoxe serves as wisdom to the mighty and succor to the brave; and so forth. Hence, to keep this letter to the point, I will limit its focus to a discussion of how I don't know which are worse, right-wing tyrants or left-wing tyrants. But I do know that Sudoxe's apologues are uncivilized, poisonous to young minds, and disrespectful to Western values and achievements. But let's not lose sight of the larger, more important issue here: Sudoxe's crafty principles.

    If anything, we have a choice between two different visions of our future. Sudoxe's vision is batty, uneducated, and based on the idea that the government (and perhaps he himself) should have sweeping powers to arrest and hold people indefinitely on flimsy grounds. The other vision is hopeful, generous, and confident in the knowledge that Sudoxe's expositors claim that laws are meant to be broken. I say to them, “Prove it”—not that they'll be able to, of course, but because throughout history, there has been a clash between those who wish to establish democracy and equality and those who wish to influence the attitudes of dominant culture towards any environment or activity that is predominantly lecherous. Naturally, Sudoxe belongs to the latter category. And that's what writing this sort of letter is all about. It's a way to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.
  12. sudoxe

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    I would be vastly more interested if you didn't just copy paste this shit and delete "said political party" and type Sudoxe. But its all good brah!

    Come mine some Tephra and we have a chat.
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    There are a number of things I could have chosen to write about in this letter. I could have chosen to write about how I have avoided engaging in open debate with mephitic maggots—or even acknowledging their existence—for fear of lending them any form of legitimacy. Or I might have chosen to write something about the way that it is my opinion, as well as that of the courts, dozens of professional organizations, and numerous religious leaders, that the culture of arrogance that permeates Tephra's claque leads many members to sanctify its depravity. But, instead, I've decided to devote this entire letter to explaining how anyone who believes that Tephra's enormities are Right with a capital R is kidding himself. For the sake of review, militarism can not and must not be tolerated. That may sound unbelievable, but it's the truth. Another unbelievable but true statement is that trying to keep Tephra from preventing me from getting my work done is a sucker's game. No matter how hard we try to stop it, it'll always find some new way to step on other people's toes. That's the end of this letter. If I was unable to convince you that Tephra's assertion that devastating vast acres of precious farmland is essential for the safety and welfare of the public serves only to illustrate its ignorance and poorly hidden bigotry, then you should definitely consider contacting me with your supporting or refuting evidence, opinions, personal stories, etc., so that I can make a better argument in my next letter.
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    *bored* Common, it was creative for the first 3 posts. GG anyways. Let us know when you have rebuilt ;)
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    cya on a guild stone that actually matters
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    Half of me was reluctant to write this letter out of concern that Guild Stone may be one of those organizations who do violent things for the sole purpose of gaining attention. But given Guild Stone's track record, I have concluded that I'm not saying anything you don't already know about, so I've decided to proceed. The following paragraphs are intended as an initial, open-ended sketch of how bad the current situation is. Guild Stone has mastered the dark arts of diversion and deception. The reason is simple: Were he alive today, Hideki Tojo would be Guild Stone's most trustworthy ally. I can see Tojo joining forces with Guild Stone to help it create a Frankenstein's monster. I want to keep this brief: Guild Stone's lynch mob is a sterile bubble of fetishism. Everyone inside the bubble wants to abet a resurgence of mutinous, loquacious wowserism. In contrast, everyone outside the bubble agrees that Guild Stone must have recently made a huge withdrawal from the First National Bank of Lies. How else could it manage to tell us that it is always being misrepresented and/or persecuted? Finally, it is not at all unlikely that in this letter I have said some things to which many of my readers may take exception. It has not been any part of my purpose either to please or to displease anybody but simply to tell the truth and to say, so far as I have given expression to my views, precisely what I think. And what I think is this: The quest to advertise “magical” diets and bogus weight-loss pills is the true inner kernel of Guild Stone's philosophy, insofar as this figment of an avaricious brain can be designated a “philosophy”.
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    After careful reading and going through the finer statements of your collective posts more than once, I believe I now understand whats going on with your group psyche


    *See a nice small word, and you thought I didn't read it
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    which of the dozen kranesh guilds was 2017? its getting hard to keep track.
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    i'm so upset.

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