The Psyfighter - Countering Mages with Melee

Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Diphling, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Turkis

    Turkis "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    and it makes us :(
  2. AidanKyros

    AidanKyros Well-Known Member

    its just one of those things that happen when i think of more to add after i already pressed enter, but herein a forum post i usually read over what i typed once... kinda.
  3. Sparhawk13

    Sparhawk13 Member

    I wrote a thing explaining why I think that tagging afterthoughts onto an existing idea is OK. But then I decided that we should get this thread back on track.

    So, psyfighters...

    If I figure out a good weakspot spear recipe, I might give this build a try. That, or I'll just make a normal hybrid and try that out.
  4. AidanKyros

    AidanKyros Well-Known Member

    true but it still spams a chat if done.

    "Hey I want some steel
    I mean i want to buy some
    oh and i need it delivered to me
    to Meduli
    at the dock bank"
    something like that could happen.
  5. Saladino

    Saladino Senior Member

    Guys im making a new character does this still work ?! Diph i need your halp.
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  6. Cyde

    Cyde Honored Member

    The build of champions
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  7. Skaine

    Skaine Member

    It's all about Mounted Fat mages now man ;)
  8. Aezreal

    Aezreal Arena Champion

    Those that do not get saladin's troll post are not worthy. NOT WORTHY!
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  9. Skaine

    Skaine Member

    I knew it was, it was a double troll sir and you were fooled.
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  10. turtlelord

    turtlelord New Member

    Necro old posts, thanks guys.
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  11. Aezreal

    Aezreal Arena Champion

    Triple troll as I meantioned no names! HA!
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  12. StrongMad

    StrongMad Well-Known Member

    But you quoted him! :p
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  13. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    Maalite spears are insane and very low strength. Hello very high psyche warriors :)
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  14. Sparhawk13

    Sparhawk13 Member

    What's the typical handle for those made of?
  15. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Psy warriors are useless now. If you're character can't be mounted then you are useless too. YAAAYY
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  16. eldrath

    eldrath Honored Member

    I use high psy on my mage and I´m pretty happy with it.
  17. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

    how about a new guide with veelas now having +28-32 more attributes?

    im sure psyfighters are even stronger nowadays :rolleyes:
  18. theOverwatch

    theOverwatch Trial Member

    Even if my smile is wide and deadly, I agree with Zergi.
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  19. Ascendance

    Ascendance Senior Member

    Psyfighter's playing Veelas now get 28 more mana and slightly more mage resist then previously. Done.
    Also, how much do you heal for with 10 intelligence with and without mental offence? I also imagine you wouldn't need mental offence with this build if you only use mind blast, magic reflect, corrupt and purfiy.

    edit: Got this thread confused with lonewolfs hybrid guide.
    Also this guides veela would now have 96 psych.
  20. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    Psyfighters are taking over the world.

    Lesser heals with 10 int and no mental offence would probably be like 10? Don't have an exact answer for ya!
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