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    These rules are addressed to you, a member of the Mortal Online community. The rules are here to keep the IRC channels and forums friendly, mature, and helpful. While some rules may seem superficial, silly, or pointless, they are necessary for the community to be a positive experience for everyone, not just those actively participating but also the ones that stumble and read, or "lurk".

    While the rules may seem like they allow one thing, or another, it's entirely up to the moderators to determine if something breaches the rules, or what kind of behaviour falls under what rule. If you have a dispute with a moderator, please contact Demtri.

    Section 1
    Behavior Guidelines & Expectations

    1(a). Do not insult anyone. This includes personal attacks and flaming. No level of insulting will be tolerated, whether it is profanity filled or a kiddy insult. Please remember that tone of voice and jokes do not always translate through text and moderators will not take "joking" as an excuse. There is never an excuse for breaking this rule and moderators will not tolerate it.

    1(b). Do not act or speak offensively, whether on purpose or not. Think before you talk, and consider what others besides yourself might think of what you say. If you are not sure if something might be offensive, don't say it.

    1(c). Trolling or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the primary intent of provoking an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal discussion.

    1(d). No racism or hate speech. Hate speech includes all groups, whether by region, ethnics, and so on.

    1(e). Ranting, spamming, and flooding is not allowed. Ranting includes raging, whining, complaining, and just plain being unconstructively negative. Posting links to something often without permission, or only posting advertisements, will be considered spamming. Flooding is sending multiple lines of chat at once or very close together. This could be four or more large paragraphs at once, or five or more small lines or sentances. Please try to use full sentances and type full thoughts. There is no reason you should be hitting the Enter key between every three to four words.

    1(f). We expect maturity from everyone in our official IRC channels and forums. Please remember this game is rated 18+, and we expect everyone to act at least that age. Be kind and courteous to your fellow community members, help new players, answer questions, and be friendly.

    1(g). We expect the community to be constructive when discussing the game. Non-constructive discussions, baseless bashing and the spread of misinformation will be terminated by a moderator. This includes denying or arguing against what Developers or volunteer staff say about the game.

    1(h). Quoting any Starvault staff out of context is prohibited. Make sure the information you are quoting is correct, and is not used in an attempt to slander. The term “staff” is used as a blanket statement to cover all Moderators, Game Masters, and Game Developers.

    Section 2
    Discussions & Topics

    2(a). No discussing bans, kicks, warnings, or the actions of staff. This goes for forum, IRC, and game bans, kicks, and warnings. If you need to discuss something, contact the appropriate staff member through the forums or IRC. A longer explanation of who to contact for certain situations and how to do so can be found here.

    2(b). No guessing of volunteer staff identities. This includes implying it or hinting at it, as well as linking to a webpage that breaks this rule itself.

    2(c). Adult topics are allowed but must be discussed with maturity. Offensive conversation will not be tolerated, nor will topics that might be seen as offensive to others.

    2(d). Do not discuss or advocate warez/cracked/illegal software, hard drugs, or other illegal actions. This includes linking to websites like Pirate Bay, QuickSilverScreen, torrent websites, etc. where illegal downloads are available.

    2(e). Do not link content or discuss content which breaks the Mortal Online EULA. This includes data-mined information, "how to" guides on cheating/hacking/exploiting, hacking software, and so on.

    2(f). Do not link or discuss pornography. Pornography for the state of these rules is defined as any bit of nudity of a person(s) "private places". Visible nipples of females, or genitalia of any kind, is not allowed. Ingame nudity is allowed with a NSFW warning before hand, and on the forums the use of spoiler tags is required.

    2(g). Do not link, share, or discuss real life information or pictures of other players. Whether or not this player is yourself, or you have permission to spread the information, does not matter. If you want to share something with a player or a group of players do so privately. Keep real life out of the IRC channels and forums.

    2(h). Do not accuse other players of exploiting, cheating, or hacking in any way.This includes the discussion of the above, implying it, or linking to a picture, video, or webpage of any kind that also breaks this rule. To report exploiters, cheaters, and hackers, contact Discord.

    2(i). False information is not tolerated. This will only be enforced on out-of-game and non-political posts or messages. For example, saying that SV is selling MO, or that the server is being wiped, would not be allowed. However, saying that your enemy's guild leader is planning on attacking an ally, or claiming that the oghmium book costs 20g, is allowed.

    2(j). Use English when speaking in the official MO channels and forums.

    Section 3
    Nicknames & Impersonation

    3(a). Do not impersonate Star Vault staff. Staff includes both employees and volunteers.

    3(b). Do not impersonate other players.

    3(c). Do not use nicknames that are offensive in any language.

    3(d). Do not use a guild name or guild tag that you are not a part of in your profile's Guild text field.

    3(e). Do not create usernames impersonating famous people, celebrities, etc.


    4(a). Do not advertise guilds or ingame groups/organizations in the channel. If you have an organization you would like to advertise, contact Discord.

    4(b). Do not advertise other games or web pages unrelated to MO, as this could result in an instant ban.
    • 4(b)1. The linking of videos related to other games may be moderated if they are determined by staff to be excessive, advertising in nature, or posted merely for the sake of provoking either other members of the community or the staff (that is trolling.)
    • 4(b)2. Discussion of other games is allowed within reason. Staff however will moderate and or stop the conversation anytime that the mentioning of the other game is deemed excessive, advertising in nature, or trolling.
    4(c). Do not advertise the selling of accounts or other MO related material for real-life currency without written consent from Discord.

    4(d). Do not advertise other IRC channels without permission from Discord. Do not advertise other IRC networks under any circumstances. This includes talking about the channel or linking it in any way. The exceptions to this rule are for the following channels.

    By joining #mortalonline, #mortalmarketplace, and #mortalonline-help, you agree to the Stratics IRC Network Terms of Service. All Stratics channels fall under these rules as well as the rules listed above. If you have a problem with someone in PM, contact a Stratics operator or admin. SV mods are not capable of handling private message problems, or any problems outside of the official MO channels listed above.

    Section 5
    Links and Images

    5(a). You may not link, or post material such as images, that break the rules in this thread, the sub-forum's specific rules, the Stratics IRC ToS, or the Mortal Online EULA.

    5(b). Do not post links to unofficial mirrors of the game client - all links to mirrors posted on the forum must be verified and approved by Star Vault first. To get a link approved (such as when an external mirror of a patch might help some community members), contact Discord.

    Section 6
    Rating System

    6(a).The Rating system is a privelege on our forums and has rules that need to be followed as well. Abuse of this system will result in warnings and action from the moderation staff.

    6(b). Do not spam ratings or give in mass quantities for no reason.

    6(c). Ratings that are given to a post that is not actually helpful or useful in any way may be removed. We want to keep this system as a way to see useful and helpful posters who make a difference in the community. The moderators themselves will not participate in the rating's system.

    Moderators reserve the right to remove ratings at any time, without warning and without reason.

    Section 7

    7(a). You may not use multiple accounts to break the rules or evade bans. If you are found to be using an alt account during your ban, that account and all other alternative accounts found during the investigation will be permanently banned, and your original account will recieve an infraction. Multiple accounts are only allowed when you have more than one game account linked, or when given permission by Talwin, Demtri or Discord. You may not, however, use a second forum account linked with an ingame account to evade bans or break rules "anonymously". Due to this, when one account is banned, all accounts will be banned from the forum for the same amount of time.

    Recieving warnings and infractions will get your account investigated for possible multiple accounts.

    Section 8

    Some sections have sub-rules, additional rules or modifications to the rules that only exist in that category or section. A complete list of sub rules is below.

    Guilds Looking for Players
    Guild Politics and Discussion
    Video, Screenshots, and Art
    Price Check
    Feedback & Suggestions

    The IRC ban progression is as follows: Kick Warning -> Week Ban -> Permanent Ban

    This is a guideline and you may not receive a warning or a short ban first. The severity of your actions can and will affect this. Users who have been around for a long time will not be given warnings, as they should already know the rules.

    Using the Mortal Online IRC channels and forums is a privilege, not a right. You may be removed at any time, temporary or permanent, with or without any reason.

    There is no excuse to break any rule. It does not matter who started a fight, or who insulted first. "Joking" is not an excuse to break any rule.

    Adult Content

    Mortal Online contains adult content including animated violence and nudity.

    We must keep the forums safe for work however and have made a distinction between game related nudity and violence and real world depictions.

    Subsequently, you are permitted to post in-game pictures and clearly related fan art. We do ask that any nude or potentially not safe for work pictures are contained with the spoiler tag:


    Signatures & Avatars

    All signatures and avatars must follow the above rules.

    In order to keep the focus on the content of the forums rather than our individual signatures, we a have a few simple rules to follow and the forum is configured to help you with the signature rules:
    • You may only use 1 (one) image for your forum signature that is no greater than 500 px wide and 200 px high.
    • You may only use .jpeg and .png format images.
    • You may have up to 5 (five) lines of text, an image will count as one line.
    • May not contain any moving animations.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you use a 200px high image, it will fill the whole signature box available and you won't be able to see any text below it.
    Appealing a Temporary Ban via the Forums

    Temporary bans can be appealed. To appeal a temporary ban, contact Demtri and explain why you should not have been banned. If you do not have anything to defend yourself with,you will not be unbanned, as we do not unban people simply because they asked.

    Appealing a Temporary Ban via the IRC

    Temporary bans can be appealed. To appeal a temporary ban, contact Bathory, Magree, or Demtri with the relevant logs and why you believe your ban was in error.

    Appealing a Permanent Ban

    If you wish to appeal a permanent ban, you need to put in a Support Ticket, stating how you have changed, why you think you deserve another shot at being part of the Forums/IRC again, and You may do this after threes month of not breaking any rules.

    If your appeal to a permanent ban goes through, you will be placed on an indefinite probationary period. Any further breaches of the rules regardless of severity will result in a permanent ban with no chance for an appeal.

    IRC/Forums bans most go through the channels listed. Do not petition in game staff about bans.

    These rules may change at any time.
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