The War of Retribution

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    War of Retribution

    by: Scribe (Hotlinks by Achivist)

    The conflict between the Kingdom of the Isles and the Talusian Alliance(today known as SCAR) has recently been called to an end through a formal declaration made by Malachi Drake, king of the isles and arch-bishop of the church of Soldeus.

    According to his Grace the latest siege staged by the Kingdom was sufficient to ‘remove this immediate threat’ and the Kingdom has dealt a ‘suitable response’ to hostilities initiated by the Talusian Alliance and their friends: Dark/Derp and Harlequin

    The Kingdom recieved aid in this conflict from the guild Elysium and the Ascension Alliance. Who participated in launching three sieges against Talusian Alliance and their friends.

    According to the leader of the Silver Skulls(SS) the conflict started when SS and Myrm joined forces to take Gaul’kor from then Invictus/Ascension by constructing a house there. The Kingdom came to the aid of Ascension when they laid siege to this house.

    According to a representative from the Kingdom this conflict got started when DERP build TA funded houses inside Kingdom territory. The Kingdom first sought a peaceful solution but they claim their emisarries where killed and their efforts at communication where unsuccesfull.

    When the Kingdom send a military force to deal with the intruders they encountered members of the Talusian Alliance in open support of Derp/Dark. The first siege staged by the Kingdom was unsuccesfull but it did trigger a response from DARK, Harlequin and the Talusian Alliance who amassed a sizeable force to defend the DARK house and destroy the Kingdom’s palisade gate in this area. The conflict had escalated and the kingdom was outnumbered and facing a full scale invasion within their borders and so they called for aid.

    Ascension and Elysium, for reasons of their own, answered that call and joined the war on the Kingdoms side. In Elysiums case this meant transferring their support from Derp/Dark to the Kingdom. The reasons for their change of heart are as yet not known to us.

    The leader of SS admits they supported Derp/Dark, but he says he explained to the Kingdom that SS only did so because Derp/Dark was fighting Ascension, who are sworn enemies of SS.
    The leader of SS says he tried to talk to the Kingdom but was called a liar.

    The conflict spread to include the lands of Ascension when the Talusian Alliance constructed two houses inside Ascension territory. The Kingdom aided Ascension in the destruction of these houses.

    At this point the leadership of Dark/Derp returned, causing a direction change in their politics. They apologised to the Kingdom and negotiated for the Kingdom to buy the house they had build inside their territory. Not all Dark/Derp members where happy with this decision, leading some to splinter of from the guild. As a result of these actions Dark/Derp was no longer a factor in this conflict.

    The Talusian Alliance was still actively fighting, along with the mercenary army of BRB. Normally Chaos Alliance would aid the Tallusian Alliance but apparantly they didnt help the Talusian Alliance out this time. A representative of the Kingdom had the following to say about the actions of the Talusian Alliance:

    The leader of the Silver Skulls says:

    Shedding a different light on Chaos hesitation to enter the conflict. SS also claims that it was Wessex who was insulting by calling the SS leader a liar.

    Rather then waiting for the Talusian Alliance to attack again, Ascension, Elysium and the Kingdom decided to take the fight to them by attacking their keep. In a series of three sieges they managed to destroy the keep and houses of the Talusian Alliance despite the efforts by Dog Company to defend these.

    In response to this destruction of assets the Talusian Alliance, spearheaded by Aegis Imperium led an attack against the Kingdom village of Wentus Castrum, destroying a handfull of houses.

    The Crimson Horseman Tribe a shire within the Kingdom, conquered the southern central steppe keep area that belonged to Aegis Imperium and the Kingdom war time alliance destroyed Aegis Imperium’s houses.

    It was at this time that the leaders of Aegis Imperium began diplomatic talks and withdrew from the conflict; issuing an apology on the forums and offering the Kingdom a house deed as reparations for their actions.

    The Ascension alliance led the charge against the Silver Skulls (the remaining powerhouse within the Talusian Alliance) and their houses fell one by one.

    Ascension, Elysium and the Kingdom launched an attack on the Talusian Alliance keep held by the Silver Skulls and after several attemps managed to destroy their keep.

    The ruler of the Kingdom however did state:

    The Silver Skulls admit defeat in this conflict but are far from finished. According to their leader they are rebuilding and look forward to once again taking the field in the future, though it is not revealed when or against whom this will be.

    After the last battle the declaration was made the the Kingdom considers the war over. It has yet to be seen if the other participants accept the offer of peace. Its also unclear how relationships between the Kingdom, Elysium and Ascension will develop now that it seems their common enemy is no more.

    edit: Added BRB to the report, not sure how we missed that
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    Should add that BRB were hired in as a mercenary force by SS, to help defend their assets. BRB was an essential part of the defence at the time.
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  4. Error there. Elysium never supported DARK/DERP. They had some of the worst griefers in this game and Elysium does not support people who destroy this game.
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    See if you can slip me in there. I was there when the keep went down and fired one of the boulders.
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    Can someone please verify this for me?
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    ‘Mykee and Eladriel of Chaos Alliance then cospired and worked out a deal with Ascension for free access to GK for the blast furnace and tephra deposits. TA was stabbed in the back by people they long supported and defended for such trivial things as minerals and rocks. Leaving TA outnumbered for the storm to come’

    This is not exactly what happened...

    Basically we were not happy with a war of asset destruction started by our old allies. Part of what really bothered us was that WSX was on Ascensions side, something we considered very strange since WSX had always either been neutral or on our side in previous wars.This made us uncomfortable and so we decided to stay out of it.

    We felt in this situation Ascension actually had the higher moral ground and did not want to be on the other side, but we also didn't want to betray our old allies by joining their enemy. Also we felt a little betrayed since this war was started without any council from our allies, thus they attempted to force us into a war with out any prior discussion. That is far more a betrayal than anything we did.

    Just prior to this the TOP alliance had pretty much fallen apart and so we joined with them (though we kept our Chaos name it was a joining more than an absorbsion) to make a strong enough group to keep control of the CC area with control of both keeps in the area.

    Since we had decided to stay neutral in a fight were we would normal be against Ascension, we decided it would be good politics to try and get some concessions from them.

    The deal was we could use the blast furnace once a week with their protection and they could use the greater notorous once a week with ours. We also have a friendly PvP pack since we had a long history of fighting each other and enjoyed the challenges we wanted to keep that up. The deal was if any major war related fighting was going on we would keep away in order to maintain our neutrality, but otherwise we would have open world PvP with them.

    This is deal did not make us go neutral, it was already decided but I felt it was an opportunity to get something for nothing so to speak.

    The truth is during this war we never fought our old allies but fought Ascension almost on a daily basis (though for fun and not for profit). We did not like the idea of asset destruction and felt betrayed by being forced into a war with out any heads up.
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    If there are no more corrections I'll ask Black Opal to have this posted up.
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    There are.
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    What is wrong with the report?
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    I'm still not in it...
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    damn i remember all of this cause i was actually there!! Woo go lonewolf veteran of three major wars!!
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    Thanks to the people who have send in corrections/additions.
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    They where going to support Dark, once they where at the battle between Dark vs AQ, right after we crushed Wessex at there palisade, they saw AQ and Dark numbers, and since AQ had slightly lower numbers than us since they where going to support Wessex(now dead) they betrayed us and allied themselves with AQ and we fought them there very outnumbered, when we lost our mages we retreated back to the Dark house and pushed them back when they arrived.

    Then they regrouped and reassaulted and we retreated inside the house and somehow they also got in and the server crashed.

    So they where going to support but betrayed us right before they got to do it.
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    bump. If mods see this please move it over to the lore section.

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