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    i will cut it short.

    this is a upgrade to normal guard zones.

    Policy's(everything can be set at magistrate)
    (if ON OC if OFF than nothing).
    1. guild waring in town and attacking guild-mates.(punishable after first hit)
    2. pet killing in town.(punishable after 3 hits)
    3. combat pets in town.(punishable after 20 seconds(or 10s)(by killing the pet))
    4. non-combat pets in town.(punishable after 10 to 20 seconds(by killing the pet))
    5. use of magic and dmg-ing magic on self and others.(punishable after 1 to 10 spells depending on how you want to set it))
    6. attacking someone outside the guard zone.(punishable after 3 hits)
    7. looting loot-bags and stuff that isn't yours or from some of your guild mates(includes red and gray bags)(punishable after first item) .
    8. guild ranks 7(of TC guild) and up are guards and will not turn gray or get killed by god guard in town(will be if stealing).
    9. reds can get into town without being killed except if they do a criminal activity.(punishable after first crime)
    10. any TC guildmate can get into town without getting killed except if they do a criminal activity.(punishable after first crime)
    11. any TC guilds alliance mates can get into town without getting killed except if they do a criminal activity.(punishable after first crime)
    every one of this can be separately activated and deactivated at will by the TC guild.(this is only in effect if you are in the guardzone if you are a bit out you will not be affected) also add a small timer for changeling settings and warnings to logged in players and non logged in players also if you are in danger of dying by log in you will be teleported outside the guardzone.

    buying tax works by adding cost to items and selling tax works by reducing the amount of gold you get.

    defaults for towns.


    no poll sorry and not a troll.
    any trolling will be reported and this is a warning not a threat.

    i see lots of combination's with this.
    post feedback and good comments.

    UPDATE to OP.

    Extra Policy's (as the above every one can be separately activated and deactivated)
    1. buying boulders and hail caster spears is forbidden to all non guild members
    2. buying boulders and hail caster spears is forbidden to all but guild members that have high enough rank.
    3. increase guardzone size(costs a bit of gold and PP a week)
    4. Tax 1% to 30% extra for buying anything.
    5. Tax for 1% to 30% selling anything.
    6. separate tax for war equipment(ammo) 50% to 1000%.
    7. Wood Tax 1% to 100 %(only for buying from vendor)
    8. Leather Tax 1% to 100 %(only for buying from vendor)
    9. Bone Tax 1% to 120 %(only for buying from vendor)
    10. Metal Tax 1% to 50%(only for buying from vendor includes ores)
    11. Stabling type 1 policy(Critters aren't allowed to be Stabled( Pig ,Rabbit,Chicken,Weasel))
    12. Stabling type 2 policy(red players cant stable pets or pick up pets from town(does not include TC guild players))
    13. Books that can only be found in that town can have a tax on them 20% to 200%.
    14. Guard policy (calling guard too many time will not result in self kill(has a small small g cost))
    15. Quality Policy Tear 1 all tables add quality/give you more 10% more durability and 10 % more mats gained.(costs a bit bit)
    16. Quality Policy Tear 2 all tables add quality/give you more 15% more durability and 15 % more mats gained(not to all some get a bit more some get a bit less).(costs a lot lot)
    17. Quality Policy Tear 3 all tables add quality/give you more 20% more durability and 20 % more mats gained.(costs well let me put it this way not even AQ is going to pay this(well maybe a bit less than that))
    18. Merchant policy for every player in town you get Xg so income(number of PL*Xg) minus Yg for upkeep of this policy.(Y>X)
    Town state list

    War(defensive) (once activated you cant activate any other power)(the town is considered empty even it there are players in town and there is a high initial cost in PP and a PP and Zg upkeep)(effect: any actions of the TC guild players is allowed and enemy guilds players that get in town will be autoguarded the TC tower that holds the town will get 4 extra guards and 20% more DIF to the tower and 20% hp regeneration of the tower)

    Peace once activated you cant activate any other power TC tower(of town) loses 20%HP and 20% less guard dmg but the town has a 5% quality update(more mats more durability...) and generates more PP and Xg also gives high reserves regeneration and a small passive HP regeneration.

    War(offensive) once activated you cant activate any other power a vendor is spammed that sells useable swords(cu ones) and armor(not so good as player made)(this also has a cap per h) reds of the guild can enter the town and will not be killed if they dont do anything to blues the priest is set to resurrect all TC guild players and will not resurrect enemy guild players also any enomy that gets in GZ will be autoguarded and there is a pp and gold upkeep town tower will have 10% more hp, dmg, speed and dmg.

    and OC NONE state no effect.

    there is a 8 h Cooldown to changing states but you can avays change it to none without a Cooldown but will still need to w8 for a few h to go to another state.

    that is all for now.(some policy's can only be activated if you have the right state(specifically i am talking about the peace state)).(you can hold offensive for much longer then defensive state because of the lower cost)(all of them are player activated)
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    nice m8, /agree
  3. Dsn

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    i agree with most of the policies, its nice to control the town in a more... less RPK manner right now if you control a town the only way to enforce laws is to turn the gz off, this offers a nice alternative, need a bit of refining but some of these ideas could work.
  5. Dsn

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    i added more so there will be more combinations who knows what players might think of.
    maybe they dont like horses pissing in towns and add a non-combat pets policy or they dont like gz warriors so they add the other policy and so on any combination is allowed.
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    Don't need to get more carebear as it is.
  7. Dsn

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    i need a few reply's that say:
    this part is a bit off and can be fixer with...
    remove this part and add this one and this one...
    or add to your list this this and that.,,,

    the first 2 dont count.
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    added a few extra ones.

    just to state the obvious all policy's can be separately added and removed with a small timer and warnings.
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    If the ban list is implemented, this idea will be moot. The controlling guild will soon learn who the troublemakers are, and can add them to the town's ban list.
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    Good features /agree
  13. Dsn

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  14. RhodriTaliesin

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    Most if not all of it seems quite well thought out and put together.

    +1 Rep for presentation of the idea as well as for trying.

    Keep up the good work.


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    Cool. What about prison for example?For criminals
  18. Dsn

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    maybe but only for towns that have one(or maybe add one).
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    Don't remember posting that picture above to be honest.
    Most of them are good suggestions, but I just feel that it's maybe a bit too much. Too much coding and too many rules for people to remember, you feel me?
  20. Dsn

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    yea but i dont think it will be that much because only 50 % of it will be add if added at all.
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