Trindem Rare Collector- Help Wanted

Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Maximiliuss, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member


    I can't get this guy to buy any of my rare lewts from chests! I dont know what's going on, I sell him Items, gems, nothing! He's like menocare go suck a nut.
    Even though the fist weapons arent that good, I still want to try them and buy the book. I cant seem to be able to use them without this book. : (

    Any thoughts from anyone?
  2. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Also, does anyone know what the timers are for chests? I hate wasting time opening them to find nothing. : (
  3. Dsn Honored Member

  4. iewcce Member

    u can sell scrolls, and i could sell Tiara. other hats probably work aswell
  5. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to sell something cheaper than hasta/shields, I heard those worked though. And I can sell scrolls now! I guess they were bugged before? I will check Tiaras...thanks guys!
  6. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    He didnt want Tiaras.. :(
  7. Bill _Hicks Guest

    Only tried Lion Shields. He takes Lion Shields @ 2g each. I was buying off broker and ppl from 5-9g each. Wasn't all too bad, and worth it for my mighty first weapons book!

    Believe/was told he takes Fist Weapons also, i noticed he offered 50s for em but didnt' go all the way through with the trade to make sure he took them.
  8. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Are the fist weapons decent in combat at least? Because I have to farm a hell lot of stuff to get the Fist weapons and triple strike books...
  9. Bill _Hicks Guest

    was gunna link to another thread but looks like you already posted in it :p. Anyway, i'm not much for combat - am rarely on my brawler atm. Also it's the only fighter i have so don't have much to compare it to. My hope when making him was just getting up close to people and taking handle hits but with that i've seen in videos and such - just aiming at my feet would destroy that plan :p. I'm still gunna stick with it tho, I think when craftable fist weapons come out then we can really see the brawlers power :).
  10. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Thats the same thing I was planing to do! They can just hit your feet? :O
  11. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Wait... fist weapons book?
  12. Amelia Senior Member

    I count 9 chest in Tindrem try to open alls and start again.
    For what I know Rare Collectors accept gems, tindremic hasta, lion shield, scrolls, tiara, fist weapon, tall hat.
  13. Veradey Senior Member

    I was informed there were 10. I've found 3. Sneaky chests hide from me.
    Was also told timers are somewhere between 30-60 min per item spawn.
  14. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    I know of 7 chests, but from my experience he only takes SOME weapons, not others (bug?) All scrolls, and NO gems. This is me, trying several times. I cant stress what a colossal waste of time lock picking can be when you get dicked on by the game. Specially since the gold farmers are all in Tindrem gardens.
  15. eldrath Well-Known Member

    Picking chests in tindrem is not as profitable as picking ones hidden away.(wow newsflash right?)

    If you don`t want to leave the safezone at least be smart about and try to find the off hours. I picked hundreds of chests since awakening and the respawn is fine, you just have so get your timing right.
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  16. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    I pick the chests in the unguarded areas. But it's hardly worth the effort. Maybe when they nerf bok farming.
  17. eldrath Well-Known Member

    You mean 200 meters away from the guardzone? I am talking about going OUT of tindrem, I mean really. Lockpicking is an explorers profession, not to farm money with little risk. But I agree, springbok farming in tindrem is a plague. At least chest regulate themselves since the spawns are slower, but springboks multiply like lemmings.
  18. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Dude I don't care if you are picking the chests inside the bank of Tindrem, or one in the bottom of the sea at the edge of the map. You will Never, ever, match the gold gains from bok farmers.

    That said, has anyone gotten the Collector to take their gems?
  19. eldrath Well-Known Member

    Of course you won`t you cannot match it unless you are in a group and farm spiderqueens. That`s why it has to go, doesn`t mean there is anything wrong with chests.
  20. Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    I never explicit stated or hinted that there was something particularly wrong with Lockpicking. I used it as an example is all. It takes 3 primaries and in addition to stealing typically has a higher risk than other "professions" if you would. I am attacking Bok farming, stay on track dude..

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