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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Cearbhall, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Cearbhall

    Cearbhall Exalted Member

    *This will be little project of mine I will be working on(May take few days so be patient)
    More than welcome to prove me wrong and fill in blanks.
    Extract-able Ore components

    [​IMG]Coal- 20g-35g per stack
    [​IMG]Rock Oil-40g-60g per stack
    [​IMG]Coke-50g-60g per stack
    [​IMG]Amaratum-30g-40g per stack
    [​IMG]Azurite-45g-55g per stack
    [​IMG]Bleckeblende-10g-20g per stack
    [​IMG]Blood Ore-30g-40g per stack
    [​IMG]Calspar-10g-20g per stack
    [​IMG]Chalk Glance-125g-150g per stack
    [​IMG]Cuprite-25s-35s per unit
    [​IMG]Electrum-50g-70g per stack
    [​IMG]Galbinium-70g-80g per stack
    [​IMG]Magmum-90g-120g per stack
    [​IMG]Malachite-10g-20g per stack
    [​IMG]Pyroxene-175g-225g per stack
    [​IMG]Red Bleckblende-15g-20g per stack
    [​IMG]Waterstone-400-450G per stack
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  2. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    That's good cus' Manoli's got nothing to do for a while either, Manoli is just telling you Manoli see's what you are trying to do and it's not going to work. Simply trying to gain favor among the gods by spreading misinformation will not work though, brother.
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  3. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    That's a lot smarter idea than putting up the wrong prices for newbs to read, imagine if someone would've sold stacks of galb for 35g. Jees.
  4. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    You should probably just go pull prices from current WTB / WTS threads and then check PC threads for anything you missed. Good luck!
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  5. StrongMad

    StrongMad Well-Known Member

    Honestly I wasn't being a dick but that's a great way to make friends. Wasn't going to say anything else but do you even have any idea about most of these items? Half the prices are way off. There is also a price check section for just this reason but considering how far off these prices are I'm guessing you haven't been to the market place sub section on these forums... Also the prices for items change constantly so considering how much you lack the knowledge now will you really ever be able to keep this up to date with correct information? No.
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  6. Subudai

    Subudai Member

    Very very good! I am happy to finally see, someone has enough dedication to create such a thread. I'm tired of these dickheads charging double somethings worth or asking for much lower than worth, now Everyone can see the market price of things.
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  7. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    or go to the proper sub section for it... http://www.mortalonline.com/forums/forums/price-check.143/

    and find the right price!
  8. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    or click the search button but hey, that might be to hard too right?
  9. NineOneSix

    NineOneSix Senior Member

    I think it can work. A simple solution is to wait for verification before giving a price, or estimating but noting against the item that list price is unverified. Plenty of knowledgable people around to spot unverified items and provide evidence or opinions to their worth. I see this being functional and reliable for 95% of common items within a week.

    The only downside right now is that some things are very easy or very difficult to get depending on your TC setup which will create a divergence of opinion, especially mined and butchered mats. If not religiously maintained this will turn into a turd pile unfortunately. I think you already know that. Good luck and thanks for making the effort.
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  10. Manoli

    Manoli Member

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  11. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    nice thread.

    i-ll try to post my contributions in terms of prices that i know or trade for.

    shall i write here or pm?
  12. powN

    powN Senior Member

    Cool idea imo. Doesn't have to be exact prices of all the items. It still shows a lot of items and their usual prices.
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  13. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Should type ranges and not just one price example steel 30-45g per k... Yes ppl still buy at 45g per kinda retarded but makes me money
  14. Whill

    Whill Member

  15. UnForgoten

    UnForgoten Member

    Think manoli mad? Disliking past post's.

    Oh and a special PM for me?

    "Manoli can be a completely biased whiney bitch too, cool right? Funny part is Manoli is still way better than the game than you too. Get good little guy"


    Get real joker.
  16. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    Missing items

    Nahuat carpels
    Nahuat oil
    Nahuat essential oil
    Moon sponge
    Lysamachia Arvensis
    Cantherellus Cibarius

    All the crop seeds

    Crocodile carcass

    Grandmaster contracts

    Some of my recent transactions (for data)
    buy 200k brownwood @ 50g per stack, 11/25
    sell 20k messing @ 100g per stack, 11/24
    buy 1 grandmaster crop farmer contract @ 200g 11/21
    sell 7k ironsilk @ 200g per stack 11/24
    sell 3k almine @1180g per stack 11/23
    sell 10k maalite @ 200g per stack 11/21
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  17. lord_yoshi

    lord_yoshi Member

    If only there were some kind of exchange, like a broker of sorts. I wonder if the broker would get used a lot more if there wasn't a tax on it.
  18. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    The problem with the broker is that it takes the sales tax even if there is no sale. To make the broker actually useful for sellers, could simply apply the tax when and if the transaction completes.
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  19. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    Yeah, I would always use the broker if there was no tax... But nope
  20. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Indeed. This would make such an improvement on broker use, and the selling of product.
  21. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    I like it good idea.
    Just a couple of things though, you have sawgrass twice I think one is supposed to be steppe rush (sp) and on the demons stones it might be helpful to some if you put the stone number as well as color.

    Keep it up man :)
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