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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Cearbhall, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Oh s**t... Didn't knew this was implented!
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  2. Manoli

    Manoli Member

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  3. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    List looks great, a lot better than what Manoli saw yesterday... Keep up the hard work and Manoli is sure you'll have a cool list. Manoli apologizes for his previous vicious, angry statements. Manoli takes a lot of medicines for a lot of different things, mainly valtrex and penicillin.
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  4. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    When I have more time on my hands I'll give your a list of prices I have seen in the past and recently sold. I agree its a good reference. But prices fluctuate like the wind with some items.
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  5. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    I have a lot of data with pickable price.. but I need to analyse it first before posting it here.. I'll try to post it soon
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  6. oykd

    oykd Senior Member

    nice job keep it up man !
  7. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    This is brilliant. I wish it would get stickied
  8. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    About to PM you some numbers I have had for a while and recent one from cooks I sell too.

    Okay for some reason it won't let me.

    Edit: well here's some pickables I've been filling at these prices in the last two weeks.

    Oat - 35g
    Palm Fruit - 40g
    Karoton - 40g
    Pirum - 30- 35g
    Green Jamburra - 30g
    Malus Fruit - 27g
    Drakon 70g per 1k
    Common Vitis - 25g
    Gamun - 3.5 silver per
    Porcini Mushroom - 10g
    Cantharellus Cibarius - 10g
    Corn - 30g
    Allium - 15g
    Amanita Muscaria - 37g
    Elaiva - 12g
    Basileus - 20g
    Phasel Bean - 5g
    Sea Dew - 40-45g
    Salvia - 100g

    These may not all be the norm, But I got paid these prices per stack Unless otherwise noted.
    Some of these are still up in Medulli

    Also you don't have Saburra Powder listed, I have sold it 15g in MK recently. I imagine its a bit lower everywhere else.
  9. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    few things i'd like to add

    - brownwood, i have traded many times around 40g per stack, i'd price it 40-50 gold per stack

    - sanguinite. i know the theoretical value is the one listed, but due to its limited application the real market value (ie if you want to sell it) in my experience is around 50-80g per k.

    - gold bars. i sold some at 80-100g per k long ago, dunno now.
    - silver bars should increase in price now i believe, as they are used in both alchemy and TC building.

    - nyx is missing, although is a bit of a niche item. price could range between 20g and 45g per k i believe.

    for the rest, keep it up man, this thread is very useful

    edit: there is a typo in the title :p uLitmate insted of ultimate. i think if you ask a GM they can fix it
  10. BACR

    BACR Well-Known Member

  11. Ruyn

    Ruyn New Member

    I sold Saburra Powder for 8 gold per stack in Meduli. I know another guy who sold stacks of it in Meduli as well but for 15 gold per stack. I think you have it listed too low (4-6). 1 stack is 5 saburra rock stacks which is about 1/2 hour to mine and 12 minutes to extract.
  12. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Ive always felt a 10g minimum was needed for most items gathered, so I always gave 10g for porch mush, BrownShoreKelp, Phasel, Rose (which makes a nice red and is good for soph!).. all the local easy gathers done in relative safety if chosen (though of course my opinion is based off being a Medulian and all... ). Though I could see how this could undervalue other items... but I think the gatherer in general should be paid better for most things gathered.

    I seem to recognize a few of those prices though... ;)
  13. Ichorous

    Ichorous The Argent Speedster

    I purchased about 40k of calx fish for 200g a stack.

    People sell umbilica for 1000g per stack, but it comes slowly. I believe there is upward pressure on this price, from lack of supply, but its relative utility will probably always keep the price below that of Argus sponge.
  14. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    Threads like these are extremely dangerous. I played a game called Saga many years ago and we fixed the market on accident by maintaining a guide like this. Let the free market run it's course imo.
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  15. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    A free market can only come when there is complete transparency.

    One can only get a perfect market when there is perfect competition. And perfect competition can only be achieved with perfect knowledge.

    I feel that the free market always runs its course, no matter what.

    If there is an oversupply of a particular item, then you will find there is more pressure on sellers to lower their price. And if there is an increase of demand for a particular item, you'll find there is more pressure on buyers to increase their price.
  16. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    ^ you and stril cellies
  17. Magmatex

    Magmatex Cronite Supporter

    Good job!

    Keep it updated and I'd recommend this get Stickied!
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  18. Xmastermax15

    Xmastermax15 Junior Member

    I like the list! But I see there a thing to improve - it is really difficult to compare prices if they are in different units. For example I read in the metal section 4 different units: per 1k, 1000, 10k and per stack.
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  19. Diablillo

    Diablillo New Member

    Some prices are just teorical. Who sell salvia at 150g 10k?
    you need farm salvia 10 days and get full spawns to farm 10k of salvia. 10 days of work no worth the 150g. Especialy wen i can farm 150 gold in 2 hours of buchery.

    The price are real if some one sell salvia at this price. But i no see people selling salvia. Then salvia price is not 150g
  20. BACR

    BACR Well-Known Member

    agree. and after tc patch it could b 80-100 with all ferms.

    but price for gamun is to low. anyone sell for 33-35 gold per 10k?
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