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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Cearbhall, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Diablillo

    Diablillo New Member

    Trade 1k ironwood to 10k salvia
  2. Cruzxavier

    Cruzxavier Well-Known Member

    Nah..Gamun prices should a little cheaper than drakon per k but not by much...i'de say about 500 gold a stack
  3. powN

    powN Senior Member

    Stick it please. Even tho it's not finished Cearbhall did incredible job and this thread more or less gives clues for the prices of almost all items in the game.

    P.S. Sanguinite 80-120g/1k.
  4. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    Gold(metal) around 50g per k.
    Gamun 3-7s per unit --> 30g-70g per k.
    Grain prices too high. Every grain goes for around 10-20g per stack.
    Gamun seeds 150-350g per k.
    Gamun oil 416-972g per k.
    Demon glaive 8-12g.
    Demon sword 8-12g.
    Common vitis, in tindrem buy orders getting filled for 11c per unit so price is around 11-20g for that.
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  5. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    The only negative I have gotten from this thread, is he is price fixing. If it says such price no one is buying it for more, and they always want the low price. It is nice to have a guide to go buy. But in the long wrong I have to agree with others it is cutting out free enterprise.
  6. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I agree, but also absolutly HATE it when people only do business and prices in private. Always seems like they are just trying to prey on those who dont know any better for prices, and finding that super deal to the lack of market knowledge of those they trade with.

    If there are prices which seem off, and there is worry, it should be brought up for discussion. The market can fluctuate greatly over time (look at steel... 25g to 50g, to 75g, to 100g, back down to 50g for for some time, and now I have seen it again at 25g per 1k). If those initiaions of discussions are ignored, then I would view the thread differently. Id pay different for many things than listed here, but I also like to include the fact that certain things are far, and certain things are close to my home of Meduli (and certain mats are NEEDS, where some are just upkeeping par levels...). If someone questions my prices I will have a reason why I feel the prices are differnt than the posted "norm". If they can understand, than cool. If not, than I dont trade with them.

    There needs to be more transparancy in the market for it to flourish. For newer people to see a pathway in so that market gameplay can grow from the infant it is now.
  7. tyga250

    tyga250 Junior Member

    80 is barely over vendor price and not worth the effort of finding a player to make an additional 4g per stack. Farms will not reduce price of Salvia because you need to extract it to Carpels to get seeds to maintain the farms. Even then you still need to pick wild spawns to break even.

    I think the recent price drop was due to old stock (pre-farm) being sold to finance tc building but now that most of that stock is gone and server wealth (also subsequently demand for higher end pots) has increased Salvia prices will stabilise at 150g and we may even see it rise back to 200g in the near future.
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  8. Keurk

    Keurk Honored Member

    alphabetical order would be cool meow ;)
    good job
  9. MrMerchant

    MrMerchant Trial Member

    Blackwood is more 60-70g lately I have not seen it for less than 60 in awhile. (in the east its been 65-70)
  10. ramher

    ramher Member

    Is palm fruit really 38 to 42g per k or is that a typo? That's crazy talk to me. I've pressed stacks of palm fruit for oil to cook with... haha. It's so easy to get. Plus you can stash it at jungle camp.
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  11. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Depends where you buy it I guess.

    I assume that price may be from when I was stocking up on palm fruit and had that as a broker price until I got my pars up. Ive never actually seen anyone else buying it. When it was listed as 25-30g I got no fills... but when I put it to 40g.. I got it filled as I needed it.

    Note... I did not suggest that price for this thread, just a speculation as to an origin, since I have not seen others buying palm fruit, as I stated. Sort of like oats. When I need the sock, I offer 35-40g per stack, when I have good stocks, I only offer 25g or so (and I know those who say even paying more than 10g per stack is stupid, since they live so close to it).
  12. BobgevLa

    BobgevLa Senior Member

    This is amazing. I salute you
  13. ramher

    ramher Member

    I think that's a fair price. I could even see it like 60g per stack, but not 400g per stack haha. It was the per k thing that caught my eye.
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  14. BobgevLa

    BobgevLa Senior Member

    How much would 1k cuprum cost?
  15. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    You don't have a listing for Saburra Powder at all. not even a blank space. I looked twice. am I missing it.
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  16. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    alot of the prices are way off still in the metal side... the formula to make tind messing is way off based on your price range it doesn't make sense
  17. Pluro

    Pluro Cronite Supporter

    My virginity.
  18. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member


    Also I have sold Molarium on the broker in MK for 35 gold a stack.
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  19. ramher

    ramher Member

    ya a lotta weird shat in general. It's good to have all of the icons, tho, now we need more input on prices. I was thinking this as more of a template where people could discuss and quote sales, then it would be added.

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