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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Cearbhall, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Iceforge

    Iceforge Trial Member

    Reason on the skadite is because of the extremely low yield ratio ( about 8 units of skadite PER stack of calx using absolutely the best extraction possibility's )
  2. ramher

    ramher Member

    Huh? 5 stacks = 1 calspar. 1 calspar = 420 or 700 CG. That = 33% skadi?

    Edit: Not to mention calspar sells super low.
  3. Iceforge

    Iceforge Trial Member

    remixed the numbers, so on max extraction using the blast furnace forgoing any other resource pretty much its 30 stacks on calx for 3.200 skadite if im not missing anything.
  4. ramher

    ramher Member

    nah leave it there until it's oversaturated. I don't think anyone buys it or makes it to sell, but it's pretty easy. I assume it's valued at its alchemy potential. It's not nearly as hard to make as people think, it's just people are like LOL GRIND CALX? I don't mind it. I like Skadite. I LIKE SKADITE WEAPONS, for luls.

    You can optimally blast it, but even on Fabri you get gains that are better than 6000g a stack, I think. But with mines, then, it may have gone down. Still, there is little market... so who knows.
  5. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    I think its just a clerical error, but you got Salvia Leaves under Sea Dew it should be Sea Dew Leaves. I don't believe there are any Salvia leaves, just the carpels and oil.
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  6. Cruzxavier

    Cruzxavier Well-Known Member

    Player to player prices or vendor prices?

    Player to player varies with the buyer awareness on the market. No set value for them
  7. Cruzxavier

    Cruzxavier Well-Known Member

    vendor prices per unit:
    90 silver - green brain
    1 gold 50 silver - brown brain
    3 gold - red brain
    6 gold - black brain
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  8. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    Sea dew leaves: 100g
    sea dew --> average of 40g/stack --> 4k per stack, so 40*2,5= 100g
    Now, Ive bought it for 75g, ive also bought it for around 110g per stack depending on the offer(if there are alot of new players around that area, you buy it cheaper, else more expensive).

    Rice: 5-15g per stack.
    I've seen buy orders being filled for 5g per stack, I mostly pay 10g because I dont approve slavery(5g is rediculous, even for a new player). But if you're in need of it, 15g is easily pay.

    Barley price is off, none is gonna pay 30g for a stack. Its easier to get and is less good than oats, I'd say 10-20g per stack.

    Oat: 15-25g per stack.
    Higher danger zone than rice, its more sophisticated, better stam nourishment, definitly worth 20g per stack.

    Corn: 15-25g
    This gives flours aswel as oil, making it equally worth than oats. Since making this food gives you your flour for the stam food, and at the same time oil for some health food. so you're able to get your profit out of it.

    Rye and spelt: 10-20g
    same as barley, its not a real danger zone, but not in town either like rice, to get it. Its not as good as oats, its equally to barley, depending if you want more stam nourishment or more soph.

    Now the flours:
    I'd say, take the grain prices and multiply them by the extraction factor, ofc I'll do this for you:

    Rice: 45% so 5-15*(100/45) = 11-33g per stack.
    Barley: 45% so 10-20(100/45) = 22-44g per stack.
    Corn: 54% flour, (3% oil, 9% if pressing, but then no flour at all), so 15-25*(100/54) = 28-46g per stack.
    Oat: 54%, so 15-25*(100/54) = 28-46g per stack.
    Rye: 45% so 10-20(100/45) = 22-44g per stack.
    Spelt: 45%, so 10-20*(100/45) = 22-44g per stack.

    BTW: for Rice flour, you got the picture of a korroton, for barley flour, you got the picture of barley(grains).

    Magneton brains:
    130%-170% of their vendor price:
    green: 90s --> 1.17-1.53g
    brown: 1.5g --> 1.95-2.55g
    red: 3g --> 3.9-5.1g
    Black: 6g --> 7.8-10.2g

    Now, I'd like to start a discussion about the seeds, because a person is willing to trade 50 salvia crop seeds, for 1k of argus sponge. Asuming the lowest price, 110g for 1k argus sponge, so salvia crop seeds are worth 110g for 50? and Is it known how much salvia you get out of a seed, like 50 would mean you'd get around or even more than a stack of salvia out of it?

    Gamun seeds: 5-10s per gamun, yields are 20% from gamun to gamun seeds, thats gamun price times 5(100/20), so 25-50s per gamun seed.
    Gamun oil: now, its 36% from seeds to oil, so 25-50(100/36) = 0.69-1.39g per oil(yes this is close to oghmium price).

    Okay so now all the juices, we have the price of the fruit per stack:
    Red jambura: 2-3g
    Green jambura: 30-50g
    Karoton: 35-45g
    Malus fruit: 25-30g
    Pirum: 30-35g
    common vitis: now it says 23-27g per stack, but fuck no, buy order in tindrem goes from 5-20g per stack and getting filled in a day.

    RJJ: 54% --> 2-3*(100/54) = 3.7-5.5g per stack.
    GJJ: 56% --> 30-50*(100/56) = 53-89g per stack.
    Karoton J: 45% --> 35-45*(100/45) = 77-100g per stack.
    Malus J: 45% --> 25-30*(100/45) = 55-67g per stack.
    Pirum J: 43% --> 30-35*(100/43) = 70-81g per stack.
    common vitis J: 54% --> 5-20(100/54) = 9-37g per stack.

    About wolfpeach, thatt shits just useless...

    I hope this wont be ignored and be adjusted into the thread.
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  9. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    I believe they fixed it yea.
  10. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    It is useless for cooks. its not like any other juice, it doesnt multiply your soph at all.
  11. Groenholdt

    Groenholdt Senior Member

    Too low. Around meduli you can gather around 200-300 Gamun in 25 minutes. This means you get 4 gold for 2 hours of work. (Adding to this you have to pick Gamun when the server pop is low and need to wait some hours to do it again).


    In general many of the pickable prices is way too low considering how long it takes to gather a stack. Sadly there is no market for them :/
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  12. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Karot juice is very important in my recipes. It can make huge boosts and I find it to be very valuable as a cook.

    EDIT: Wolf peach doesn't act the same as other juices when used in "SophDrink" like concoctions but its definetly not useless.

    As well.. I would feel oats to be worth more than you state.. Since they make all other grains useless unless your cooking for pure recipe craft and not nourishment or soph.

    But I'm sure each cook finds ingredient availability and gather rates from workers to vary greatly based off location.
  13. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    I know, but I was talking about wolfpeach

    And about the oats, once you're in the gray halls area, you can get around 3 stacks in less than half an hour.
  14. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    Yea.. Was why I added the edit. I will fix post better when I'm not using a phone to try and write on here. Sorry for the confusuon
  15. Orzokhan

    Orzokhan New Member

    Just noticed that you don't have in your list the two scales that come from fish: Leptoid and Placoid.

    Have not seen any guidance about price, though I answer 175g a stack when asked about placoid
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  16. Vandala

    Vandala Trial Member

    Sorry for that ( I'm pretty sure you don't want this topic become a " hey this price is still accurate?" " hey , and about this one?" so i will delete this post after the answer), but the price of the " inspect book" is still accurate?

    Cause i saw a inspect book for 110 g in the broker, but someone told me that i could find it for 40g
  17. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    Also be very careful when buying books on broker, Correct me guys if im wrong but if it has the green tint to it or something like that then its just a regular book, make sure its spelled correctly. could be a fake even at 110g.

    Also that is one book I have always gotten at 100g. I actually get that for you fairly easily from a few sources.
  18. Vandala

    Vandala Trial Member

    didnt know that, what is this green tint?
  19. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Although this is a bit late, just like to report a couple of trades I had completed for a stack of Incisium

    One sold for 45g per stack, another time sold for 35g per stack.

    I think Incisium has no PC on it atm.
  20. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    30-45 on a different region.

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