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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Cearbhall, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    I personally haven't sold it for 30g per stack in any region, but I don't consider this value implausible.
  2. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    Well, ofcourse I exaggerated when I said useless. But wolfpeach as a juice, its not the same as any other juice. Ferment or steam juices with their fruit, give nice soph. Doing this with wolf peach gives also some soph but not like the other juices and their fruit. Its way less than for wolfpeach than the others. And maybe you're right with the group of it, and should be classed as a vegetable, but in that case I wouldnt know anything good to make with it either since there are these elite formations for really good food.

    But it was more to point out that wolfpeach isnt like any other juices, I dont believe I've seen anyone willing to buy it, so there isnt really a price for it, as far as I know of.
  3. Golgotha

    Golgotha Well-Known Member

    I dont make SophDrinks the same as meats, or the same as SophStam foods. You are right about soph stacking working differently based off what is being cooked (I have also found) as well as the tools (though I use different tools for different kinds of dishes... Fermentor is only used in sophdrinks for myself, now) it seems at times.

    The "additives" I listed in the cooking thread were based off one style of cooking, thinking that it would carry across all cooking. It mostly does, but ratios and at times specific additives change as to become useless in some dishes, where its the "bees-knees" in others. Much I still dont understand though I have been playing with foods for some time now.

    Thats the problem with a lot of mats that exist in game. People just dont understand the potential uses of items, thus they are deemed useless and bypassed as much as possible (like the whole cooking system for many, it seems). You can easily max out the soph bar with RedJamb from the vendor and the ingredients found around Meduli with some good ratios.
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  4. Iceforge

    Iceforge Trial Member

    Last i checked the grandmaster miner was around 200-300g and farming and breeder somewhere on 100-200g
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  5. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    I managed to sell a stack of Ironwool for 50 gold here.
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  6. Amelia

    Amelia Senior Member



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  7. Ademes

    Ademes Champion of Nave

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  8. Ademes

    Ademes Champion of Nave

  9. Pluro

    Pluro Cronite Supporter

    Very impressive thread, the metals need an update though.
  10. NineOneSix

    NineOneSix Senior Member

    Looks OK to me, except for grain steel which should be under 200g if steel starts at 250g. Pig iron might be a bit on the high side too.
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  11. NineOneSix

    NineOneSix Senior Member

    OK I see your point but it causes the price of steel relative to grainsteel to be nonsensical. Obviously nobody would ever buy grainsteel to create steel at those prices. I wonder if those 250g stacks ever got buyers?
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  12. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    I think up to Pig Iron each tier has a large mark-up which is largely due to the time to process. But once you get into Pig Iron, Grainsteel, Steel, the times are very short, and so, for me, the small mark up would make sense (as in the mark-up including secondary materials)

    I also think this is because of the behaviours of refiners. They, usually, push materials all the way to end materials like steel, and then sell it, but because the majority of refiners do this, you find a large supply of steel but no supply of grainsteel etc.

    I believe I have seen some 250g/stack for Steel sells get buyers, but the sellers were in control of the process right from the early beginnings in granum.
  13. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    Oh, Granum Powder vendors for 1g. I have sold it for 5g.
    one of the other powders I believe vendors for 4g, but I have to check that again. I'll update this when I do.
    Calx powder says it vendors for an amount but doesn't. but then who would sell it to a vendor anyway.

    Edit: also going through the list for updates, Bron vendors for 7g a stack.
    Edit again: also your second sawgrass should be the other one, but I can't think of the name at the moment. the picture is right just not the name. some worthless thing I don't ever pickup.
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  14. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Molarium prices probably need to be updated.

    You get 16 gold per stack to vendor it and on the market prices, I would say, could be between 25g/stack up to 35g/stack and in rare circumstances where the requirement is dire, I have sold it up 40 or even 45 gold per stack, but I haven't done that in a while.
  15. Cruzxavier

    Cruzxavier Well-Known Member

    Steppe rush?
  16. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    Gabore Pile --- 1Gold on Trader.
    tephra pile --- 2 Gold on Trader
  17. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    Got a few more.

    I previously mentioned Bron vendors for 7g.
    Fuming salts and Dragon salts both vendor for 1.5silver each.
    Damn I had another, but I can't keep it in my head.
    Also yes, the second seagrass should be Steppe Rush, right pic wrong name. the first Seagrass is fine.
    I may have a pricing for Phasel bean extract, as soon as I get an accurate picture on how much I can extract at max lores.
  18. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

  19. groot

    groot Trial Member

    According to Groenholdt in his "The pickables of Nave" thread, phasel bean extracted with herbologium gives 300 units of phasel bean extract from one stack and each unit cost is 47c when sold to vendor (his extraction sheet gives values when extracting 100 units).
    What I would like to know is how much is worth a stack of Horn pepper. It is slightly harder to collect then basilus because of various creature attacking you, nods are further away then basilus nods and it has same yield (if not even lower) then basilus. Furthermore when extracted with herbologium it gives 1k seeds per stack and each seed is worth 1.7s when sold to vendor. Basilus is being sold for 15-22g per 1k (a buyer was paying me 30g per 1k to collect it), so I would estimate horn pepper worth would be from 15-30g per 1k for reasons stated above. Tell me what you think.
  20. Seth Timroth

    Seth Timroth Junior Member

    Best info I have had on those items.^^

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