Upcoming Dark Fantasy Medieval Rust RPG Server

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    PLANNED SERVER FEATURES:(Subject To Change/Evolution)

    - "Dark Fantasy Medieval Rust RPG Server"
    - Large Map: 200-250 Pop
    - 1 Month Seasons (BP & Map Wipe)
    - Emphasis on Open World Player-Freedom
    - Heavy Conquest-Driven, Territory-Control, Clan-Based Political Meta
    - End Of Season Reward Points Redeemable for Unique (Non-P2W) Perks
    - Monthly Documented Video Player Saga w/ Evolving RPG Story
    - RPG Skills, Stats, Levels, Titles; Degrees of Persistence
    - Multi-Versed Economic Systems, Tiered NPC-Based PVE, Full Military NPC Removal
    - Archery, Melee, Magic: True RPG Combat Diversity
    - Primitive and select Firearms ONLY
    - Rideable Horses, Fishing, Farming, Taming
    - Dynamic Events Across the Map (Treasures, Escort Missions, Bounty Hunting, more!)
    - Deities, Karma System, Quests
    - NPC's, Roaming and Static, NPC Structures
    - Teleportation Portals with Heavy Cost Associated
    - Custom, Completely Remade Stat/Skinned Loot Progression
    - Sieging: Satchels, Beancans, Catapults, Ballistas, Fire Arrows
    - Raid Notifications / Anti-Offline Raiding
    - Anti-Hack / Multiple Active Admins / No Tolerance Policies
    - Dozens of QOL Features

    Beta 1 set for early July. Expect multiple trailers leading up to and after launch.

    Our Discord is up (174 Members), all are welcome to hang out and give feedback on upcoming features:
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