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    Trying to compile useful links for players in general vets/new. I will try to update anything here i see super useful. Rate and let me know if there's something to add / If anything is incorrect, will gladly correct and update.

    If you have anything that's useful resource please post here.

    Sharing is caring ;) Thanks!

    Great all around site

    Calculator for Butcher/Extraction/Resource index/Bows

    Online Active Map

    Various Calculators/Guides/Info on mats

    Various info / library location

    Mortal Magic Schools

    Cooking Info Spreadsheet

    Magic Info/tips
    -Mana drops 5wt 10wt 14wt+stam drop
    -Mindblast is the difference between your str and int, up to 36
    -pally: int 27, ecu 30 heals 16-19; my 67 int mage heals 18-25
    -30 int you get 2 dmg corrupt tick and full fireball damage.
    -above 65mana does not affect mana regen, till it hits 103
    -Resist is a roll of defender's psyche vs attacker's int
    -80int is full flamestrike damage
    -lesser heals: 30 int gives u ~18-19hp heals. 60int = mostly 20-25s, 120+int = 25hp+ every time
    -corrupts: 30int = 2dmg tick
    -greaters: 40 int 1st cap, 80 int next cap, then fatmage
    -tlash: 62 cap, 124 int never hits under the top of what it hit at 62
    -flamestrike: totally nerfed at 60 int - not even worth it. at 79+ it's actually viable

    Leveling Ecu
    10-19 Purify
    20-29 Corrupt
    30-39 Lightning, Greater Healing
    40-49 Fulmination, Magic Reflection
    50-60 Thunderlash
    60-70 Flamestrike
    70 – 100 Earthquake

    Basic Cooking Recipes (post viable recipes, will update)
    -Pigmeat 995/5cream Ferment Jar
    -Raw rye 995/5cream
    -Food to maintain weight at Slim seems to be Rye Flour
    -15 Water 1 Dile 5 Rye + Fermentation Jar - Salutary Wild Rye Beer With Dile
    -Health food - 2 Pig, 1Cream + Fermentation Jar- Ambrosial Fermented Pig With Cream
    -Stamina food - Rye Flour + SIMPLE COOKING - Salutary Raw Rye
    -Horse food - 5000 Water 334 Dile 1667 Rye - HORSE FOOD 2G 6S 73C (148 units of hunger / 10 units of food)
    -Health food - 5,000 Pig 3,000 Cream - 4,000 Ambrosial Fermented Pig With Cream 7G
    -Stamina food - 5,000 Rye Flower - 2,500 Salutary Raw Rye 2.50G
    -Stamina food - Rye Flour + No cooking tool = Best stamina food. 80% Stamina regen bar.
    (Full stack of 10000 rye will yield 5000 food.)
    -Stamina food - 70% Rye Flour + 30% Water + Fermentation jar = Same amount of stamina regen but with more food per flour. 80% stamina regen bar ( 7000 rye + 3000 water will yield you 5000 food.)
    -Health food - Raw pig meat + No cooking tool = decent, best you'll ever need health food.
    35-ish% health regen bar
    -Health food - Raw pig carcass + No cooking tool = same as above but with higher
    yield per unit since you only get 4000 pig meat per carcass after butchering.
    -Mana food - Water + Any cooking tool = Good enough food, you wont really need anything better than this.

    1 Salvia Oil
    9 Pirum Juice or Green Jamburra Juice
    that will give 1 cm per 15 units of food.
    Use it in cooking pot -> Salvia oil / Juice decoction

    Veela/Sheeva/Hybrid (post more combos in this format, will update)
    age 30 veela max size stout -> 180health 243max speed 11% damage bonus 350stam 75mana
    age 26 sheevra max size stout -> 178health 243max speed 9% damage bonus 346stam 92mana
    age 23 veela max size overweight -> 196health 243max speed 8% damage bonus 345stam 75mana
    age 23 veela min size overweight -> 191health 243max speed 5% damage bonus 345stam 86mana
    age 26 sheevra min size stout -> 175health 243max speed 5% damage bonus 346stam 103mana
    age 22 veela max size lean -> 151health 248max speed 7% damage bonus ?????? 75mana

    The ones below makes good paladins.
    age 30 pure tindreme min size stout -> 13% damage bonus 238max speed 335stam 167health 114mana.
    age 30 pure tindreme max size stout -> 19% damage bonus 238max speed 335stam 175health 97mana.

    5sec 0-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 1-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 2-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 3-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 4-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 5-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 6-Weight 1.6 mana
    5sec 7-Weight 1.5 mana
    5sec 8-Weight 1.4 mana
    5sec 9-Weight 1.3 mana
    5-7sec 10-Weight 1.1 mana
    5-10sec 11-Weight 1 mana
    10sec 12-Weight 1 mana
    20sec 13-Weight 1 mana
    20sec 14-Weight 1 mana

    Speed related to Dex Stat
    130 = 250max speed
    119 = 245max speed
    110 = 243max speed
    101 = 240max speed
    93 = 238max speed
    86 = 235max speed
    79 = 233max speed
    73 = 231max speed
    67 = 228max speed
    62 = 226max speed
    57 = 223max speed
    52 = 221max speed
    48 = 218max speed
    45 = 216max speed
    41 = 213max speed
    38 = 211max speed
    35 = 208max speed

    Weight Effects
    Skeletal -40str -40con -10Psy
    Bony -30str -30Con +5dex +10int -5Psy
    Skinny -20str -15con +10dex +5int
    Underwt -10str -5con +5dex +5Psy
    Lean -5str +5dex
    Fit 0
    Stout +5str -5dex
    Overwt -10dex
    Fat -5str -5con -15dex +5int+5Psy
    Bulging -15str -15con -20dex +10int +10Psy
    Obese -30str -30con -40dex +20int +20Psy

    Weapon Chart

    Below is a Calculator for Primary Skills

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    Looking for someone to post files needed to make the non-steam client to launch to solve issues for new players. Also looking for a armor set calculator for weights and protections for different set pieces (i know there's a calculator on Mortaldata, that one doesn't allow you to use different pieces to combine sets)

    Sharing is Caring! ;)
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    Somehow I feel that 80int isnt really the max for flamestrike damage. My dex mage keeps full int(92 or 93) and Im pretty sure I still do less then a fat mage. Gonna test to make sure through when Im home, which is gonna prob be tomorrow.
    EDIT: actually will prob only be home at wednesday
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    Thank you!

    This info should be in the game manual, and there should be a game manual.
  5. Dread

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    Let me know what you find and I'll update it. I'll try to some testing myself ;)
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    Nice list!

    Feel free to share if you find it useful.
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    Added thank you ;)
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