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    Compiling useful links for players in general vets/new. I will try to update anything here i see super useful. Rate and let me know if there's something to add / If anything is incorrect, will gladly correct and update.


    Client Options Explained

    -Fade between LODs Means the LODs fades instead of insta switch, it adds some instructions on the material to do this smoother better looking change instead of a "plop" change. The cost should be minimal impact performance wise. But we added an option to be on the safe side.

    -Time Transition This is how often the sun/weather should update on your client visually to give a more realistic day/night transition. However we found out this real time change is quite expensive, so we have from it ticks every 30min or so, to every second which may lower the fps quite a bit on some clients.

    -Avatar Streaming This is how many avatars per tick your client should load character data. If loading to many in the same tick it could cause big lag on your computer, in which we added an option for you to find a proper streaming for your client. Since its raw computer power and it takes a few at the time closest to you on low setting. To as many as possible all over your area.

    -Mount Physics This is how much physics should be calculated on mounts near you. For instance tail/rag goll things like that. If you have this on 1, you will see 2 horses close to you one get a static tail while the other is phys.

    -Max Physics Actors Similar to Mount Physics but applied to the physic items in-game, such as capes.

    -If you type /fps into chat while in-game you will see your framerate displayed in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If the rate displayed is green in color your setting will be adequate. If its yellow and turns to red when populated scene, then traces and phys calculations could be in trouble and you should adjust your settings.

    -The biggest impact to FPS is shadows and window resolution, in most cases. Lowering these (and other) settings may help with your framerate.

    Great all around site
    Calculator for Butcher/Extraction/Resource index/Bows
    Online Active Map
    Various Calculators/Guides/Info on mats (Some of the data is outdated)
    Various info / library location
    Mortal Magic Schools
    Extraction Spreadsheet
    Cooking Info Spreadsheet
    Rings/Amulets Explained

    Magic Info/tips
    -Mana regen drops / 5wt / 10wt / 14wt+stam drop
    -Mindblast is the difference between your str and int, up to 36
    -Pally: int 27, ecu 30 heals 16-19; my 67 int mage heals 18-25
    -30 int you get 2 dmg corrupt tick and full fireball damage.
    -Above 65mana does not affect mana regen, till it hits 103
    -Resist is a roll of defender's psyche vs attacker's int
    -Lesser Heals: 30 int gives u ~18-19hp heals. 60int = mostly 20-25s, 120+int = 25hp+ every time
    -Corrupts: 30int = 2dmg tick
    -GHealss: 40 int 1st cap, 80 int next cap, then fatmage
    -Tlash: 62 cap, 124 int never hits under the top of what it hit at 62
    -Flamestrike: totally nerfed at 60 int - not even worth it. at 79+ it's actually viable 80+ Flamestrike goes up to fatmage

    Leveling Ecu
    10-19 Purify
    20-29 Corrupt
    30-39 Lightning, Greater Healing
    40-49 Fulmination, Magic Reflection
    50-60 Thunderlash
    60-70 Flamestrike
    70 – 100 Earthquake

    Basic Cooking Recipes (post viable recipes, will update)
    -Pigmeat 995/5cream Ferment Jar
    -Raw rye 995/5cream
    -Food to maintain weight at Slim seems to be Rye Flour
    -15 Water 1 Dile 5 Rye + Fermentation Jar - Salutary Wild Rye Beer With Dile
    Health food - 2 Pig, 1Cream + Fermentation Jar- Ambrosial Fermented Pig With Cream
    Stamina food - Rye Flour + SIMPLE COOKING - Salutary Raw Rye
    Horse food - 5000 Water 334 Dile 1667 Rye - HORSE FOOD 2G 6S 73C (148 units of hunger / 10 units of food)
    Health food - 5,000 Pig 3,000 Cream - 4,000 Ambrosial Fermented Pig With Cream 7G
    Stamina food - 5,000 Rye Flower - 2,500 Salutary Raw Rye 2.50G
    Stamina food - Rye Flour + No cooking tool = Best stamina food. 80% Stamina regen bar.
    (Full stack of 10000 rye will yield 5000 food.)
    Stamina food - 70% Rye Flour + 30% Water + Fermentation jar = Same amount of stamina regen but with more food per flour. 80% stamina regen bar ( 7000 rye + 3000 water will yield you 5000 food.)
    Health food - Raw pig meat + No cooking tool = decent, best you'll ever need health food.
    35-ish% health regen bar
    Health food - Raw pig carcass + No cooking tool = same as above but with higher
    yield per unit since you only get 4000 pig meat per carcass after butchering.
    Mana food - Water + Any cooking tool = Good enough food, you wont really need anything better than this.
    Shrinkfood -
    Gamun Oil Decoction.
    1 Gamun Oil + 9 Water Base + CookingPot = Gamun Oil Decoction
    That's it. One Ingredient (well two, since you need the water base for a decoc and all). You dont need advanced cooking tools or advanced cooking (which both are the primaries under cooking).
    Growthfood -
    1 Salvia Oil
    9 Pirum Juice or Green Jamburra Juice
    that will give 1 cm per 15 units of food.
    Use it in cooking pot -> Salvia oil / Juice decoction

    Veela/Sheeva/Hybrid (post more combos in this format, will update)
    age 30 veela max size stout -> 180health 243max speed 11% damage bonus 350stam 75mana
    age 26 sheevra max size stout -> 178health 243max speed 9% damage bonus 346stam 92mana
    age 23 veela max size overweight -> 196health 243max speed 8% damage bonus 345stam 75mana
    age 23 veela min size overweight -> 191health 243max speed 5% damage bonus 345stam 86mana
    age 26 sheevra min size stout -> 175health 243max speed 5% damage bonus 346stam 103mana
    age 22 veela max size lean -> 151health 248max speed 7% damage bonus ?????? 75mana

    Below makes good paladins
    age 30 pure tindreme min size stout -> 13% damage bonus 238max speed 335stam 167health 114mana.
    age 30 pure tindreme max size stout -> 19% damage bonus 238max speed 335stam 175health 97mana.

    5sec 0-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 1-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 2-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 3-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 4-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 5-Weight 2 mana
    5sec 6-Weight 1.6 mana
    5sec 7-Weight 1.5 mana
    5sec 8-Weight 1.4 mana
    5sec 9-Weight 1.3 mana
    5-7sec 10-Weight 1.1 mana
    5-10sec 11-Weight 1 mana
    10sec 12-Weight 1 mana
    20sec 13-Weight 1 mana
    20sec 14-Weight 1 mana

    Speed related to Dex Stat
    130 = 250max speed
    119 = 245max speed
    110 = 243max speed
    101 = 240max speed
    93 = 238max speed
    86 = 235max speed
    79 = 233max speed
    73 = 231max speed
    67 = 228max speed
    62 = 226max speed
    57 = 223max speed
    52 = 221max speed
    48 = 218max speed
    45 = 216max speed
    41 = 213max speed
    38 = 211max speed
    35 = 208max speed

    Weight Effects
    Skeletal -40str -40con -10Psy
    Bony -30str -30Con +5dex +10int -5Psy
    Skinny -20str -15con +10dex +5int
    Underwt -10str -5con +5dex +5Psy
    Lean -5str +5dex
    Fit 0
    Stout +5str -5dex
    Overwt -10dex
    Fat -5str -5con -15dex +5int+5Psy
    Bulging -15str -15con -20dex +10int +10Psy
    Obese -30str -30con -40dex +20int +20Psy

    Weapon Chart

    Skills Spider-Web

    Random Forum Posts, Good info!
    Lots of info for stats/builds
    Shield Crafting Info
    Metals Made Easy
    Mount Prediction Calculator
    Cooking Tutorial
    House Building Info
    Downloadable Maps

    Gaming Music: 24-7 Drum & Bass ;)

    Calculator for Primary Skills

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  2. Dread

    Dread Member

    Looking for someone to post files needed to make the non-steam client to launch to solve issues for new players.

    Also looking for a armor set calculator for weights and protections for different set pieces (i know there's a calculator on Mortaldata which is a bit outdated, that one doesn't allow you to use different pieces to combine sets also)


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  3. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    Somehow I feel that 80int isnt really the max for flamestrike damage. My dex mage keeps full int(92 or 93) and Im pretty sure I still do less then a fat mage. Gonna test to make sure through when Im home, which is gonna prob be tomorrow.
    EDIT: actually will prob only be home at wednesday
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  4. grendel

    grendel Senior Member

    Thank you!

    This info should be in the game manual, and there should be a game manual.
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  5. Dread

    Dread Member

    Let me know what you find and I'll update it. I'll try to some testing myself ;)
  6. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    Nice list!

    Feel free to share if you find it useful.
  7. Dread

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    Added thank you ;)
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  8. OriginallyJaseace

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  9. Dread

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  10. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    Primary skill calculator in my sig.

    Needs a little updating (from housing patch) but otherwise it's working fine.
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  11. Dread

    Dread Member

    Yea, i have it added on the bottom of the notes (only place i could put a attachment file), its a wonderful tool. Thanks ;)
  12. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    Ohh my bad, can't see it in Tapatalk lol
  13. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    Well, about the flamestrike at 80int damage. Didnt have a chance to properly test it since im guildless :/. But I did l yesterday flamestrike a guy for 48 and then TLd him for 42(both simple torso, not mind, 42tl damage means he prob got 10psy and he was a footfighter). That was 100 ecu and 100 mental offence, 92int, not sure egzacly whats the usual fatmage flamestrike damage, but I feel pretty sure that 48 is much lower, so I like I guessed 80int probably doesnt give max flamestrike damage.
  14. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

  15. Dread

    Dread Member

  16. Dread

    Dread Member

    For now ill just put 80+ till fatmage increases, im still unsure at what int caps damage for flamestrike. I do know below 79 is crap.
  17. OriginallyJaseace

    OriginallyJaseace Senior Member

    Oh and warning about Mortal Data, none of it's... anything pretty much, has been updated since pretty much the armor patch that added Exp, Dirept and Tguard in December 2013. I'd keep it up there, because it still has it's uses, but warn it's rather out of date too.
  18. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure they forgot to update the "last updated date", since for egzample the armor calculator has all the armor types in the game currently. But ya pretty sure alot of is still outdated.
  19. Volvagia

    Volvagia Senior Member

    Posting links to mortaldata or talking about it in general will get the threads and any posts deleted. SV have never been to happy with mortal data and their is nothing they can do to shut the site down but they can keep it off their forums.
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  20. Dread

    Dread Member

    Don't see the issue posting info to help people play? It's not like its hard to search and find all these links, this is simply one post to see them all in one place to help the population/new players....

    If your talking about the fact that it's data mined info? How do you think any calculator is made? or anything with a formula? Don't see the issue....

    Also they can moderate any forum post they want, if they don't like some of the content they can delete it without taking down all the links.
  21. Volvagia

    Volvagia Senior Member

    Stay Calm, they tend to delete all posts linking to the mortaldata website its just a fact cause its something they have always done and said they will do.

    Also the calculators can all be made by players and in fact their are a few most of which are old. All the information on the calcs can be done with hard work and the guy that made it decided he would rather mine the data then do actual testing hence why most of the data is incorrect or slightly off. Why make a game where the players need to explore and figure shit out them selfs and then be happy with the guy who spoiled the whole game and found out almost everything.
  22. OriginallyJaseace

    OriginallyJaseace Senior Member

    holyyyyyyyyy shit.
    I have not noticed that at ALL.
    Still really out of date on weapons though.
  23. Dread

    Dread Member

    Data mined info was done the first day of beta bro, not to spoil your fun.. Just fact. And yes some of the data is off but not by much, yes some of its outdated. Appreciate your insight, i will post a warning on the top that some of the data may not be spot on. Also will send this link to the moderator to see if there is any issue with these links. Thanks

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