Valhall - New Battle Royale Viking Game

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Vaith, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    StarVault should have done this at the start of the battleroyale craze
    (Told ya!)

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  2. Bambalec

    Bambalec Trial Member

    Looks promising
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  3. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Senior Member

    I see the jpg and first thing that comes to mind was upgrade graphics lol
  4. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Member

    Bye Henrik
  5. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Senior Member

    Dude I'm so buying this game, gonna be fucking awesome, (sick of being shit at fortnite cos I don't play shooters and all my friends do) time for revenge :) Dunkin time
  6. WragG

    WragG Trial Member

    good idea
  7. CodexAstartes

    CodexAstartes New Member

    somehow im thinking about RoK by watching this video.
    Might be fun for a day or two, like all BR games.
  8. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    It also has parkour

  9. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Senior Member

    Yeah, I saw that gif on the Kickstarter site and was like HOLEEE HYPE. I've bought the beta tester pack :D
  10. Tigon

    Tigon New Member

    Don't overhype, games tend to be shit even when they look good.
    Remember Mafia 3? or No Mans Lie?
  11. Rathgar

    Rathgar Well-Known Member

    I was meh about it until you showed me this
  12. Rhias

    Rhias Senior Member

    Sadly you're able to play it also in third person. Since you have a better overview in third person everyone will play 3rd person (when he wants to be competative). Therefore I'm out. :(
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  13. Lord_Casso

    Lord_Casso Senior Member

    I don't feel that way, I have a much better response time in first person compared to third, it just depends on if they make the first person immersive enough and feel proper, and from the trailer it looks good. Also things like bows would be much better in first person.
    Lif had a very bad feeling in first person, it just felt like the camera was placed in my stomach, was weird.

    And pubg, was often played in first person :/
  14. ZenMaster

    ZenMaster New Member

    game has base UE4 animations, and models from skyrim modding community might be crap
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  15. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    A new game where u can jump from roof to roof....

    ...and u guys are already on the hypetrain.

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  16. nasko

    nasko Well-Known Member

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