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  1. Azidano

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    This service is built on the original works laid down by bjbasterd in this thread. It also continues where MerchantLi picked up the work in this thread.

    One feature that we are eager to implement is bjbasterd's transparency to show what transfers are possible. We are starting small and hope to build up our supply to cater to larger transfers using the income generated from our Valkran Butchery enterprise in Bakti.

    This thread shall keep everybody updated on what is available to transfer where and when as well as any other communications.

    The rate for transfer between blue towns is 8% of the amount to be transferred. For example, if one wished to transfer 100 gold then the cost would be 8 gold.

    The rate for transfer between, either, two red towns, or one red town and one blue town will be double the normal rate, and so it will be 16% of the amount to be transferred. For example. if one wished to transfer 100 gold then the cost would be 16 gold.

    The towns that are available are in the next post down. Red towns and blue towns will be coloured accordingly.

    Please also note that we are now slowly opening our service in Sarducca too! These towns are designated with green names, despite being considered "blue towns" in terms of NPC guarded towns.

    Intercontinental transfers will cost 50% more than their continental counterparts. For example. Transferring gold from one blue town to another blue town will cost 8%, as both cities are on the same continent. Transferring from one green town to another green town will also cost 8%.

    However transferring between a green town and a blue town means an intercontinental transfer.

    Depending on the direction of the transfer, this will incur different costs. The cost for transferring gold from Sarducca to Myrland will cost 16%. However transferring gold from Myrland to Sarducca will cost the standard 8%. This is due to there being much more demand for gold being sent from Sarducca to Myrland and less demand for gold being sent from Myrland to Sarducca.

    Transferring between a green town and a red town will cost 24%.

    To make a transfer send a message to me on the forums:

    Azidano Valkran (Azidano)

    Using bjbasterd's model, the orders will be processed in the order they are received, and shall be updated after each batch. We will do our best to cater to any demands.

    May the Profit be with you!

    Endorsed by the
    Myrland Trade Union
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  2. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Below is a list of supported town and their inventories. This displays where you can move the money to, you can transfer money from any of the cities below.

    If this grows, with your feedback, we can look to expanding the infrastructure.

    ------Town-----| Amount Available

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  3. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    I hereby declare SultanFarooq's Valkran Gold Transfer service an official business of the Myrland Trade Union

  4. Sheobal

    Sheobal Junior Member

    If my word means anything I can vouch for Azidano's reliability.
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  5. Zyconnic

    Zyconnic Senior Member

    Interesting trade!

    Just a comment. Get some gold to Tindrem. . I'm guessing it will be the busiest place for small deals
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  6. cerhob

    cerhob Trial Member

    Azidano is a great guy. He's helped me out and countless others a lot. So, this is legit.
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  7. MerchantLi

    MerchantLi Trial Member

    Yeah i stopped playing awhile ago but very few people used my service. Did like 4-5 transfers but that was it.
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  8. Magmatex

    Magmatex Cronite Supporter

    You def need to get Gold in MK and Tind, both are major trade cities. Once you do, I'll gladly use this service!
  9. MerchantLi

    MerchantLi Trial Member

    The way I did it was just let people transfer any amount anywhere. If they requested something I didn't have I just pulled it from one town and moved it. Never died transporting and always had like 5ish k gold in the towns combined.
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  10. Mattk50

    Mattk50 Senior Member

    Just used this service, it was straightforward and the gold was delivered without a hitch. Gets my recommendation.
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  11. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    You really need some gold in Tindrem, I think I would use your service to get my 200g from Vadda to Tindrem if you had the money in Tindrem.
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  12. lolhehehe

    lolhehehe Trial Member

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  13. Iseult

    Iseult Trial Member

    This is a great service! Very reliable! Don't loose gold via transport anymore ^.^
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  14. Balens

    Balens Member

    Transporting gold.....without transporting gold.....What type of Madness is this?!?!
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  15. reaverx

    reaverx Well-Known Member

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  16. Fupio

    Fupio Junior Member

    Any gold in MK?
  17. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    Unfortunately not at the moment :(

    I will update this, and let you know as soon as I have some!
  18. cerhob

    cerhob Trial Member

    Is this still around? I heard OP wasn't in game any more.
  19. Azidano

    Azidano Senior Member

    I am still in game! This is still around, and I keep the gold amounts up to date, but it is all in bakti at the moment.
  20. NyXFeLL

    NyXFeLL Trial Member

    One happy client over here. Fast and friendly service! Definately gonna have the Valkran Lending Service on speed dial! :D 5/5
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