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    This is a sister-service heavily inspired by the Valkran Gold Transfer service that has run for almost a year.

    The most important feature taken from the Gold Transfer is the transparency, which can be seen in the post below.

    One of the challenges is simply storage space as the volumes will be much larger than gold, as a result, the prices are slightly more expensive than the gold transfer and this is to cater to the storage cost which will be described as opportunity loss (if I am storing steel in that bank slot, I cannot store other things there).

    The rate for transfer between blue towns is 10% of the amount to be transferred. For example, if one wished to transfer a stack (10000 units) of steel then the cost would be 1000 units of steel.

    This would mean that 11000 units of steel would be provided in one location, and 10000 units of steel would be received at the destination.

    The rate for transfer between, either, two red towns, or one red town and one blue town will be double the normal rate, and so it will be 20% of the amount to be transferred. For example. if one wished to transfer 1 stack (10000 units) of steel then the cost would be 2000 units of steel.

    The towns that are available are in the next post down. Red towns and blue towns will be coloured accordingly.

    To make a transfer send a message to me on the forums:

    Azidano Valkran (Azidano)

    Orders will be processed in the order they are received, and shall be updated after each batch. We will do our best to cater to any demands.

    May the Profit be with you!
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    Below is a list of supported town and their inventories. This displays where you can move the steel to, you can transfer steel from any of the cities below.

    Below are the amount of steel units available (1 stack is 10000 units)

    If this grows, with your feedback, we can look to expanding the infrastructure.

    ------Town-----| Amount Available
    | Bakti--------|----------------0
    | IchorPort----|----------------0
    | Fabernum-----|----------------0
    | Meduli-------|----------------0
    | Moh-Ki-------|----------------0
    | Morin-Khurr--|----------------0
    | Tindrem------|----------------0
    | Toxai--------|----------------0
    | Vadda--------|----------------0
    | Gaul-Kor-----|----------------0

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