Vermintide 2

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Artorius, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    I loved the first one even though it became difficult to find matches eventually but I'm looking forward to vermintide 2!

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  2. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    I hope I live to see the day MMO's have dungeons as fun as this game!
  3. Darran

    Darran Well-Known Member

    First one was a good game. Hopefully they manage to bring something actually new into the game so it's not just a copy of the first one with new maps and characters.
  4. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    well there's Chaos already, plenty of new classes to play with, new maps... what else could you ask for ? Ok I'd like to have pvp but the melee combat might be a bit simple for that.
  5. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    the game is out and it's pretty good! Much better than vermintide 1 with new maps, new ennemies, new classes, talents tree... it feels like playing heroes of total war warhammer. Each classes have special abilities, right now I'm playing a dwarf ironbreaker with a drakegun and I can taunt ennemies to attack me instead of my allies, when I reach lvl 12 I can play as a dwarf slayer and leap into ennemies hordes!

    Ironbreaker dwarf using the flamethrower on a Bile Troll!

    (french commentry / commentaires en fran├žais)
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  6. Terrabyte

    Terrabyte Junior Member

    It's basically that.

    Still as close as we're going to get to L3D any time soon.
  7. Gronil

    Gronil Oghmium Supporter

    The addition of Chaos, more bosses, and different careers changes the game up enough I'd say it's at least more than a copy. It at least breaks up the monotony of only killing massive hordes of Skaven. Plus with the new loot system you also don't spend substantial amounts of time to get jack shit like the first game.

    I'd say that Vermintide 2 is a pretty significant improvement of the first game. It doesn't massively change everything up, but instead refines everything that made the first game good.
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  8. gotcher

    gotcher Exalted Member

    I've been having a blast with the game so far, already over 100 hours played :). There are some downfalls, but with how limited the market of coop games is, it is certainly the best one, by far
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