We need lictors on the Tindrem entrance!

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by GraveyardScrub, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. GraveyardScrub

    GraveyardScrub Trial Member

    It looks like Mr. Henrik has carefully planned the starting city so red griefers can harass new players right outside the gates! The big flat terrain is perfect for red players on mounts to slaughter any blue player coming out or into the city, this is outrageous and must be stopped at once. I demand we get lictors at the entrance to protect the new blood and give them a chance to explore the wilderness without getting murked the minute they set 1 foot outside.

    The game has less players everyday and soon it will only be griefers left playing, then they will quit when theres no more sheep left to kill. Wake up Mr. Henrik and stop catering to the psycho griefers and protect and nurture the new player population instead! Or your game wont go past 2018.
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  2. Mordakai

    Mordakai Junior Member

    Funny I heard that in 2010 that it wont see 2011... in 2014 it wont see 2015... we will be here for a while to come. It is an open pvp game expect to die when you can. Ive transported stacks of shit from tindrem. When I do, look to the west yes way west.. yep that is me swimming out of tindrem.. what you mean there are other ways out the town!?!
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  3. djbthatsme

    djbthatsme Member

    So get out of Tindrum. Just ghost out. Get to Meduli. I give out free armor and weapons to noobs there and there is better ways to make money. On top of all that you get away from the horrible grief fest that breeds scrubs that is Tind. Best suggestion to any noob is get out of Tind as fast as you can.
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  4. GraveyardScrub

    GraveyardScrub Trial Member

    New players dont know that, you moron! They only know the cold steel from some psychotic red griefer's axe, who slaughters them the minute they set foot outside the main gates! Of a starting city ffs, it should be safer. They have the whole map to grief them. Its like some of you people just want this game to stay dead! I bet your one of those brain dead mounted griefers, that run to the broken arena safezone the minute a fair fight comes your way, shame on you :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  5. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    If the discovery of the world being a deadly place does not excite them then it probably is not the game for them.
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  6. Mordakai

    Mordakai Junior Member

    Well thanks for the compliment, but no sorry to disappoint you I'm the other leader of High Guild. We welcome and nurture new players and take them from the toxicity of a town you call tindrem, and going by your name I'm surprised you even know where the gates are. Don't do much in the pvp side of the game, we pve, craft and pay people to cut the nuts off folks like you ^^ Toodles Why not stop trying to carebear it and show the new folks new ways to do things.. "Moron"
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  7. Memee

    Memee Trial Member

    look up mortal online steam charts and watch it drop
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  8. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    this remembers me of a friend of mine he griefed the shit out fo new players 2017 he killed nearly every noob infornt of tindrem gates or tindrem area. mc with tindremic messing axe.
    since the last 2-3 months he says there are not much noobs around, than i replied happy now?
    he knew it anyway the last few months that he is also a reaosn why this game have a more declining population.

    I dont watn carebear shit and dotn slaughter noobs stuff. I just want the people to know that if you are a red player. let the noob live once or twice and if you see them again kill them. not instant on there first travel or springbok farming, or donkey taming.

    that could help alot.
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  9. SGTAwesome

    SGTAwesome Member

    No, we don't.
  10. Vitriol

    Vitriol Trial Member

    Yes he has a point. The game is steadily declining in population still. All those who say - “we all said the same thing in 2015 and look the games still here”. This is true but I guarantee you the population has continued to steadily decline since then even if the game has not died.

    Other people who say that this game is meant to be hard for new players, it’s true as well it is a hardcore game and part of the appeal is extremely limited safety.

    So where does that leave us? I’m sure StarVault cares although they don’t want to make big changes and upset their veterans.

    You can read it in 1000+ reviews on steam, the new player experience turns people away. Even if there’s many golden nuggets of fun to be found in mortal Online, like you won’t ever experience elsewhere, most people will never get invested far enough to find them.

    Truthfully the new player experience was a lot better when there was no tindrem. People chose the starting area that suited them most and the options were glorious. The sandy beaches of Meduli where refiners could easily get their first taste of industry with little risk. The eastern capital of MK where limitless adventures and vast wealth in every direction were easy to begin exploring. I could go on but you get the point if you started back then or could imagine. The point is there were many options (although there still are but no one would use them) and also with those options came a dispersion of the player base and also the griefers. Every town for the most part had its residents and militias. There was an active community all over the place to start taking on noobs and helping them. Now all we have remaining is tindrem for our new players to get the first taste of the game, and I firmly believe it’s cheapened the experience and all given the griefers a place where they never have to look far for a new target.

    The problem isn’t the lack of guards around tindrem, THE PROBLEM IS TINDREM. But it’s also traps all the new players as OP was saying, there’s no way for a new player to get out and find the true gameplay. He’ll just either quit the game before getting too involved or he’ll play long enough to get recruited into a guild where he might begin to experience the game.

    The OP had an unpopular solution to the problem but this Issue and how it’s ultimately addressed can make or break the future of this game. Sorry for the rant!
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  11. Nemosheart

    Nemosheart Senior Member

    how r u ginyu
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  12. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    They need to make way more ways out of tind. Its stupid easy to camp. Should be a exit at the slums and garden. They can try to make garden 1 way or something so reds cant get in to grief. More exits would make it so people miss most of the people coming out and will get bored of camping. Right now its easiest kills in the game and is horrible for the game. when a solo player nub gets killed at the gate 50% of the time he tries to go outside and do anything or bring anything back by broken op mounted that nubs have 0 chance to ever fight and cant become as a nub the game sounds like trash.

    Or we can just let the pop continue to nose dive.

    To be fair the gaqme is doing pretty horrible. And the logic "we play mo because theres nothing better" is slowly going away as more and more games come out. We can only deal with this games bs so long. I cant sit around and hope they actually give us the right patch forever.

    Steam 24h peak was 123 yesterday. Novembers was 217. Thats a huge drop in players in only a couple months, if it keeps going down thats it.
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  13. Yeonan

    Yeonan Senior Member

    Those who say leave tindrem said it best.

    I have no sympathy for a new player who cant figure out how to avoid getting slaughtered.

    Seriously, ghost to meduli and boom problem solved. You can pick sea dew, kill pigs etc. And avoid 90% of the shit tindrem brings

    If anything SV should let f2p accounts start in any town, not just Tindrem and MK.

    People see the tutorial and think "oh i better do that" and never think to leave Tindrem afterwards.

    Theres help chat, forums, asking other players.

    People quit because they think they want hardcore then they realize what it means and bail.
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  14. regularJJ

    regularJJ Member

    Add carebear mechanics and ruin what MO is. This game is designed pure sandbox, what you see is human nature at a mostly lawless state. Go play where there isnt players who will surely grief you, its also a very big world with plenty of nice quiet places to go settle.

    There isn't anything wrong with the game, just people. If you dont like it go play a game with more restrictions.

    And also, adding Lictors at Tin entrance would just give red guilds something good to farm while they sit and gate camp players lol.
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  15. Morwen

    Morwen Junior Member

    No Tindrem/tutorial MO had more players online than now so I dont think how that can be an issue.

    New players have it a lot more easier comparing back at the old days.
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  16. Vitriol

    Vitriol Trial Member

    Unless you consider that giving them a “tutorial”, and then ushering them into a graveyard isn’t actually helping them but instead it’s misleading them and ruining new player experience.
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  17. Sockdolager

    Sockdolager Junior Member

    Tindrem doesn't need more guards, people need less reason to be there. More than 50% of trades take place in Tindrem. Most new players start out in Tindrem. Special Librarians, Demonolog Trader, Smuggler, Rare Vendor, Lockpick Vendor etc. are all found in Tindrem. Most vets have alts logged out in Tindrem for various reasons. Players should want to leave Tindrem, not be forced to go there. Spread out the NPC's. Make Tindrem Trade Broker Tax 100% more expensive than other cities. Reduce the number of guards. Make roads leading from Tindrem to all other cities and road between cities... with road signs. Make Tindrem less safe and less necessary. Currently, we have veterans camping both the entrance and graveyard of Tindrem because all other towns are sparse to empty. Make Myrland Great Again. Nerf Tindrem!
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  18. art vandaleigh

    art vandaleigh Senior Member

    Anyone who still plays and says they’re not a griefer is a liar
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  19. Nefan

    Nefan Well-Known Member

  20. Bicorps

    Bicorps Junior Member

    Fucking carebear... this another reason why Mortal online have no more player, There is too much retard carebear like u in 2018.

    Mortal have to be random spawn on the map like on Life is Feudal or Rust... a REAL Openworld Sandbox Survivor hardcore. Spawn in a City protected by guard? newb player get use to it and think its actually normal.

    Remove all Guard thank you. Even watch tower. And remove this stupid fucking useless Tutorial jesus christ ....
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