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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Sebastian Persson, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    do you working on the fish ai xD
    no serious placable fish trabs on beaches and stuff would be awesome
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  2. finegamingconnoisseur

    finegamingconnoisseur Senior Member

    Nice! Hope to see something like this in future (when boats and ships have been added, that is).

  3. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    I have been doing capture system, some tweaks to how TC is used today and bugfixing etc.
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  4. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    is this week patch?
    would be nice, people waiting ("patiently") for tc stuff :)
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  5. mastercookie123

    mastercookie123 Senior Member

    Care to throw a couple of the tc changes to a vote before you put them in then everyone gets even more upset
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  6. KBear

    KBear Member

    I agree that there should be some community input into changes. At least offer the community a chance to suggest the priority of key developments. The aim here is to grow the game. If produce and release changes people want it will encourage people to stay.
  7. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    noice, any fix for unreachable tc towers?
  8. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Nothing in this one.
    We are trying to bring one "bigger" change like capture system and then tweaks to TC in each patch.
  9. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Capture system, another mechanic that will most likely only be used to annoy other players lol
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  10. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    i agree,
    sounds like greefing 2.0
    better focus on tc to be profitable than people will fight over good spots and stuff, and give keeps a use.
    Than pvp will come from alone, if there is a reason to fight for something.
    Give us reason, (like tephra crafter dangerzone 24/7 like old times were mines were usefull. people fought over some spots everyday) please give us something similar or that again, it was fun time.
  11. Herius

    Herius Quality Assurance Lead Staff Member Developer

    Yeah! You just have to run around touching buildings and yelling "Its mine now!" ;)

    No, not really, it's of course a bit more to it.
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  12. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

  13. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    so do you like meanigless pvp more than pvp with an actual purpose?
  14. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    TC profitable is bad, just look at TC mines.
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  15. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    i dont see a problem if metals were easier to optain than people need less time to be pvp ready.
    I mean they need less time to get the same standard equip like everyone else so more pvp can happen.
    I dont see a problem with this. than a normal citizen(maybe noob) must grind 3hours for steel armor instead of 6hours. i dont see the problem here. would be less time eatin for everyone, and would give more actually fun time, sure gridning can also be fun but some grinding in mortal is to much or unessesary or feel not rewarding enough, you know what i mean.
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  16. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Ok i disagree, i think it is a problem. and also this did not lead to people "fighting for good spots" as you said. people just sit in palisade all day refining free stone.
  17. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    That's "claimed!". We all saw that episode of 'The Walking Dead'.
  18. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    first tc and palisade and stuff costs gold, and miner costs upkeep so free = NO

    second: siege it, why not?

    third, maybe remove wall building, and give that only to keep owners than this gets more interresting. and not every stupid fucker can wall stuff, or extract in freedom.

    and the last: you can extract in safetyness now too. in houses so mh.
  19. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Lol upkeep, it was basically free. And maybe u can extract in houses now still but you dont get stone for free right outside your house from NPC.

    And nobody fight over spots when it happened idk what youre talking about, what siege?
  20. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    Good to hear! I think being able to take over abandoned/lost TS will make things much more realistic and interesting.

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