What have you done for MO?

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Artorius, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Artorius

    Artorius Cronite Supporter

    So, I was reading the post from this guy that got a swedish game website to talk about MO here;

    And I thought, it would be great if the entire community would try to promote MO harder!

    I'm sure many already do but why not share it?

    -I've got myself 2 MO t-shirts
    -I have 2 accounts
    -I got the boxed version of MO when I pre-ordered it
    -I have been a moderator during beta
    -I tested Dawn
    -I reported hundred of bugs since I first started playing this game back in closed beta
    -I write about MO on a major french MMO website and I obviously talked about it on many other forums and friends.
    -I helped countless newbies, atleast one of which started as a trial and played several months after I helped him!

    What have you done for MO?

    Ask not what the game can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for the game!
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  2. dscoombs

    dscoombs Well-Known Member

    00f...can't compete with that ;p

    I started playing in open beta, where I was next to useless in reporting bugs. I do occasionally help new players, if I happen to see any. From time to time I'll slip one some startup cash and a few basics. Not much, but even five gold can be a help when you're buying your first books.

    I have talked about the game with friends on other forums. Granted that was more when I was first playing. I got a rl friend into the game when I first discovered it and though he is currently MIA, he will return when his PhD work allows. As far as I know he has continued to sub during the period he's been away. And he keeps abreast of major developments.

    I own two accounts but only one is subbed. It has however been subbed since week1 of launch, excepting for a couple of times when the auto-resub didn't work and it took me a couple of weeks to get around to sorting it. This includes periods of six to eight months of not logging in.

    I've occasionally rebutted anti-MO comments in other forums. And I've been intermittently active in these forums.

    Not a huge amount, but I'd say I have played my part.
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  3. Trismagi

    Trismagi Senior Member

    Can u still get t-shirts? I didn't see them in the shop. I would love an MO t-shirt

    Edit: Omg what an awesome idea for vet rewards Henrik ;)
  4. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    - got a acc had a few months sub by now
    - made 40 to 50 suggestion threads
    - activly help new guys
    - dont greaf people.(that is a achivment here)

    that is about it from the stuff i ,," ,," helped SV.
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  5. Rilman

    Rilman Senior Member


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  6. Shadowmist

    Shadowmist Member

    - Played since closed beta, and has had an active sub since release, although I haven't been actively playing that much tbh.

    - Posted ideas and suggestion about a lot of things. I spend more time thinking about MO than actually playing it.

    - Helped lots of noobs with basics. Sometimes I spent hours just standing around Fab newb area.


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  7. R1ck

    R1ck Member

    2 accounts subbed since release. I've stopped playing a year ago but my two accounts are still subbed.
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  8. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    -Supporter since June 2009
    -Subbed since release
    -Pre ordered and still have Game box
    -Beta Block A, logged in on the first night!!
    -3 accounts subbed currently and actively playing
    -A moderator for 1 year and ingame staff
    -Created many threads during beta days
    -Give feedback/post on certain subjects, not a forum poster 24/7
    -Dealt with bugs for a while and 30 min server crashes constantly =D
    -Trained many new players that still play today, some left ofcourse
    -Anti Pk
    -Actively write Khurite lore/stories for the community and for enjoyment
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  9. deathshroud

    deathshroud Exalted Member

    i subbed to the game for 2 years for that i should be knighted
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  10. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    Me doing some good old RP-ing:

    "For the great service to the Throne and to the Gods i Sir Dsn of the jungle pronounce you knight of the mountains may you live long and die well."
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  11. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    Been here since Beta and tested the game
    5 accounts subbed since release not once unsubbed!!!!!!!!
    Giving out Free stuff and helping newbies when i can or someone has a question.
    Helping out in IRC and Forums
    Reporting Bugs and saying whats on my mind to improve SV staff and MO
    Public TS Mod

    Buying SV stocks
    Applying for either Mod, Counslor or Envoys Programm
    1 more account depending how Awakening turns out
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  12. Thyndal

    Thyndal New Member

    -Always forget to cancel subscription when I am too busy to play and always have a Facepalm moment when I check my bank account and see the charge, in the end SV wins and I lose but I guess it counts as me doing something for SV.
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  13. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    I did... Stuff...

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  14. Bronzen18

    Bronzen18 Gold Supporter

    21 Months subbed, been through Epic, TC, Dawn, and soon(TM) Awakening.
    Helped a million new players at Fabernum and Meduli.
    Trained people through a war (TNA).
    Been on a couple forums and started MO threads.
    Soon will be known for the most bitchin guide in game (Awakening).

    And a personal achievement =) I kept with the same character and didn't re roll like a lot of the other vets who wanted to min max.
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  15. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    Me too.
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  16. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Well ...I did not read the thread ( I know, I know! ...I should have.)
    But I did "stuff" to promote a bit, and I think I did a bad thing.
    I still hope that all those people would stay longer if the game was what it was supposed to be.
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  17. ApocaRUFF

    ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    -Stayed up all night to be one of the first to pre-order the game. I miss those nights in IRC pre-beta/pre-order :(
    -Played since Beta Block A
    -I have always been an Anti-PK
    -Helped a lot of newbies in my time.
    -I put out some Mortal videos on youtube (youtube.com/ApocaRUFF)
    -I post about the game in many other forums
    -I write reviews on Mortal, and often compare it to other sandboxes and other MMO's to make sure people understand what the game is really about
    -I make sure everyone I know is aware of every Mortal update as soon as I can, which is often right after they go up.
    -I participate in events whenever I can, especially PvE type events. In PvP events I usually act as a spectator, sometimes recording it (usually for private use, so you wont find most of my PvP videos on my channel as they are unlisted).
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  18. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    -Wrote most of the game code.
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  19. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    That's kind of important and notable. :D I kid
  20. Bronzen18

    Bronzen18 Gold Supporter

    We appreciate it seb, now please release a hot fix for the bugs we have now so we don't need to wait a week. =)

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