Why did you leave?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by danned89, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. danned89

    danned89 New Member

    I love mortal, but at the same time finding it impossible to play with the current population. I enjoy the game as it is but if nothing happens which brings population up, I feel forced to keep being inactive.

    To you who are inactive, I wonder why did you leave and whats keeping you from returning to the game?
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  2. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    eu time zone is dead

    been raping my schedule cuz of NA, even the na time zone does not offer enough pvp for me...
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  3. talazar

    talazar Junior Member

    Im extremely inactive due to multipal reasons, main one being how long it takes to get anywhere on foot, and how long it takes to get back to the priest to res re gear and get back out there when you have died, also im sick and tired of seeing 'you cant do this yet' the games already slow why make us wait to do even the little things that dont matter
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  4. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    I wasn't entirely inactive up to the last time I was able to log in; my desktop computer, however, cut out as far as connectivity is concerned. I have worked on it some, but not enough to resume using it for games. In the meantime, I've gone through two other devices (laptops), at least one of which would never have been able to run the game. The prospect of returning to the game has not, so far, spurred me to any greater efforts or expenditures or concern about having a machine working that could manage it.

    Other things missing from the appeal that it would be necessary for Mortal Online to have to get me determined enough to play it are:
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  5. Diemauer

    Diemauer Senior Member

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  6. PandahSykes

    PandahSykes Member

    No guild fun due to no capture system and low population .
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  7. bolletog

    bolletog Senior Member

    I have some beefs with Mortal Online, but its not the reasons I dont play the game. Mortal Online is a great game and worth playing. Atleast 2 years ago when I played.

    Reasons I dont play is because I play other games now that I find more interesting and fun. Atm I play 7 Days to Die, before that I played Days etc. I dont have time to play alot of games, so usually one or two games gets my attetion.
    Then there is the time aspect. I dont have time to play MO in "its full glory", so as a casual player the whole MO experience gets kinda old, boring whatever.

    Also, im waiting for a graphical revamp. Dont like the graphics at all.
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  8. Armsoftitan

    Armsoftitan Senior Member

    The lesser humanoids there are, the more walkers for us to kill.
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  9. Abassador Magico

    Abassador Magico Junior Member

    Walls and people being to afraid to die because of their precious molarium. Been wardeccing like crazy and after the guild loses two or three fights their done. Might be due to the extreme inflation idfk but it really does feel like no one wants to fight unless they are 100%sure they'll win. I had to promise I wouldn't loot my wardeccs yesterday just to get a 5v2. It's insane, for some reason people just want to play guard zone and wall online. But I still play because we're a shitty disfunctional little family and I think most of us are just afraid of never seeing one another again. Hell, I'm playing LIF now, just to hunt ginyus stupid ass down because the narrative of it all is too funny.
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  10. mrroony

    mrroony Member

    Eu timezone is dead, TC, Just takes to long to get anywhere on foot. They should just make riding a secondary.
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  11. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member


    Instead of giving players reasons to get out and interact with each other, it just gave them walls to hide behind and nothing else. The siege system hasn't been touched. Everyone cries out "change tc!" But SV probably think that means make it even more OP.

    Pets. The AI is so bad in this game that involving pets in PvP has never been anything but anti-fun.

    every town emptied into tindrem, where there is only wardec (blueblocking) PvP because pvp outside the guardzone is virtually impossible, since its an open field so only mounteds win there and we all know how "fun" that is.

    Game is dying harder than usual these days
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  12. Abassador Magico

    Abassador Magico Junior Member

    I take eq or a dismount axe on all characters for that exact reason. Never found mounted fun to play. But every weapon except maybe poleSWORDS should have a dismount mechanic.
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  13. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    If you haven't left, what are you doing in this thread?

    Are you planning on leaving soon?
  14. hitgirl

    hitgirl Trial Member

    Making riding a secondary would only allow a mc/ma to do more. I would unlock swimming for instance. You would have to make controlled or swift primary. Damage from foot to mc is the big prob, mc need to use more stam on the rider.
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  15. hitgirl

    hitgirl Trial Member

    learning curb from vet to noob is also high, when I came back so much changed yet I couldn't ask for help in help chat. Allow players with a 6 month leave a in into help chat. Allow players to send invites to guilds, the boards in towns don't get used. Redo broker like equerry to ask questions. Do you want to buy something? list to items for sell. Do you want to get gold and fill an order? Do you want to sell something? Players don't know what a buy order is unless told and a lot of towns don't even have them bc of tc. So put up npc buy orders in tin gardens for pigs or something for noobs they can get 50s a stack. Npc to explain hitting L to see tree and what a primary and secondary are. Maybe next to library. roads/ broken roads to meduli from tin and fab or town signs.
  16. Morwen

    Morwen Junior Member

    • Constantly rerolling in every update cuz poles op, MC op, <insert some unbalanced weapon/combat style here> op, rerolling and constantly finding the op build for next update is very time consuming. Yes, you have the option to not reroll but you just will be crushed.
    • Making in every update harder to just regear and pvp after dying. Now food, now pools, now trinkets, etc,
    • EU timezone, having to start roaming at 00:00 or you wouldnt find anyone, that's incompatible with life.
    • TC roadmap (magic) focusing in stuff I wouldnt care less as a foot melee fighter.
    • Must have a lot of alts, you cant just play whatever you want without falling behind, you need a cashmaker, a refiner, etc
    • Lack of lore, pve, etc I dont know if this is because MO players are supposed to build the lore, but it just feel empty and meaningless to explore places, seeing some random house with its door closed without being able to interact with it, random stuff, it looks like a forgotten dead post apocaliptic world.
    • With heavy armor training everybody just fight with expensive metals not like back in the days when everybody just used scales and werent afraid to die. That combined to walls make even PVP hard to get. So without pve and pvp what's the point? I cant just walk for 4h until I get zerged down and gosht walk back, fuck that, that's not funny I will play something else.
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  17. Emphyperdrive

    Emphyperdrive Member

    Low population, unfinished / crappy version of TC, terrible PvE and dungeon experience etc.

    The core concept of MO is interesting but the development has been riddle with major problems which has turned this once thriving community into a graveyard of hopes and dreams.
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  18. Abassador Magico

    Abassador Magico Junior Member

    I leave for months every now and then, sometimes for a year.
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  19. Tehmudjin

    Tehmudjin Honored Member

    Nr 1 reason is server population. Nothing is more painful then roaming and finding nothing. I have no solution for this.

    Pets ruined solo PvP for me. A pet is 10 times stronger then its owner and fly through walls and stairs.
    A pet should be a side kick, a small boost, not a fucking dungeon boss.

    Mounts and pets should never have gotten this powerful. I miss when a mount had tops 200 hp.
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  20. RainGnyu

    RainGnyu Senior Member

    SV made changes that didn't need to be changed. It is just a griefer game now and a hangout spot!

    Same shit different skin!

    Can't release the Dragon!
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