Why do we have general discussion?

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Bernajo, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Bernajo Exalted Member

    Why are threads being deleted that are breaking no rules? No one bad mouthed the game or even gave reasons for leaving. Why do we have a general discussion section if people aren't able to have general discussions? All you guys are doing is pissing your subscribers off. You seriously can't make a thread saying goodbye to someone who is leaving game?

    Least you can do is make a post letting people know what they are doing wrong. By doing stuff like deleting threads of people saying goodbye all you are doing is further alienating their buddies and making your company look like the bad guy.
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  2. Pancake Effct Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Mortal Online.
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  3. Bernajo Exalted Member

  4. Grike Senior Member

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  5. Demtri Member

    If you feel a post has been wrongly deleted. Please bring it to my attention. If you could PM me the name of the post I would be glad to look into it.
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  6. Nightburn Junior Member

    Retiring (2x deleted)
    Goodbye Nightburn

    Now goodbye Demtri. I hardly think you can/will do anything...
  7. Demtri Member

    Don't lose faith in me.
  8. Bernajo Exalted Member

    Demtri is cool people, so I'd give him a shot.
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  9. Nightburn Junior Member

    You can begin explaining why those threads got deleted then, mate. Do it publicly please.
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  10. KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Demtri is a decent mod.

    But the threads getting deleted.... its like Kootenay is back all over again
  11. Mattk50 Senior Member

    its against the rules to be "anti SV" and whatever they decide is anti sv gets deleted.
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  12. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Dem, no one is saying it's you directly. But the problem is bringing things privately to a GM/Dev/Mod's attention has a worry for everyone of getting blown off just as bad. If Threads will be flat out deleted without any commentary or msg or anything, regularly, without any rules being broken or even "bent", why would we have faith in the mods on these topics?

    Again, no offense to you directly, but SV has a very poor approach on this. Most the people here have stuck with SV through more shit then they should stick through for free much less pay for, getting that kind of treatment regularly is wrong.
  13. Landor Well-Known Member

    Chaos, I hope you do know that most of those threads that were deleted when kootenay was around would usually be restored by him if you asked, unless they were breaking a rule in the first post. And most of those post were deleted by other mods. As the issue became even worse when he disappeared.

    Anyways as Demtri has said, talk to him, the lead mod if you feel a post or thread was wrongly deleted.
  14. KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    No, actually. No they were not.

    He was a tyrannical dictator of these forums. Thank god those dark days are over.
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  15. Incarnadine Honored Member

    You shouldn't HAVE to talk to a different mod to say things are being done unfairly. An occasional bit yes, but as regularly as SV has it? No way. That's just stupid.
  16. Landor Well-Known Member

    Some things get wrongly deleted sometimes because there are new mods learning the ropes. Or they believe something was close to breaking the rules but when it actually wasn't.
  17. Incarnadine Honored Member

    No. Simply, and flat out, no.

    "New mods" only applies for short times. SV's obsession with thread deletion is not a "short" burst or is in "short" bursts except when people get used to those egg shells. If they SERIOUSLY, have that many new mods deleting things that often, then their horrible decision making in giving new mods delete powers without double checking them is no better.

    How could goodbye threads or a complaint thread or a "this needs fixed" thread be close to breaking the rules without someone doing something pretty far out of those threads parameters? SV wants to delete anything that makes it look bad. Yes there is still plenty that does, not even they can siphon all of it from the web. Problem is when you delete anything that goes down that path, it creates its own new path of "its so bad they delete everything" aswell as the already complaining threads
  18. KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    The deletion of threads criticizing the game does so much more harm than good.
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  19. Landor Well-Known Member

    Post that didn't not constructively criticized the game would be deleted, because they were made mostly to troll (which it lead to flaming and later on rule breaking which would be why these threads would be deleted). You can find tons of threads currently still around that criticizes the game, but do so constructively.
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  20. Bernajo Exalted Member

    Thing is, I made a thread and it consisted of something like this:

    "Goodbye Nightburn"

    "best of luck to ya mate"

    Ppl then came and said goodbye and everything was pretty chill. Then it was gone, this is after they deleted his original threads twice. If the intent is to remind ppl why they are leaving and make current subscribers consider it, then sv is doing a bang up job.

    Demtri is still awesome tho lol
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