WTS T3 Tower and House!

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Xhodan Xeus, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    Im selling a
    T3 Tower right next to the Cerulite Rocks with 9.8 Million HP
    and a
    T3 Tindremic House right outside Pig Fields of Meduli with 2.9 Million HP
    has a Selling Vendor, Armor Crafting Table and a Farbricula Table!

    PM me with offers or post here!

    Thank you!
  2. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    still taking offers
  3. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    still selling
  4. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    noone interrested?
  5. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    Bump both still up for sale
  6. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    sad panda :-(
    im not sure how much there worth or else i would make a specific price but aslong as its an serious offer im willing to sell it.
    or maybe someome can give me an idea how much there worth and i can adjust the price?
  7. DustyMcpothead Trial Member

    got 160g i can buy 1 for if your really desperate :)
  8. arfus1 Senior Member

    T1= 300 gold t2 + 500 gold t3 +500 gold shop expansion 250 gold 2nd tier exp 250 gold 3rd tier exp 250 gold tables 100gold x 2 Total 2,250 for the house in deed value . (this isnt an offer just a suggested starting price) . Cant remember the towers but i think 600 gold per tier would be fair then 300 per expansion.
  9. DustyMcpothead Trial Member

    seeing as the market has crashed my suggestion doesnt seem all as bad as 0 :)
  10. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    yea thanks i got totaly ripped off :-(
    was ganna use some of the money to help newbies. but now that i got ripped of i cant help that much newbies anymore since im just making more and more minus and im not rich at all, specialy as a solo player.

    still selling the T3 Tower only serious offers please!
  11. Vishus Gold Supporter

    What does the T3 Tower have in it workbench wise?
  12. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    T3 Tower is just T3 so you can upgrade it as you wish
  13. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    tower still for sale

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