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Discussion in 'Services' started by Yakazi, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hybreeze

    Hybreeze New Member

    Hey, i can't PM you it seems. Would like to talk to you about an order. :)
  2. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    For all new players that are need of armor and beginner weapons are welcome as well for free or discounted price! [Prices still being updated]
  3. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group

    An honest and friendly Engineer. Great service and highly recommended. A+++

    Thanks alot Yakazi! It should serve me well !!
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  4. dakmor

    dakmor Trial Member

    I had my first trade with Yakazi yesterday. Great service and fast delivery!
    Thanks Yakazi
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  5. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    Few prices updated, engineering complete. Most prices depend on the current market, that is why most are empty for information.
  6. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    I'd buy mage armor sets in tindrem if you could.
  7. Stelgard

    Stelgard Trial Member

    The engeniring service that this mate sell it's very great, fast and serius :)
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  8. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    5 Tungsteel swords, 35g a piece special in Vadda. No delivery for this offer!
  9. CorpseJanitor

    CorpseJanitor Senior Member

    I ordered a nice steel axe or two.

    Messages throughout the transaction were very quick. Responsive, delivers, quality. :)
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  10. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

    Ordered a house deed placement.
    Perfect service! =D +1
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  11. ird

    ird Silver Supporter

    How much for sheds storage expansion?
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  12. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    Wow I never added that, my fault 25g for tier 1 and expansion 20g. I'll be sure to add that.
  13. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    errherr too bad you got no cro/ogh, cuz those materials sucks and costs too low !!
  14. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    in future maybe =), just not my thing for now haha
  15. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    It's not pricy enough with tu, i need cro for hybreeeedz
  16. Phenomenoz

    Phenomenoz Well-Known Member

    Fast delivery, good price, good stuff, best regards - pheno
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  17. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    -Shop has moved back to Bakti and no longer in Vadda
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  18. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    Special deal- Selling 3 Tungsteel great blade swords, 35g a piece! in Bakti

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  19. Hulks

    Hulks Trial Member

    How much for a good pair of 2x cuprum daggers and steel daggers in tindrem?
  20. TheEndOfAll

    TheEndOfAll "The Biggest Catch" Champion

    Good friendly service, with good products. Had a little confusion on my order but he worked with me to fix it. Thanks Yakazi.
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