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The Tindremic Empire

The few historical annals that remains in the world after the Conflux all tell the tale of The Tindremic Empire, the writing is always grand and pompous. The reputation of the Tindremenes as colonizers, conquerors or liberators is something that still lives on in all great civilizations in the known world and as a testimony to all this stands the grand Tindrem, the largest city of the modern age.   Read more »


To the southwest of Myrland lies the continent of Sarducaa. It shares its northern border with Nordveld but like so many other pieces in Nave’s broken puzzle the two landmasses bear the marks of a violent past – although still geographically connected, a traveller will find them practically separated by the walls of a steep canyon. Sarducaa is harsh: of its six different areas five are unforgiving deserts, the sixth an impenetrable jungle.   Read more »

Sarducaa Stories

This section contains a collection of stories and events from the continent known as Sarducaa.   Read more »


At some point in the ancient past the entire face of Nave changed drastically. The continents of Myrland, Sidoia, Sarducaa and Nordveld – once connected, were torn apart. The land mass split up into the continents as we know them now. Sidoia in the south-west, Sarducaa in the west, and Nordveld in the north-west fell apart from Myrland, as the tectonic plates of the southern hemisphere sunk several hundred meters into the ocean.   Read more »

The Etherworld

This section contains information on the dimension known as the Etherworld and the Spirtists who can influence and bend it.   Read more »


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