Magic Development Update 10

Progress update

Hi there, community!
It’s been way too long since we did one of these updates and for that we are sorry. :(
But since all of the art for the Necromancy patch is now finished we will today bombard you with screenshots,icons and all kinds of information surrounding the now massive Necromancy patch.
We will also talk a bit about the new Tindrem Arena that will have be patched in along with the new magic school.

Testing have been going good and we are in the process of doing the final balance tweaks and wrapping everything up in a nice package for you all to enjoy!

New spell effects

Here are the last couple of spells that will come with the next patch!

Disease is a spell that will reduce the stamina regeneration of anyone who is target by it.

This spell applies a white blur filter on the targets screen making it difficult for him/her so see for a short while.

Unnerve will break the targets concentraion reducing the amount of mana the target regains while the spell is active.

Mental Leech
This spell will continuously drain mana from your target to you.

All necromancy spells

The spells above complete the list of spells that will ship with Necromancy here’s the final list of spells:

Animate Mummy
Raise a mummy under your control.

Animate Skeleton
Raise a skeleton under your control.

Animate Zombie
Raise a zombie under your control.

Blind your target.

Control Undead
Take control of an undead.

Summon a black sphere that blinds and damages whoever is in it.

Dark Orders
When cast on a target all undead you control will attack that target.

Death Hand
Drain health from a target.

Death Link
Connect your akh with the akh of a pet. Part of the damage dealt to you will be dealt to the pet instead.

Fill the targets lungs with black smoke reducing it’s stamina regeneration.

Mental Leech
Drain mana from your target.

Poisonous Cloud
Summon a thick poisonous smoke that damages any target within it’s area.

Break the targets concentration reducing mana regeneration

Tupilaks and Rituals

Seeing as the Tupilak art is now done today we will show you some ingame screenshots of the beast in action as well as the process when you build your friendly companion.

Community Cape Competition

A couple of weeks ago we held a competition where the community where tasked with making cape-designs that we would put into the game
We got tons of entries some good some just memes but from the pool we picked out 10 stand outs and let the forums have their say.
What we have ended up with is 4 outstanding community created capes that will be patched together with Necromancy. Here they are:

Murnahas Cape

Wolfszeit Cape

Mantle of Righteousness


Arena system

The Tindrem Arena now has it’s own more fleshed out system.
In the arena you will now find a fighting ring,a Arena Master and a couple of Arena Sentries.
To start your road to glory simply talk to the Arena Master, this will open up a UI.
In this UI you can see all the people who currently want to fight and what they have wagered on them winning.
Once you have found a suitable target accept their challenge and wait for your turn.
When the fighting ring is finally ready for you the Arena Master will declare the two combatants and the door will open for you and your opponent.
Once blood has been shed and one of you is dead the gates will once again open and you can step out and claim your price.
All wins/loses are saved per day and all time these can also been seen on the Arena Master. We are also implementing a point system based of the Elo rating system seen in chess where winners win points from the loser based of their ranking.
These statistics will also be shown on or recently added statistics page.
The arena sentries will guard the arena and attack anyone who starts trouble regardless of their flag unless they are in the ring.
They will however not attack red/grey players on sight and their only job is to kill anyone who starts fights without being a combatant.

Other changes in the patch

There’s been a fair amount of balance changes and bugs fixed in this patch to.
The big balance changes have been aimed a heavy armor and the way that armor impacts stamina regeneration.
We have also done work on how handle hits work and in short the penalty for not hitting a enemy with the right part is much more severe. Tons of weapons have gotten their traces tweaked.
Magic aiming has also become less of hassle as we have added a “thicker” trace when you are releasing you spells making it a bit less like a rail-gun.
We have also completely removed “sprint break”, this is currently being tested but we think this is the route we want to take.
This and much much more will be further explained in the coming patch-notes.

That’s all for now!

Wow that turned out to be a rather large developer update.
Hope you enjoyed it and as always please leave any feedback on the forums!
Thank you!