Magic Development Update 11

Progress update

It’s been more than a year since we last revisited the magic schools in Mortal Online.
Since then we have revamped the character models, rebuilt the housing system, added rings and amulets, remade a large chunk of the dungeons and made countless other improvements to the game.

The time has come to add another magic school and this time we will do things a little bit differently this time.

Instead of building the entire magic school and releasing it all at once, this time we will patch it in parts. This way you can find and try out the added spells while waiting for the next batch to hit the server.
This also means that we can be more reactive and implement your feedback quicker and even make changes to the design based of your input during the process. We are currently still developing the core system but would like to get your input at a much earlier stage this time.

So what school is it and how does it work?


Yup! The next school to be implemented is Elementalism.
We have made up a couple of core pillars we want to stick to. Similarly to the other magic schools we have added, we want this school to feel like it’s own thing, with its own tweaks to the rules instead of adding more of the same and just swapping out the particles.

Elementalism spells are time consuming to conjure but can have devastating effects.
They can not be cast while moving or while mounted as they require the caster to use his full body and focus.

The spells in this school are not well suited for duels but can be very useful in large-scale battles and sieges.


Some of the spells in this school require a certain type of weather. You can for example not conjure a Wall Of Ice if it’s not snowing, nor can you call down a devastating Chain Lightning without there being a thunderstorm to draw it from.

Luckily the elementalist has the power to change the weather even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. By focusing all of an elementalist’s power, the forces of nature can be bent to the elementalist’s will and force the weather to change and then use it to their own advantage.

Fighting the Elementalist

The Elementalist has the power to conjure devastating spells that can damage even largest armies. If you are up against a group with an Elementalist make sure to keep your wits and move out the way of anything he or she throws at you. Their spells are incredibly strong but can often be avoided with enough dexterity as their spells are either projectiles or area-of-effect spells.

That’s all for now!

As we stated before this is still early in development so if you have any thoughts now is the time to vent them on the forums!