Magic Development Update 12

Progress update

It’s out!
The first phase of Elementalism has been patched and a whole bunch of new spells have been added to the game!
We also put together this little trailer to show you a little bit of this new type of magic:

As you can see, this new magic has a brand new targeting system and utilizes a new type of projectiles.
This means that you will need to both aim and lead your target if you want succeed.

The raised skill ceiling when casting these spells means that we can make them a bit more devastating than usual.
Most of them deal some kind of AOE damage and some can even be used to take down buildings!

The next phase

The biggest chunk of work has now been completed. Hopefully we will be able to patch phase 2 already in February if everything goes well.
Phase 2 will introduce the ability to change the weather, and spells that require a specific weather.
With each phase the spells will become more and more powerful. This is just the beginning!


Can I make physical objects to block players?
Yes! You can create walls that block players from certain areas. These walls deal a small amount of damage to avoid being abused to block things in cities.

Can I make it rain?
Not yet, Phase 1 does not include those spells and none of the phase 1 spells require specific weather conditions to be cast.

Do you have to stand still to cast?
Yes, you can not cast these new spells while mounted or moving.

Will the spells require new reagents?
Yes, most spells require reagents that haven’t been used in magic before.

What spells are in the first phase?
We don’t want to tell you! This time we want to try to keep the feeling of discovery more alive by not talking too much about individual spells.

How many phases will there be?
Probably 3-4.

Are there buffs and debuffs?
There are currently no “buffs” or “debuffs” but there are walls that stop other players and spells that help you with non-combat things.

How many primary points does the school take?
Currently the school uses just a single new skill.

That’s all for now!

Stay tuned for updates on phase 2.

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