Magic Development Update 13

Progress update

Phase 2 is here!
The second phase of Elementalism has been patched and with it a bunch of new spells.
As with phase 1 we made a little teaser to show you some of the new spells:

The big addition from phase 1 is the ability to control and change the weather.
Elementalists can now lower the temperature in an area and also use spells that conjure snow or rain.

These new spells tie into the meat of phase 2: Spells that require a certain weather.
The spells added to this phase all require not only reagents but also either snow or rain.

Since casting these new spells often require some setup by the mage we can make them even stronger than the phase 2 spells!

The next phase

We can now verify that there will be 3 phases before the entire school is completed.
Phase 3 will introduce even more control over the weather and some spells that cause destruction on a massive scale.
Hopefully it will be ready for release later this month.


Can I stop the weather someone created?
Yes, there are spells that “reset” the weather. This is a good way to counter an elementalist.

How long does it take for the weather to change?
It takes around 30 seconds before the skies change.

How difficult is it to find the seals?
After phase 1 went live, it only took around 2 hours before every spell was found. This was a little bit too easy so we have made the quests to get the new seals a bit more challenging this time around.

How does the weather changing work?
Weather is controlled using 3 spells:
Peace, resets all weather and clears the skies.
Cold Wave, lowers the temperature in your area.
Precipitation, will make it rain if the temperature is 50 or above and will create snow if it’s under 50.
But my computer is a potato and rain slows it down!
We added a weather detail option that can you turn down, this will make rain and snow ugly but less expensive.

That’s all for now!

We would like to thank the community for all your great feedback on phase 1 and hope you enjoy phase 2!

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