Modular Buildings – Now Released!

It’s time!

Grab your pickaxes and bring your donkey, patch is live and it’s time to start building your brand new house!
With over 400 decorations,free placement and a neat modular construction system you can now finally create that dream home in Nave you have always wanted.

Patch Notes

As per usual we have posted the full notes on steam, you can read them right here.

Twitch Stream

The Star Vault Twitch channel ( is currently streaming and will do so for a couple of hours. Join the chat and ask the developers questions!
Later on we will trying to place our first house in the world and we sure could use some help so join us ingame to!

Modular Building Manual

Wondering something about how the new houses work? Check out the brand new Modular Building manual.

Server Update

Todays daily downtime will be a bit longer then other days.
We are currently working on updating the server as fast as we can!
We will keep you update in the official patch thread right here.
For those of you who don’t use steam there’s a new “full update” torrent that can be downloaded here.