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Naming Policy

All Character and Guilds will be held to the following standards. This naming policy is intended to cover all in game mediums wherein a custom name can be given which includes but is not limited to: Player names, Guild names/acronyms, pets, Territory Structures, armor, weapons, and books. This policy is also intended to cover anything in the future which may be added in the future that can be given a custom name:
  • No Guild or Individual shall include any organized or unorganized form of racist, anti-gay, anti-religious, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophies.
  • No name shall be overly vulgar, defamatory or offensive in nature.
  • No Guild or Individual shall refer to extreme and/or violent sexual acts in their names/tags/guildname.
  • No name shall refer to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players under any circumstances.
  • No name shall parody or impersonate any employee or representative of Mortal Online, Starvault and its customer support personnel or volunteers.
  • No name shall parody or impersonate an NPC type from the Mortal online game world for the purpose of misleading other players.
  • No name shall reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization, criminal elements, terrorist organizations, discriminating organizations.
  • No name shall have any connotations of major religions or religious figures
  • No name shall use a name/tag/guildname which consists of a string of letters which do not produce a pronounceable name (i.e. IIILLLLIII, xxxxxx, EdfeFgh)
  • No name shall use a trademarked/licensed by a company or an individual Alternative spellings will be viewed with the same scrutiny as traditional spellings
In most cases where a player character is found to be in violation of the naming policy, the character will be automatically assigned a name at random. a warning will be issued to the account’s registered Email address, with instructions on contacting support to have a new name assigned. Where a guild, name is found to be in violation, an Email will be sent to the registered Email of the rank 10 leader of the guild. Should any item be found to be in gross violation of the naming policy, it may be confiscated and destroyed. As a reminder, should any player wish to dispute an account suspension or closure, please visit to contact Star Vault Support. The Naming Policy will remain under review.


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