Character and Armor Overhaul

It’s finally here!

Long in development and funded almost entirely by the generosity of the Mortal Online community, the character and armor overhaul update has arrived. This immense update replaces all character and armor art, from the models to their skin and all-new customization options.

We’ve expanded character customization far beyond what we had previously. Incredibly high resolution character skins are now complimented by equally awesome scars, tattoos and more. Not only are the characters much higher resolution, but we can now boast some of the largest battles in any MMORPG while maintaining even better performance than we had before!

With high-definition player characters, we had to update the animation quality to match! All players, and soon NPCs too, now move much more realistically with professionally produced motion-captured animations.

But what good are awesome player characters without great armor on top of them? We’ve recreated every single piece of craftable armor in the game, which makes up well over 90% of wearable armor. Incredibly detailed materials are now unique to each crafting material. Instead of only a few visible differences in armor materials, there are now dozens providing incredibly diversity while looking good!

Three new sets of armor, a piece of each pictured here on the right, are now available to be crafted. We’ve provided only in-game hints to help you uncover their sources and the knowledge required to craft them. The race is on to be among the first!

All of this is available now! Log in today to check it out!