Next Continent Information

Mortal Online is expanding

As many of you already know the next big patch for Mortal Online will contain a brand new continent for you to explore!
Up until now it has been a secret which continent that is but today we official announce that it is indeed Sarducaa!
So without further adieu we present to you some of what the team has been working on for the last couple of months.
Enjoy and please leave feedback on the forums!

About Sarducaa

To the southwest of Myrland lies the continent of Sarducaa. It shares its northern border with Nordveld but like so many other pieces in Nave’s broken puzzle the two landmasses bear the marks of a violent past – although still geographically connected, a traveller will find them practically separated by the walls of a steep canyon. Sarducaa is harsh: of its six different areas five are unforgiving deserts, the sixth an impenetrable jungle. At the same time it is also a landscape of contrast.
Among the dunes and ergs there is hidden beauty and mystery, rich resources, and life that seem to defy all odds. Bos, the Sardish word for desert, means empty, however the inferential meanings of the word are just as important; free, vacant, available. The Sarducaan people do not see the deserts as lifeless or lacking in resources, they are just devoid of people. Yet.

Venture into Sarducaa to discover Beth Jedda, the city from which the nation of Sarducaa was born. To march further south into the hazing dunes and reach the old village of Pash, or the mountainous settlement of Belrim, you will need to know the oases and stay clear of the most scorching zones. Find shadow, mountain springs and strange ruins among the jagged cliffs of Arg Kepher, but be aware that other shadow-seeking denizens are hiding in its caves. If the deserts are unbearable, go north and descend the flowering cliffs of Yar Harika to find an undiscovered jungle wetland that is equally rewarding and severe to expeditions.
Then there is Bos Kam – the corrupted desert in the mountain crater known as the Glass Furnace, but then you’ll have to be mad or desperately greedy. No matter where you go, with the right preparation and mind set the emptiness of Sarducaa can be yours to conquer, develop and be made to flourish.
Just remember, you have been warned.

General information

Players will enter Sarducaa by rebuilding Tekton’s bridge and then crossing it.
The new continent is a bit larger than Myrland and contains a lot of desert but also a fairly large jungle.
There will be at least one brand new mount type on the new continent.
The continent will contain less NPC cities than Myrland but a lot more space for buildings territory structures.

Concept art

A lot of new concept art has been made the last months.
We have a new dedicated concept artists on the team and here is some of the art he has made for Sarducaa so far:

New Mobs

One of the main focuses for Sarducaa is to make every single new mob important and interesting to fight.
A lot of time has been and will be spent on making mobs fight better in groups and utilize more interesting attacks and attack patterns.
We try to treat almost every new mob as a boss encounter and are hoping that the expanded AI together with improved loot-tables will give PvE a big boost.
Here is one example of a new high-poly mob. This is the final version of the first concept art.


The base for the world has been built and we are now in the process of fleshing it out with dungeons,camps,trees and other props.
Here are a couple of early screenshots of this massive new desert:


Together with the new continent we have also made a couple of new tracks to set the mood.
We have released a couple of these on the official youtube channel and today we release the work in progress version of the 3rd track.
Updates with more tracks will be released on the channel in the future so make sure you are subscribed to avoid missing any updates.

Here are the 3 tracks released so far:

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more screenshots,lore and other information.