Player Housing Development Update 1

Progress update

Hi there, community!
It’s been a while since we talked about a new big feature we are developing but now we have reached a point in development where we can start to talk about and show you the brand new Player Housing system.

This system has been in the works for a couple of months but is now being developed full-force.
I think we can all agree that the current housing system is slightly underwhelming. It works (mostly) but is not very interesting.

With this in mind we designed a brand new system focused mainly on giving you the players a whole lot more freedom and creativity when it comes to the design and function of your home in Nave.
We also aim to fix a lot of annoying parts that the old system had and add as much new content as we possibly can for players to find and experiment with.

Please note that all of this is still early in development and things will most likely change.

Placing a modular player house

To build a new modular player house you will first need to pick up a deed.
This new system however no longer relies on pre-made slots for houses, instead you can place your new house almost anywhere in the world similar to how you can build territory structures.
Houses can be moved and rotated freely and once you are done a small house with a door will appear.
So far pretty similar but here’s where the big change comes in.

Adding modules to your house

You will be able to buy new modules from vendors. You place these in connection to your house to expand it.
This way you can design the look of your house more freely, it’s pretty similar to building with legos and you can place a new module as long as it’s connected to one of your other modules.

To add an extra floor for example you would add a module on top of another module, it’s really as simple as that.
All of the roof is automatically generated based of what module it’s on, if for example the module under the roof is a set of stairs the roof will turn into a balcony.

Module types

Each module you have placed on your house are simple walls but can be upgraded to other types.
The most basic one is windows, this will add windows to the module so that you can look outside, you know like how windows work.
You can also upgrade any module to have doors so you could add as many doors as you want to your house, yes you could even have doors that lead to nothing but death by adding one at a very high floor.
The last type is a bit more complicated as it doesn’t change the outside but the inside. Modules can be upgraded to have stairs so that a player can go from one floor to the floor above.
If stairs are placed at the top floor they will give the player an opening to the roof.

Modular housing preview

We made a little video showing of these first steps of building a modular building, it’s from a very early build but shows some of the system’s potential:

That’s all!

But it’s only the beginning, these are just the basics of how you can build your house and there’s a lot more to this system.
In the next update we will talk more about how you make your house feel like your home by changing it’s outer and inner look.

Please leave any feedback you have on the forums! With systems like this feedback can be really important.