Player Housing Development Update 2

Progress update

Hello again!
We have received some great feedback on the last development update and would like to thank you all very much for that!
With the latest video we also received a lot of questions about decorations. How would you change the look of your house? What can you do to the inside?
Well it’s about time we show you just that. Today’s dev-update will focus on the new ways you can customize your home in Nave.

So without further ado, here’s the Modular Building Decoration preview:

Insides and outsides of modules

Each module you build will at first look like a very simple set of walls.
You can then decide to buy outside walls to customize the look. Outside walls are crafted by players using a new crafting system.
Outside walls will change the look of the outside of your house, the style of windows and the roof.
There are currently two types of roofs: Open (like a keep) and closed (like the roof seen in the first video)

You can also buy an inside wall for your module.
The inside wall will change the look of the room on the inside and comes in 4 variations:
  • Wall: This is the basic inside wall.
  • Windows: This type will add windows to your module, their shape will be decided by the outside wall.
  • Doors: This wall-type will add a door to your module.
  • Stairs: This type will add stairs to the inside of the module. If there’s another module above the module the stairs will lead up to the next floor, if not it will lead up to the roof.

  • Decorations

    To further customize your home you can now add decorations to the inside.
    Decorations are found in the world but most are crafted by players.
    You can place decorations simply by right-clicking the item and moving the preview around. Decorations can also be rotated once placed.
    Owners and co-owners can at anytime pickup decorations by holding down the use key while targeting them.
    The system is built in such a way so that we can take advantage of the code written for Territory Structures.
    This means that we support usable chairs, torches, fireplaces and every crafting table and extraction machine we have in the game, however whether all of them will make it into the decoration system is still not decided for balance reasons.
    All of the decorations work as you would expect: you can sit in the chairs, cook in the oven and place items in any chest you place. But some are just nice to look at.
    The set number of decorations at launch is not yet decided but there will be hundreds of objects for you to decorate with.

    Modular housing preview 2

    Just as last time we made a little video showing a early version of these new systems:

    That’s all!

    But there’s still more to show!
    In the next update we will talk more about how sieging these new houses work and tell you more about the new crafting system.

    We made a forum thread where you can discuss this update so please do that right here.