Player Housing Development Update 3

Progress update

Hi there!
We are getting rather close to releasing this next beast of a patch to you the community.
The main code has been written and all the additions are now built and we are currently ironing out bugs and doing general polishing.
On the art side there is still a rather large amount of work to do and the main reason for this is the brand new crafting skills and that’s what we are focusing on today.

New crafting skills

With the patch we will be introducing a couple of new crafting tables.
Currently we have 3 new ones but that might increase in the near future as we are splitting up decorations into different types of crafting.

This skill makes use of a new carpentry table and is the main way players create housing decorations for other players.
The system itself is rather straightforward, you have one main material and one additional.
Some items will require e.g. coal and metal as items but others can take any type of wood and a metal. These items will change their appearance depending on what type of wood they’re made out of.
We have a massive amount of decorations at the moment that includes chairs, storage, lamps with different colors of light, crafting tables etc.

As stated before the amount of items in the new crafting is so large that we have decided to split some of into its own crafting table.
Currently we have split everything that involves dead animals into a new taxidermy skill and table. As we all know, showing off dead animals on your walls is a great way to impress visitors to your house.

Module crafting
The third new table we currently have is the module crafting table.
This is where players go to create the inner and outer walls that can be used to upgrade your house modules.
Currently all of the upgrades can be crafted by players. The module upgrades can be placed by any player without the player having to dedicate any skill points. Module crafting will take the place of architects in the old system.

Owners, co-owners and friends

Modular buildings use a better friend system then the old housing.

Every character on the same account as the character that placed the house are considered “owners”. This is the highest rank of ownership and these characters are the only characters that are able to trade the house to another player.

One step below owner you will have co-owners. These are added using a system similar to how friends worked in the old system.
Co-owners are able to do almost everything a owner can: change locks, rename the house (yes you can now name your house), add friends and decorations, etc.

The last security level is called simply “friends”. These are people that aren’t considered trespassing when they are inside you house just like the old system.
They can however not pick up your decorations or change locks, they’re simply allowed to be in your house.

Chests and items

Since you can now freely place as many chests as you want in a house (only limit is decoration slots) we have decided to instead limit the max amount of items you can have in a house. The currently amount is 1K items but that number is not set in stone.
Chests now come in 3 variations: Owner, Normal and Public.

Owner chests can only be opened by the owner of the house, this is a good way to keep you own stuff safe even if you have a open house.
Normal chests work as regular chests, anyone with a key can get to the items inside.
Public chests require no key and can be used by anyone to store and take items.

When modules with chests are destroyed all the decorations in the module will drop as loot but any chest with items in it will not.
Instead all the items in chests will drop once the entire house is destroyed and ready to be pillaged.

Modular housing preview 3

We put together a short video showing you some of the new crafting and decorations:

That’s all!

Hope you like all these new additions to the game, we can’t wait to see what you folks build using this new system.
We made a forum thread where you can discuss this update so please do that right here.