Sarducaa Development Update 2

Progress update

First off, we want to apologize for the server-downtime during the last days. We have upgraded the server hardware and moved everything from the old server to the new. This is a important steps since the new server is much faster and larger and we have to do this to support the new continent once it goes live.
With that out of the way today we bring you some more information about one of the more extreme groups in Sarducaa: The Cultists.
The cover art for this week shows the sacred ritual Val Gora. Click the picture for a larger version.
Note that the previous covers can be found here where you can see them in full size.

About The Cultists

There are whispers coming from the ancient ruins in the mountain. Incoherent chanting and mumbling joins the sharp cracks of whips that echo through the broken stone walls. Then there is a sound that travels over the dunes and sends chills down the spine. A tortured cry from a beast in agony silences the desert night life. The warm blood flowing in the veins freezes to ice. Anyone who enters the fallen monastery stands in imminent peril. For therein reside the infamous Sarducaa cultists.
Known throughout Nave as being a tribe of deeply sadistic believers with a far more extreme conviction of religion than most of the Sarducaans. Devout followers that are recruited as children and raised with hate for the heretics. They suffer long periods of starvation and chastise themselves to rise in the ranks. Only the most hateful and sinister can become curators, which is the highest of honors. But they all strive to die for the cause.

By pain and bloodshed they are preparing the desert for the end of times. According to their prophecy it will happen when the sun is darkened by a moon with the colour of pure blood. The prophecy is called Lona Macta and they praise it by cutting the limbs of their enemies and leaving them to bleed out in the sand. To bleed is a sacred act, according to the cultists whom also cut their own skin in meditation.
The ruins are guarded by mutilated Goriax and Intrepredius. Young troll spawns are taken and tortured to submission until they are fully grown. Through the gruesome procedure of Val Gora their limbs severed by the cultist curators and replaced with blades. They are kept both as slaves or pets and ruthless ruin guards that crave blood of intruders. Although mostly keeping to the ruins the cultists also have a thousand eyes in the desert. Young tribesmen on trial are sent on long missions throughout the continent. One would be wise to stay clear of their path. Other could be soon to follow. Cultists are ever watching the sands.

Ever craving the bloodshed of the nonbelievers. Ever waiting for the rising red moon.

New Mobs

Today we show you the model of the last monster that we showed the concept for in the first Sarducaa update.
You can view that update here.


Today we bring more screenshots then usual including a night screenshot and tons of godrays.

That’s all for this week!

Things are moving more rapidly now and with the next update I hope that we can bring you some more interesting screenshots of what the new continent looks like.
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