Sarducaa Development Update 3

Progress update

QA testing of Sarducaa is now in full-force even thou all of the content haven’t been added yet.
They are trying out the new mobs,testing the new debuffs and are making sure the improved AI pathing is working as intended and a ton of other things. The change-log is massive so they got their work cut out for them.
A lot of the last two weeks have been spent creating the new NPCs that will populate the new continent.
Most of the code effort have been put towards making AI move and interact much better with player built structures and walls as well as general bugfixing.
The cover art today (click it for a larger version) depicts a mythical beast that use to roam the deserts of Sarducaa. The great Balar Elü.

Note that the new lore and art can also be found in the Sarducaa section of the Location page.
I also made a new page on the site where you can find the previous development updates we have done you find it under Game Info or right here.

The Balar Elü

There are circles around a certain paths in the desert. The merchant nomads take great caution around these areas and walk silently between the winds struck dunes. Even the camels stride with the head closer to the ground. A screeching sound follows the line as they grind their front teeth in suspense. The foam from their lips drags along the sand as they listen with weary ears. The nomads know no horror worse than these parts of the desert. The slightest shiver of the ground strikes great fear in their hearts as the know what resides deep down beneath the sand. Weak hearted riders have been known to be struck by such terror that they became blind. It is called Glas Haka and can only be the result of the sheer fright of the great desert snakes named Balar Elü.

They say that the snakes are older than the desert and have been dwelling in the ground since the dawn of creation. One might say that they are as gods but are so greatly feared that they have never been worshiped. Even the evil and blood thirsty cultists will not speak their names. In ancient times, before the division of the continents it was said that they roamed the surface and jumped from their burrows high into the sky and swallowed everything in their path on their way down. Even though they seem to be immortal there are Balar Elü that are dead or dormant, but their insides still pulsate. Big enough to create tunnels through its digestive system.

A scroll was found buried in sand by nomads long ago. The dried up leather scroll was written in blood by a blunt instrument. Possibly a finger. It is unknown how that scroll found its way to the surface but it told the story of a wanderer that got lost in the desert and suddenly fell into a hole. It reads:

“My hands clawed and digged in the sand trying to stop the fall down the steep hole. My struggle was futile. The gaping mouth swallowed me whole and by grace of the Queens my body was spared from being torn apart by the enormous sharp teeth that shone to the sky above. I got a last glance at the sun as I rolled down to the deep of the Balar Elü. After brief disorientation I found myself in the deep tunnel of its body. My leg was broken after the fall and I was not able to climb up its oesophagus. I had no choice but to try my luck by wandering down the snake. Hoping it would end in another part of the Saarduca surface. My first intuition was that the snake was dead since it did not chew or swallow me as I fell. But under my horse skin boots I could feel a pulse and the walls of its inside moved slightly as I placed my hand upon it. I tried to follow the narrow network of the spine and ribcage. But after many days of limping down its dark and damp insides I realized that I was going to die here like many other simple minded wanderers that got lost in the desert. Mother forgive me. You did not raise me well enough. My boots corroded by the acid that flowed under my feet. Soon I felt my skin and flesh started to slowly decay and fall off my bones. When I fell to my knees, no longer able to walk, I felt the bone residue of others like me that were doomed to be slowly consumed by this damned creature. I suspect that my death will take weeks in horrible pain until my whole person is one with the snake. Dearest mother, forgive me as I choose my dagger to my heart to end my simple life quickly. Who knows if this creature ever ends or continues into eternity as the god of evil it is.”

New Mobs

The 3 mobs we have been following the production of are now in the engine and are currently being animated.
Here is an in-engine version of the first mob we showed you guys.


Here are some screenshots from our latest build featuring new mobs and everyone’s favorite: armor with spikes.

That’s all for this week!

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