Sarducaa Development Update 4

Progress update

Art has spent the last weeks creating new foliage that is used in the rather large jungle part of Sarducca. Time has also been spent on finishing the last animations and improving the day/night cycle.
A lot of new bosses have also been added to Myrland as well as a couple of new “quests” that players need to figure out.

We have added a dedicated programmer to the team who has started fixing and improving the UI.
A new system for has been added that makes it possible to add a lot more chest and other lootable objects to the game without it being to costly on the server. This new system makes it possible to add chests,crates or other lootable object that randomly spawn in different places. This should make it a lot more interesting and profitable to move out of the cities and explore the lands.
But beware, we now have the option to add traps to these objects when they are opened or you break a lockpick.

Today’s cover art (click it for a larger version) shows a Sarducaan hunting group trying to take down a massive scorpion called Akrep. These horrible beasts are dangerous to hunt but its meat and poison is of great importance to the Sarducaa people.


The red glazed eyes of the Sarducaa people are not only the result of dry dusty winds from the desert, but also from a drug with a sinister origin. This drug is not farmed and harvested by farmers. It is not a mysterious potion concocted by a druid or spell maker. No, it can only be hunted and extracted with a method suited for those born without fear or nerves. You see, buried in shallow sand in the Sarducaa desert lays giant Akreps waiting for the next meal to pass by. The scorpions do not have a preference of food and will kill and devour anything with a beating heart passing by. Their sensitive leg feels the vibration in the sands even from the smallest snake or spider. Faster than a blinking eye it strikes the target with its heavy pincers. It clasps the target by the body and then strikes with the stinger and injects the target with its poison. When stung the heartbeat slows down and causes paralysation of the limbs. By the time the heart finally stops the body is already halfway consumed by the scorpion. This, of course is the case for its intended victims, greater beasts like the Goriax. For smaller humanoid victims the fate is far more terrifying. The sheer force of the pincers could easily cut a person in half like a twig. In panic the victim tries to move away from the scorpion, leaving the lower body behind with a trail of intestines. The swift eight legs of the Akrep would quickly scurry after the crawling upper body and crush its head with its strong jaws. And if, by skill or luck, one dodges the pincers and only get struck by the stinger, wearing no body armor, the telson will smash into the ribcage cracking it open and then force its way through the torso and shoot out the spine from the back, with the heart hanging from the tip of the stinger. The latter death is considered to be the preferred and most painless.

There are Sarducaan hunting guilds called The Wardaki that are specialized in hunting these horrible creatures. They wear a golden talisman of a scorpion on their capes. Their main reason for hunting the scorpions is the poison from the stinger called Krrft which is the source of the drug with the same name. Armored with scorpion breastplate and a zahato, a goatskin bottle attached to the breastplate, the hunter must lure the scorpion to strike its stinger into the zahato and inject the poison. After a successful gathering of poison the other hunters kill the scorpion with spears to harvest the hard shell from the body and meat from the pincers. The meat is regarded as a delicacy and the shell is a good material for making strong armor. It is forbidden for anyone other than the Wardaki to carry these items and those who do will be hunted themselves if caught. But if one escapes it could be worth the effort.

After the daring extraction of the fluorescent oily poison, it is hardened to resin and smoked in long iron oak pipes. Krrf is a big part of the Sarducaa culture and is used by most adults recreationally. The user is said to experience the sensation of warm milk coursing through the veins. All worries leave the mind and the head feels light as a feather at same time the body feels as heavy as gold. Horse mounted warriors are known to smoke before battle for taking the edge off fear and pain. But on foot one is not encouraged to smoke before fighting as it slows down the reflexes and movement. Heavy users are usually disoriented and paranoid under abstinence. Most elderly Sarducaans have these conditions permanently due to a lifetime of smoking.

There is a saying among the Wardaki, “If you taste the Akrep beast once, you will ride it for life. Mind and body become as slow and glowing as the oil itself”

The Wardaki

The Wardaki, or Wardaki-el-Akrep (Scorpion Dancers) hunt the Akrep and other desert creatures by ritual dancing, often leading to a type of trance. The dances and songs are called Horoi, most of them are performed by the group forming a loose circle with the animal in the middle. There are many various types of Horoi for different animals and different situations, and most have rather complex and unusual meters (Usuls) such as 9/8 or 21/16, which are believed to confuse the animals or bring them out of balance.

The Horoi music mainly consists of rhythms, deep throat singing and hums. A low droning tone is often played on a Huchir, a special hunting bow which has a small resonator. Melodic instruments such as flutes are only used for specific creatures. The main instrument is the Dhol, a rather large double-sided drum which requires two hands. The hunters use Daf, their small round shields, which often have small cymbals attached that can be loosened to act like tambourines.

New Mobs

All 3 mobs we have been following the production of are now animated. The last step is to create sounds for them.
Today we bring you a in-engine screenshot of the second monster.


Today we bring you screenshots from our latest build that depicts the poorer parts of Bethjedda and a night shot of a bandit camp.
Please keep in mind that these are very much work in progress.

That’s all for this week!

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