Sarducaa Development Update 6

Progress update

Today’s development update is a little bit different.
Normally we would have a large epic concept art and a large section of lore, but not this week. The writers are currently working on a large piece of lore that we will hopefully bring you with the next development update.
So today we instead focus on giving you more screenshots then we have ever done before, and we also give you a video of the new mount type (the Gamal) and bring you two work-in-progress versions of two new songs from the soundtrack!

The past two weeks the coders have been hard at work trying to iron out bugs. We have also built a couple of new things that hopefully will bring better balance to ranged combat.
The new coder Jonas has been keeping a small weekly progress log going on the forums, if you have missed it you can read it here: Week 1 Week 2
We have focused a lot of the bug fixing the past weeks on getting the most common UI issues sorted out. Fishing has also gotten a couple of pretty nasty bugs ironed out and the way tamed AI crosses nodes has been greatly improved.

The art people have generate a ton of new NPCs for Sarducaa and made several variations on the new and some old mobs. The jungle has also been further expanded upon and the main cites have been polished up to look better than they have done before.
5 new armors have been added and are currently being balanced on the test server.
The world has also been filled with more interesting minor NPCs and interesting new ways to raise and get pets as well as several new secrets to be found.

The Gamal

The new mount that will be coming with the new expansion is called Gamal.
As you might imagine the Gamal is especially good at handling the high temperatures on Sarducaa, something that will impact most other mounts.
Just like every other mount in Mortal Online the Gamal can be used in breeding and is generated using code giving us a massive amount of different looks and stats.
In this video you can see the new model and a couple of variations.


Here you can listen to two new tracks from the new Sarducaa sountrack.
The first one will be used to set the mood in the jungle and the second in the mountainous areas.
We have previously put up videos with 3 other new tracks and they can be found on the official youtube channel.


Since we don’t have any lore or concept updates this week we instead try to bring you a large variety of screenshots.
This week you get a glimpse of another part of the jungle as well as some caves. We also included a couple of screenshots of the mobs we have been following.
Please keep in mind that this is work in progress and things can still change.

That’s all for this week!

Please leave your feedback and thoughts on the forums!