Sarducaa Development Update

Progress update

During the last week we have been updating the community on our progress with the new continent.
Henrik talked to you about the changes to mining and the addition of mineshafts last week.
If you missed it you can see the post here.
We have also split up the screenshot section of the website and now have a special section where we collect the work in progress screenshots.
You can find that here.

But today we wanted to give you guys a larger update. So here it is the Sarducaa Development Update.

About Kamin Mara

The cover art at the very top (click it for a larger version) shows the concept art for the great Kamin Mara.
This strange land covers a huge area of Sarducaa.
Most men stay far away from Kamin Mara but the great Tindremic poet Carolus Pingue described the area with the following words:

Over the sea far to the west
there is a place of wonder
unknown how it came to be
the great mysterious Kamin Mara

Is it sculpted from the sky
or sprung from the ground
it brought heat from the gods
that melted the sand into glass

On a clear desert night
One might see it glisten
Beyond the high dunes and rock
deep in the south of Sarducaa

from the ridges to the petrified valley
the most hateful of dangers finds you
if you venture without eyes on your back
only the fool treads with heavy steps

an oasis without life
a salvation without hope
in what beauty and evil lie
and vipers come to die

No soul is alive to tell the tale
of what secrets that dwelles in the center
fortune or death awaits the brave
the burning agony of a thousand suns

The elements dance like mirages
guarding the greedy mens desires
where your blood will boil
in the gleaming cauldron of Kamin Mara

Concept art

During the last weeks we have made the final concept art for two of the donation armors.
Players who donated 2500$ or more in one of our previous donation-campaigns got the chance to design their own armor together with the team.
These are the two final concepts we have made so far, on the very left you will see the concept we got from the player and on the right our version of it.
Click the pictures to get the full view of the armor including the initial concept from the player.

Shields and Weapons

We have also drawn up some concepts on possible new weapons and shields.

New Mobs

Most of the new none-humanoid mobs have now made their way from concept art all the way into the game.
We want to keep most of them secret but in the last updated we showed the concept art for 3 new mobs.
We also showed the final mesh of one of those concepts so today we do the same with the second concept art.


The main cities are still being constructed and fleshed out but today we give you the first glimps of Beth Jedda.

That’s all for now!

We would like to thank the community for all the good constructive feedback we have received on this new continent and the art we have released so far.
You guys are awesome!