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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Marcus Aurelius, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. sunshiner Well-Known Member

    we want goals! but we want the end reward at once!
    wait, what?

    your typing like theyve done five kickstarters already, they wouldt even have allowed us to donate if we hadt asked for it, infact they gave us what we wanted by making donations.
    we asked for goals, they gave us one.

    seriously you dont want to donate dont.
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  2. Gopsje Gold Supporter

    I bet its just badly worded that makes it look like this. I mean who in their right mind would say something like we need this money and this thing is already done but we won't release it until you pay up.
  3. Tizio Focus Group

    wait, what?
    You donated a large amount of money and now you are complaining?
  4. Gopsje Gold Supporter

    Yes and he'd be absolutely right if the things he reads and takes it would be the truth. If it actually is as it is stated right now this could be considered blackmailing. Pay up more or we wont release instead of the if you donate more we could do more cool stuff like "this"... next up you can vote for it... look at it being cool etc...

    Just stupid wording and bad writing. Starvault ain't this stupid/evil.
  5. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    For me a goal is fixing bugs and adding more staff to help the game
    Not event that will last 2 days and be buggy like the rest of events
    just stating my opionion and I dont like this one bit and like sunshiner said if you dont like it dont donate and that what I am going to do is not give them one penny until they deserve it
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  6. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    I just have different vision on goals
  7. Tizio Focus Group

    It's not so easy to hire a new developer with 6k€ :\ you get him for 1 month, you have to train him for your code and then?
  8. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    ok just say we donate 1000 dollars and get event
    Does that mean everytime they release huge event like this we have to pay for it?
    It is not our fault the pop is low it their fault
  9. Sebastian Persson Developer

    Wow! Badly put words indeed this spawned all kinds of confusion!
    So this is what's going on!

    The donation of 1K will go to getting models from a contracted artist, it's a couple of models and they are specifically designed (being demons and all) to be a more interesting type of foe then the countless amounts of beer,bee,pigs etc that we have.

    This will NOT be a one time event lasting for 2 days. It's a new type of mob with new abilities and a overlapping story and surrounding content,items,weapons,effects etc.

    The good thing about this is that the money will go towards something EXTRA, it will not take up mine or the others time at all since we hire an outside source for it. Setting it all up shouldn't take to long either because it's designed to work with the systems we already have built.

    The contracted artist have worked with us before and have gotten us very good content in the past.
    Models etc are somewhat done from the artist, but as most other artists he needs to eat and have given us the more then fair price of 1K for the whole bundle of mobs.

    In no way should anyone feel forced into donating, if none of this interests you then don't! This is not blackmailing that would be completely heartless. This is something that wasn't on any road-maps and should be considered a bonus, if you decide that you want it.

    It's like ordering a hamburger and being offered an extra slice of cheese for it if you pay a minor amount. If you don't like the cheese then don't give the money, you will still get a tasty burger. And even without the order of extra cheese I will still remove as many bugs as I can from your burger.

    The work on this will NOT impact my or the others everyday work on the game in any way. This is a ( IMO a very interesting and ) good way to get more "fluff" content into the game without having me build brand new features.
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  10. sunshiner Well-Known Member

    -text remove- irrelevant after sebs reply
  11. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    faith in MO restored!
  12. ltankhsd Senior Member

  13. Kuroi Well-Known Member

    Seb <3
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  14. Darran Well-Known Member

    Does putting all this ingame as an event/location take your time or is that done by henrik or someone from outside?
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  15. Darran Well-Known Member

    I took one course of c++ last year !
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  16. Sebastian Persson Developer

    It's probably going to be done from the outside. Either way the pipeline for building new mobs and npcs has been severely improved during the development of awakening so it might take a day or so to do depending on how large they want it, but I'm not the one who does it.
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  17. Cearbhall Exalted Member

    pretty excited for this now!
    Was scared shitless first because I miss read it
  18. Darran Well-Known Member

    Will we see unique good loot on the demons, or stupid and useless loot like elementals and minotaurs have? Demon carcass? weapons?
  19. schlock Trial Member

    We have beer spawns!?! I'm totally farming that!

    On a serious note, glad to hear this won't significantly cut into bug squashing time.
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  20. t2ddyb3ar Senior Member

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