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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Marcus Aurelius, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Artorius Cronite Supporter

    Well, peoples complains a lot but as you say, the current MO system is far better and deeper than any MMO I've played (AOC, LII, WoW, EQ2 and some others).

    For fuck sake, you can outlaw peoples, tax peoples, turn guards off or on, gain access to siege weapons, private healer and priest, etc.

    I'm playing since beta, I've participated in a lot of sieges, it's always relatively exciting when there is fighting, my favorite being the one against AQ, the 2 things that becomes boring to me is the boulder logistic and firing the manganon at a keep forever.

    Also, I never owned a house (well, I owned a tower shortly but never used it), why? I see no use for it, I have plenty of storage and crafting facilities in towns.

    Now, let me have mini games inside of it, customisation, books I've written on shelves, beds I can sleep on, pictures I've taken in-game on the wall, etc. and then you can be sure I'll get a house.

    Also, theres 2 major things I believe badly hurts the whole construction and player town system, the lack of a gatekeeper to let authorised peoples inside a palisade and the fact you must GIVE your house to have it upgraded by an engineer instead of just giving him a temporary authorisation....

    I'd also love some more options like player's inn (basically a big house with a large stable, mini-games, board for tasks, rooms for rent with beds and small storage, food vendor, etc.) in other word good place to rest in for adventurers.

    Stone walls upgrade for palisade, it says it all.

    Keep tier 2?

    Player's arena's?

    Player's churches for faction controlled rez, healing and prayer points?

    Keep capture system?

    More siege engines?

    Siege tents (for boulders storage and such)

    etc. etc.

    Now while I don't think they are necessary if we get more buildings and customisation, having more control over territory wouldn't hurt either, like controlling who can or cannot build on a guild controlled territory, taxing trade in NPC towns, etc.

    It would also be nice for small guilds with only a house to be able to hire some NPC's at their guild house, not siege NPC and they cannot have a territory without a keep but you know, atleast the PP system could also be used by small guilds.
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  2. realnaste Honored Member

    Add possibilities to build farms, mills and mines that increase yield, but also keep some of what people harvest in the chests of controlling guild.

    ...and options to build all the stuff like grinders.

    With all that I'd be a happy camper.
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  3. Sseraphin Junior Member

    So you think its better to leave things useless and broken, but add new content that will be 100% buggy.
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  4. Aralis Champion of Nave

    Good and bad. It's much too soon to be adding any new content. I would like to see bugs removed and things polished before anything new at all is added.

    This isn't the sort of thing I wanted to see added but it does sound fun and could be good. Very pleased to hear Seb so confident it won't slow him down on the bugfixing.

    The one thing that scares me is the travel possibilities. Dimensions and stuff great but please make sure it can't in any way be used to get across Nave faster. Easier travel is one of the last things this game needs.
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  5. Sebastian Persson Developer

    Hmm...still looks like people are confused here.
    So, as for the people asking if we wouldn't be better of doing a TC-fix for walls etc that I have talked about in the past. This is STILL on my own "what I want to do list" the glory with having the extra grey halls as a donation goal is that it can be added WITHOUT any other plans being changed.
    Everything else will move on as planned but you will get some good extra content, meaning you will get MORE then you would if we didn't do the donations thing,if you choose to donate towards it.

    Now people might ask why we don't use the money to speed up the TC changes and bugfixes and the truth there is that, we can't. You can get an artist from the outside make a complete model without knowing even what the game is about. But a programmer or level-designer, that's a whole other thing, those folks need extensive introductions and training before they can do ANY work for us.

    That's why the introduction of new NPCs and a brand new very different type of mob is the perfect fit for a donations run like this!
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  6. Thanks for clarifying my post Seb, I did write that in a hurry and was ready to answer any questions that may come after it. But it looks like its all covered now.
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  7. HrdkrH4x0r Senior Member

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  8. Necromantic Well-Known Member

    I hope this whole lore and magic school doesn't mean Demonology. Else it would make no sense whatsoever since the old Tindrem lore states that all lores are allowed there but Necromancy and Demonology and that people wanting to use those are referred to another island. Which would imply it's actively known that it exists and was not "lost" like the magic school described in the new lore.
  9. Its not. However the Grey Halls links to some magic schools, and the "tings" in relation to the Grey Halls.
  10. Incarnadine Well-Known Member

    No, I wouldn't rather have more content thats 100% buggy, I'm always screaming to fix the base stuff XD
  11. Diphling The Desperado

    Another question... where is all of the current donation money going?
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  12. LuciusHanno Senior Member

    I wonder what would happen if you (the player) kept the relics for yourself. Would your guild gain access to the Grey Hall?
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  13. Retepet Well-Known Member

    noooo please, not more content ... polish what we have first ... *cries*
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  14. Azaraah Oghmium Supporter

    How about you add that to the current undeads (some of them)? Would be nice.
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  15. Incarnadine Well-Known Member

    Enough relics to a "bad guy" gives a tome for access to demonology spells. I likey
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  16. HrdkrH4x0r Senior Member

    Learn to read bro
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  17. Bernajo Exalted Member

    It is still a sad state if a company requires a certain amount of donations in thousands to be able to unleash new and interesting content. o_O
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  18. HrdkrH4x0r Senior Member

    Well SV is small, so I wouldn't necessary call that sad. But regardless, that's not what he's getting at, as far as I know. It seems to me that he thinks SV won' polish the game if they work on this content. In that case, he should reread some of the posts made by staff in this thread.
    In the case that he wants money to go towards polishing the game instead, I'm under the impression that polishing doesn't take any money at all, other than salaries for Seb and Paratus. I'd imagine that's already being met. As was said earlier, you can't just hire freelance programmers onto the team for a while; they'd spend half their hired time figuring out how the game was programmed and how to iterate on top of it.
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  19. Incarnadine Well-Known Member

    SV wont polish it anyways. They are adding new things prolly not fixing obvious and high priority old things. Like weapons... armor... race.... stats....
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  20. Rankor Senior Member

    I feel your pain but I honestly think they are fixing things as best they can. Balancing will be an ongoing effort, I'm sure, and will most likely never make everyone happy. For all its issues, MO is still unique among sandbox games and I continue to support it.

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